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"So she hasn't said anything?"

"Well…" Richard took a breath. "She's seventeen."

Victor stopped his running. "Really?"

Richard waited for Victor to catch up. "Yeah, I know she looks like jail-bait. She ran away. And she doesn't like…" an other breath was required. "Talking."

"What is she doing since you're here?" Victor and Richard ran their lap around the field. The rest of the guys were ahead, some their teammates wheezing. They had to be careful that the ones who usually lagged behind wouldn't hear their conversation. If it got around the school that some girl was living with Richard, before Kori found out… the hell he would have to go through.


"Are you sure?"

"Yeah Alfred says she just sits in the library and reads."

"HURRY UP! WAYNE! STONE! MOVE IT!" DiTamasso yelled from the touchline. Their coach was an average sized Italian man in his thirties. He couldn't stand laziness, so seeing it in his too best players was frustrating.

The two boys quickly picked up their pace, finishing in fourth place. Throughout the practice the boys tried keeping their talk hidden from the coach. Causing the team to run Indian Sprints around the field, leaving everyone exhausted, but with enough energy to kill the guilty.

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"Hey Star," Karen greeted her friend. The two girls had agreed to meet at the bakery.

The redhead currently had her mouth full with an onion bagel over stuffed with wild berry cream cheese. She waved her hand and gestured for Karen to sit down. After chewing carefully she said, "Hi. My dad gave me some weird news last night."

"You mean that girl that's been staying at Richards's?" Karen asked disgusted, she leaned back in the booth, her arms crossed.

Star dropped her bagel. "What girl?"

Karen realizing that Richard had not told his girlfriend of two years about the dark girl, quickly she tried to figure something out. But all her mind could process was that Victor and Richard were going to kill her. "What was it that your father said?"

"Karen…" Star's voice lowered to a dangerous level. "What girl is staying at Richard's house?"

Raven found the library the most interesting part of the Victorian manor. It had high ceilings, with large windows. The bookshelves reached from ceiling to floor. Most of the books were old and dusty, but there were some new ones thrown into the mix. On her first day without Richard she spent it in there reading over the different titles. The History of This or That, So and so's Theories On Such and Such, The Greatest Works of Some Great Person, A Prestigious College's Dictionary or Encyclopedia, and Works of This Wonderful Philosopher in dead languages, but a large amount of the books were novels. Novels published centuries ago or only a week ago and in different languages, some in the original language and others in English. There was also a small collection of Romance Novels and comic books.

Today—the third day without Richard—she sat in a window seat, the summer sun warming her skin. A green book containing twenty-three of William Shakespeare's plays rested on her lap. She was currently reading Hamlet.

Alfred brought in a cup of tea and a muffin. "May I ask what are you reading?"

She showed him the title of the play that was at the top of her page.

"A good choice. Do you believe Hamlet really loved Ophelia?"

Raven shrugged.

Alfred just nodded and left. He knew this girl would speak when she was ready, Master Richard just needed to be patient. A virtue no teenage boy truly knew.

Raven marked her page with her finger, and stared out the window. The library overlooked the garden, which curled from the side of the house to the backyard. There's a huge oak tree back there. And that thought struck Raven as rather odd because she had never been to Wayne Manor—at least not that she could clearly remember.

"Raven!" Richard ran into the room. "Let's go out for lunch! We always eat here. We can go anywhere you want!"

She stared at him, blank as ever. Richard was sure her eyes narrowed—no changed color. She seemed to be deciding his fate, whether death should come on swift wings, or slow and painful. Finally she nodded.

"Is there any place you want to go?"

She said nothing.

"Ok, I know this great sandwich shop. Or we can get a burrito, there almost as big as your head. Do you have a preference?" Richard was slowly getting used to constantly hearing his own voice. "We'll take my bike."

Again Raven just shrugged.

He lead her into the garage, which had about fifty different motorcycles. He noticed Raven cringe. "Is something wrong?" he asked.

She looked around the room, disgust clearly written on her face.

"Hey these are rare!" Richard pretended to scold her.

