Summary: James and Lily are in their last years of Hogwarts. Just when Lily thought she would never want to see Potter's face again, something changes, something that she can hardly explain. Life turns upside down and there is no turning it right side up. R&R!

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Chapter one: Train Troubles


Lily opened one eye and faintly heard a cheering noise coming from the downstairs. "What is she so happy about?" Lily groaned "for god sakes it's just another morning" she mumbled.

But then it hit her, it wasn't just any normal morning it was her first day of her sixth year at Hogwarts! She brightened at the thought of getting to see her friends again. But then Lily realized that seeing her friends meant seeing the marauders, and that was not something that was high or even on her to do list.

So Petunia, her pratty sister who loved to torment her and call her a freak because of her being a witch, was cheering because it was the last day that she would have to see her until next summer.

It pained Lily that her relationship with Petunia had grown so distant. She loved her sister, and she was very important in Lily's life, but that was only a one sided thing.

Lily's parents had been so pleased the day she got her acceptance from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Lily could hardly believe that it had been happening. But since that very day Petunia seemed to loathe her, for just being abnormal.

But over the years other things at home changed. Lily's father became very sick with cancer, so sick that he couldn't work, and her mum had to work double as hard at her job as a lawyer. Luckily while Lily was at school she only had two mouths to feed, otherwise she might have had to juggle two jobs.

Lily was barely able to talk to her mother anymore, let alone see her. She was always reading something for one of her cases, or at work from dawn until midnight.

Hogwarts had broken their family apart. Not on purpose, but that's how Lily felt, and she blamed herself for everything that had happened.

She rolled out of bed with sleepy eyes and headed into the bathroom. She gazed at her appearance while she brushed her teeth and hair. She had almond shaped emerald green eyes that always shone with happiness when she laughed and wavy bright red hair. Her figure was petite, but she was curvy at the same time. Her skin was quite pale even though summer was just coming to an end and she had tried to tan as much as she could, but mostly just burned.

She walked back into her room and picked out an outfit to wear on the Hogwarts Express. She was going to wear a cute white skirt with a turquoise tank top and flip flops. As she was frantically looking for just the right color of baby blue flip flops, she happened to glance up at a magic picture of all of her best friends.

Lily and her friends were all quite popular, but in a good way. They had many friends and were quite sociable so they had no issues making new ones. They weren't the bitch type of popular to say the least. Though Lily did have quite the temper, so maybe I take that back.

The picture started with Lily on the far end, the shortest of them all.

Next to her was her best friend of all Sienna Brett. Sienna was tall athletic and had curly platinum blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was quite a player and could never quite settle for just one guy. She played Chaser for Gryffindor in Quidditch and had loved the sport her whole life, being a pure blood witch.

After Sienna there was Alice Tremmet. Alice, like Lily wasn't particularly athletic. She had a tall and somewhat gangly figure with honey brown hair and eyes to match. She was also pure blood, but her parents didn't care at all about heritage which was one of the reasons she loved Gryffindor so much.

Alice looked like she had been laughing at something very funny that the next girl, Natasha Miller, had said. Natasha was the shortest next to Lily and had black hair with chocolate brown eyes. She was super pale but had warm rosy cheeks and pink lips. She was half blood.

Finally there was Katrina Phelps who had grey eyes and wavy mahogany brown hair. She wasn't short or tall, kind of in the middle actually and she was slightly curvier then the other girls. She was a beater along with the dreaded Sirius Black, and even though she was muggle born she loved the sport.

The five of them were some of the closest friends in their year. They did everything together, told each other everything and basically knew every single bit of information about each other.

In their first year they had all been sorted into Gryffindor and they had no idea who and of them was. But slowly and surely they became the best of friends.

She hopped into the shower and put on some makeup. When she was finished she looked at her appearance in the mirror and decided she liked what she saw. So she headed down stairs to go get breakfast.

Her mum, of course, was gone. Her sister was nowhere in sight, but Lily didn't much feel like arguing at that time so she didn't mind much. And her dad was in bed, most likely sleeping. It seems that was all he did, sleep, and it hurt Lily, because she knew his days were coming to an end.

The doctors had done everything they could to help her father, but cancer wasn't too common and they most certainly didn't have a cure (It's the 1970's remember!)

She ate a cinnamon raison bagel with peanut butter on top and downed a glass of orange juice. She glanced at her watch, it was 10:15 which meant she should probably get going.

She walked into the master suite of her house to bid her father goodbye.

As she bent down to kiss his sleeping figure he stirred and opened his eyes. "Lily where are you going?" he asked, completely confused. "I'm headed off to school for the year Daddy, and I wanted to say goodbye to you, but you were sleeping" she replied.

"Oh" he said, still looking confused "well have a great term honey, I love you!" she told him she loved him too and then gave him one last farewell kiss and left.

She hauled her trunk into the fireplace, and just before dropping the floo powder she called out to her sister "I'm leaving for school Petunia, have a great year" she yelled "whatever" came the rude reply.

Lily rolled her eyes and dropped the powdery substance that she was holding. Immediately the world around her started swirling, she closed her eyes because she was used to the noxious feeling she always got from using floo powder and closing her eyes seemed to be the only thing that helped.

The second she hit the ground she tumbled out of the fireplace, 'damn' she thought to her self 'I can never get the landing right'.

Once she had dusted herself off and rubbed the up and coming bruise, she poked her head out of the fireplace. She smiled, coast was clear.

Then she left her suitcase right next to the fireplace and tip toed into the kitchen right up behind Sienna. Everyone at the table besides her best friend saw her coming, so she but a finger to her lips mentioning for them to be quite about her surprise appearance.

