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Do You Hear What I Hear?

A Fanfic by Slayer-Enfiniti

Chapter One: Beginnings and Battles

Kenshin whirled to face his attacker, sakabatou flashing. It had been a peaceful shopping trip with Kaoru until they were ambushed on their way back from the fish market. Now an assailant faced him, whirling counterbalanced chains as if mocking him.

He was clever, and looked to be a bit older than Kenshin, 35, perhaps. However old he was, he knew his weapons well, and wielded them with much greater skill than Akamatsu had. In addition, the unknown attacker wore a mask very like Hannya's, shielding his eyes from Kenshin's reading.

The chains flew out low, barely an inch above the bare earth. Dodging them easily, he pointed his sakabatou menacingly at the man, and struck an intimidating pose.

"Why do you attack sessha? Who sent you?" The masked man laughed and walked forward slowly, one step at a time.

"Now why would the likes of me tell that to the likes of ye?" Barely ten feet from Kenshin, he charged. Kenshin took a step back… and tripped on the chains strung between two trees. Bright pinpoints of light danced before his eyes, and then his vision went black as he passed out.

Kaoru ran and stood in front of his slumped form, holding an umbrella.

"You'll have to get through me to finish him!" She proclaimed boldly. "And don't you dare take me lightly just because I happen to be female! I am the assistant master of-" The man laughed.

"I's only here to test yon's strength, missy. I'll take my leave now…" He left, vanishing into the shadows. Kaoru turned back to Kenshin.

"Kenshin! Kenshin… are you alright?"


Yeah, yeah, It's short, but more to come! How will our dear Kenny be affected? Next chapter: Changes and conversations! Ja ne!

Sakabatou: Kenshin's reverse-bladed sword

Sessha: This unworthy one. Kenshin's humbling way of referring to himself/ showing his guilt