She watched him go to a shelf where an assortment of helmets rested. Richard picked up a red one with a yellow R in a black dot in the front. "Pick one." He told her. Raven found a silvery-gray helmet with a black bat.

Richard swallowed, and thanked God his father was not home. No one used Bruce's stuff. It was just an accepted law like gravity. One does not defy gravity. Therefore one does not defy Bruce Wayne. To his face. Richard let Raven take this helmet because he worried what would happen when he denied her something she wanted. She never indicated what she desired, so telling her no would be awkward—at best.

Everyone thought Gar was stupid. He was the son of brilliant man, who had left the family and married a young girl. When his father left, he left behind Lila. Lila was beautiful—shinning hair, glittering eyes, and perky breasts. That was how she was when she and Gar's father started their affair. Time had taken away the luster of her hair and eyes and wrinkled her sagging breasts. So her lover left her, for a girl far lovelier than Lila at her zenith—shinning red hair, glittering green eyes, and large perky breasts. Gar's father was a brilliant man, but her forgot about what a woman scorned could do. Gar's mother's pregnancy was hard and painful, and Gar nearly died. His skin had a slightly green tint to it, and everyone believed it was Lila's doing. The old woman had cursed Gar's father with a stupid son. When Gar's mother died, his father returned to the family, not knowing what else to do. But that was only part of the reason why everyone in the family thought he was a moron.

From a very early age Garfield loved Raven. He could remember following her around a playground, playing tag, and Raven turning to look at him smiling and laughing. This amused the adults because Raven was his cousin. Distant cousins, was always his reply.

That was not the problem. The problem was Raven never seemed to care about him. She would go do her job. Everyone knew she hated the dancing and the flirting, but she was good at it. She brought in a large amount of money. Gar knowing she hated this tried to find other ways to be close to her, to flirt with her, but she did not even notice.

For the most part unrequited love was not as painful as it should have been. Gar learned very quickly to be happy just being near Raven. Occasionally Gar would see another girl who took his fancy, but none of them was a permanent figure.

After the shows were over Gar would go look to see where Raven had disappeared. Isabella would not say a word. Today was a free day; he spent it in the nicer parts of Gotham. Here were the fine shops and restaurants. He was doubtful Raven would come her, she had her father's hatred for the upper class. "Self indulgent cats!" he remembered what she called them.

"So you're not going to say anything?" he could hear a boy about his age say. Gar stopped.


The girl sitting paused her movement—moving a cup of tea to her lips. She then kept moving—trying to avoid Gar's presence.

The boy was keeping an eye on both Raven and Gar. Finally seeing Raven refused to answer he said, "Hi. I'm Richard. Are you a friend of Raven's?"

"More than a friend."

Raven gave Gar a sharp glare out of the corner of her eye.

Let her be unhappy about me being here. If she doesn't see how worried I am than that's her problem.

"Would you like to join us?" Richard asked, he noted Raven's uneasiness. If she won't talk I'll still find something out about her.

"Wayne Manor."

"Alfred," Mr. Wayne's voice came through the line. "The deal came through early-"

"Congratulations, sir." Even without Mr. Wayne there the old butler nodded his head in a bow.

Mr. Wayne gave an amused grunt. "Thank you. Where's Richard?"

"He went out to lunch with a friend."

"I'll be home in an hour. Let him know if he comes home."

"Yes sir."

"Thanks Alfred."

Raven had not touched her food. Her pasta cooled in the summer air, and the sauce started to solidify. But that did not seem to bother her. She stared straight ahead, occasionally looking to the other occupants of the table. Richard ate is overstuffed cheeseburger and Gar ate a veggie burger. The two would try to make conversation every now and then, but Raven's anger killed all feelings of conversation within the two boys.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Richard gestured his elbow to the full plate.

Raven focused her narrowed eyes on him, "I'm not hungry."

"I'll just go." Gar set his veggie burger down and started to stand.

"I wouldn't let Raven's temper get to you," Richard stated. "She just has to learn that she'll be in situations she doesn't like."