Then she jumped on the back of Sienna's chair. Her friend toppled out and screamed bloody murder in surprise. "God Lily, I wish you wouldn't do that, I thought you were a bloody death eater or something."

Lily just laughed and shook her head as she extended a hand to Sienna. Sienna grabbed it and pulled herself up, making herself almost a foot taller than Lily.

As soon as she was standing, Lily almost made Sienna fall over again with the hug that she gave her. "Wow hun, err nice to see you too" Sienna said in a confused sort of way while patting Lily's back.

"Now you eat quickly" Lily said, her impatience taking over her "we cannot be late, I'm a prefect! If I'm late, oh goodness, we would miss the train, and that can't happen." She finished in a huff.

"Wo slow down you! It's only 10:20, we have plenty of time!" Sienna replied in a leisurely way "easy for you to say! You don't even care about being on time! Come on now! Move!" Lily practically yelled at her best friend.

Sienna's whole family watched Lily do this in complete amusement. Sienna had two little twin brothers that were about as mischievous as could possibly be. Their names were Michael and Matt. They both had flat platinum blonde hair, opposed to Sienna's curly, and they had piercing blue eyes and an evil grin that was similar to that of a Cheshire cat.

They would be starting Hogwarts in Lily and Sienna's seventh year.

Her mum and dad just smiled, for they loved Lily dearly. She had become another member of their family, according to them. And were quite used to her impatience.

"Fine! Let me just finish packing…" Sienna was cut off by Lily "FINISH PACKING! SIENNA BRETT WE HAVE TO LEAVE AND YOU AREN"T EVEN FINISHED PACKING! I'M GOING TO HAVE YOUR HEAD FOR THIS!" Lily screamed at her best friend.

At this point in time Sienna's parents, Blaire and Jonathon, decided to talk to Lily about the new term, so Sienna could finish packing and give Lily about ten minutes to cool down.

"So are you excited?" Blaire asked. Lily, Blaire and Jonathon were on a first name basis.

"I am so excited! To see everyone and all the new work. I might even watch a few of Sienna's Quidditch matches this year!" She concluded

Jonathon chuckled. He himself had been a beater for England, but had to quit when he took a bludgers to the arm. So of course Sienna was a huge fan of England's Quidditch team, and no matter how much they tried, they just couldn't get Lily into the sport.

They chatted for a few minutes until Sienna bounced down the stairs, curls bobbing up and down. "Are we all set?" She asked.

Lily rolled her eyes and grumbled a "finally". So they hopped into the Brett family car. Though they were pureblood they still found the need to use a car every once in a while, so they owned it for the occasional times. Driving to Kings Cross was one of those times.

Lily said goodbye to Blaire and Jonathon and headed through the barrier to Platform 9 ¾. Sienna came through a few minutes later after she had said her goodbyes.

They helped each other pull their stuff up onto the trains and haul it into a compartment and onto the top rack.

Within minutes Kat, Natasha and Alice had arrived and put their bags down as well. They started to catch up with each other.

"So Sienna who's the new boyfriend?" Alice gushed. Sienna smirked, she did have a way with guys. "Brandon Adams, he goes to Durmstrang, and if I may say so myself, he's so hott.

"Oh really?" Came a male voice from outside the door. All the girls turned to see who it belonged to, and there stood Sirius Black. Sirius had hair that was as dark as his surname and shaggy that fell sexily along his eyes which were a stony grey. He was tall and athletic, and played Beater.

"Now Sienna, tell us, does this Brandon compare to our good looks and charm?" Came a new voice, a voice of which Lily loathed above all others, and it was the voice of James Potter. James hair was pitch black as well but untidily messy "just got out of bed" look. He had hazel eyes which were framed by round glasses. He also was tall and strong but played Seeker for Gryffindor.

"And if he doesn't, what does he have that we, don't?" Remus Lupin was the next to speak. He looked older and worse for ware then the others, and had slightly long sandy blonde hair and cold blue eyes. He was also quite tall but not as athletic as the other two.

"Maybe she just wanted something different then the selection Hogwarts has to offer" mumbled Peter Pettigrew. In saying this he received a few "shut up Peter's". Peter was small and chubby. He had mousy grayish blonde hair and watery blue eyes. The girls couldn't help but feel sorry for him for having to hang out with the likes of the Marauders as they called themselves.

"Why don't you go bug someone else with your prattish little ways?" Suggested Lily in a 'get out of here now before we make you' voice.

"Oh what a fantastic idea!" Sirius exclaimed "Oh Snivellous!" Sienna shot him a glare and hissed "don't you even dare." So he shrugged and backed off.

"Aw Lily I'm hurt, we came here just to visit you. Which reminds me, will you-" She didn't even let him finish the sentence because she knew what was coming.

"POTTER! I WILL NEVER, AND I REPEAT NEVER GO OUT WITH YOU. So why don't go just go and shove that offer right up your hairy arse. I HATE YOU! Don't you see that? Why can't you just leave me alone, and go bug someone else. Why?" She yelled at him. And then she stood up and bitch slapped him right across the cheek.

James looked at her, eyes watering from the sting of the slap and touched the spot where her hand had left red marks. He sort of nudged his head in the direction of the door and with that the four of them left.

Lily was fuming. She had maybe the slightest bit of hope that he had matured over the summer, even the tiniest amount, but she was oh so wrong.

Over the rest of the train ride she spent the time cooling down and talking more with her friends.

They ate candy from the trolley and changed into their Hogwarts robes. As the train pulled to a stop in Hogsmeade Lily sighed with relief and happiness, she was home.