"DICK!" a shriek was heard from over the restaurant fence. The noise caused all to jump, and the person being called to turned around—as if he were frightened.

"Star…" Richard smiled crookedly at the tall redhead.

Raven took this as an opportunity to leave. 'Dick' seemed to be figuring out how he could pacify the girl, and 'Star' was keeping him under a scrutinizing glare. Behind her she heard, "Karen said you've been keeping a girl at your house…"

The two boys turned to see Raven calmly walking out of the gated eating area, onto the street. They called after her but only one could pursue her. Richard tossed a few bills on the table, before joining the chase.


The next day, Wayne Manor received a call from the restaurant's manager to please not come to again because of the disturbance created the previous day.

Bruce had come home ready to relax. He found his favorite glass, the one he remember his father using when he was a boy, and poured himself a glass of Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky. One of his favorite treats. Sadly he wished for Selene to be celebrating with him. He loved that his late wife could handle such strong liqour.

"Mr. Wayne," Alfred stood in the large doorway to Bruce's office. "There is a—"

"Bruce." The large man pushed his way into the room. "It's nice to see you again." He was dressed in his best suit, which was not in the best condition—years of traveling had taken their toll on the wool pinstriped fabric. His blond hair was turning silver prematurely. And his skin that Bruce remembered as being in a constant tan became sallow from years of smoking.

Alfred left the room, staying just out side of the slightly ajar door. Outside he kept his eye on the green skinned boy who had accompanied Mr. Trigon.

"I thought you swore never to return to Gotham, Michael." The man's name came out in a growl.

Michael helped himself to a seat. "Well I never intended to. But Arella wanted to come." He pulled out an antique cigarette case and lighter. He enjoyed a couple of puffs waiting to see if Bruce would say anything about his deceased wife, seeing that this would not happen he continued. "I shouldn't have indulged Arella, but she's so beautiful. I'm sure you remember."

"Get to the point."

"You have something I want." Michael dropped his friendly attitude.

Bruce lightly chuckled. "Funny I thought it was the other way around."

The front door to the manor was heard opening and slamming twice.

"Let's not bring up ancient history now, Bruce. I just want to take my daughter home."


Raven had been too fast for Gar to keep up with. He had an idea as to where she might go, but knew eventually she would end up at Dick Wayne's house. With this information he made his way back to Michael. He recognized right away that his uncle was livid once hearing the name that left his lips.

"He must've had a son." He then went about carefully preparing himself to meet his old rival.

Gar remembered hearing rumors how Arella once enchanted two friends—both wealthy men. The men fought for her hand, but one was already engaged to an other woman. It was the free man who won her heart initially lost it to his friend. The betrothed man joined Arella's family, abandoning his inheritance, friendship and bride. Gar took Michael's reaction to mean that this was the other man. And hearing their conversation outside the door with the nosy butler as his companion he knew the story was true.

His thoughts were scattered when he heard Raven slam the door behind her. Dick quickly followed, only forgot to close the door allowing Star to bump into him.

She stopped once she spotted him to her left, the door to the room she was not allowed in. "What are you!" She struggled for words. "How did you get here?"

"He came with me."

In the short time that he had known her, Richard never saw Raven look so terrified. Her tan skin turned a light shade of yellow, her widened and her breathing became erratic. Slowly she back away from him, but the man who had frightened her so much quickly grabbed her wrists. She whimpered trying not to let everyone see her tears.

"LET GO OF HER!" Bruce twisted Michael's arm. "She wants nothing to do with you."

"She is my daughter."

"Let go…please…please let go…" Raven hysterically begged. "Daddy…please…"

"UGHR!" Bruce's grunt was deafened by the sound of his fist jarring Michael's jaw. He fell to the floor, his hold on Raven gone. "Get out of my house! Next time I see your face, I'll have you arrested. Now go!"

Micheal slowly stood up, and adjusted himself. "C'mon." He spoke to Gar.

After making sure that Trigon had left his property, Bruce turned to look at the daughter of the woman he used to love.

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