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Chapter 1

The green tiger paced the cell, waiting impatiently for his new cell-mate. Why did he look forward to the come-and-go of new cell-mates? He didn't know. Maybe because it was something new. It was a change. He loved change. It was something he was very familiar with. He transformed into a wolf, still pacing. He had been waiting too long. Bored with the wait, he curled up into the far corner, and slept. Sleep came easily lately. With a cell came a schedule; with a schedule came routine; with a routine came boredom; with boredom came slumber.

When he woke up, he noticed that the other side of the cell was occupied. Pleased, he stretched, and tapped his paws on the ground. He licked his lips, and stalked to the sleeping prisoner. It was his policy to greet the new cell-mates as a frightening animal, something of a prank. Based on the tiny form of his cell-mate, he would be easy to scare; a wolf would do just fine.

Snarling, he used his front paw to scoot the blanket lower on the head, and found a mass of purple hair. It wasn't the color that surprised him. Being green, he had grown accustomed to unusual colors on people. It was the fact that there was so much of that purple hair. He looked around to make sure no one could see him, and transformed back into a human. He used his fingers to comb the hair away from the face, and was shocked to see the distinct feminine features. The curiosity hidden within his nature alit, and he moved the sleeping body onto its back.

His eyes widened. It was a girl. And a very beautiful one. The skin was a pallid color; right under her hair-line sat a red gem between her eyes. The nose was petite enough to fit in a bottle cap, but her lips were plump and abundant. As his trained eyes scanned the rest of her blanket covered body, he discovered the same was true with all of her curves. His eyes returned to her face, and saw the troubled arches in her eyebrows. Perhaps he could save scaring this one for later.

He walked back into his corner, and transformed into a cat. More sleep didn't sound bad. It was what always came afterwards…

(The next day.)

Mentally, he was gone. His mind was an abyss. No one could hear him, because he wouldn't speak. Once he was certain his emotions were gone, he was ready. Taking a small step into the little glass chambers, he awaited the physical pain, and the mental emptiness. They lifted his paw, placing a metal pad on the sole. They gripped his ears with two electrode clamps, they put a suction monitor on his head, and a muzzle covered his mouth and snout. Catheters and wires were placed everywhere else. '3…2…' He transformed into a duck. When he had first arrived here, every three seconds they would give him an electric shock to make him transform. He had memorized the timing pattern now, so he didn't get shocked anymore. It didn't make the process any less humiliating. So, he learned to push all thoughts and emotions aside. He didn't feel anything when he was here. He hated it because he had done it so many times that he was starting to carry that personality throughout the entire establishment.

"Well done subject 11145267. You are beginning to see your place."

By now he had changed into an elephant. He released a loud sound from his trunk to frighten them. It had apparently worked, for one of the technicians pressed into the intercom. "Release the subject."

He was almost satisfied, but he didn't show it. He knew better than to show any form of emotion in this room. If it was bad, then that would only make them happy. If he was happy, then they would do their best to make him miserable. So instead, he chose not to feel anything at all. He transformed into a small cat to make transportation easier.

As the attendants led him back to his cell, he wondered if the new mate had awoken yet. She was asleep when he had first seen her, and was still asleep when he left for experimentations. Once the attendants had tossed him in, he looked over at the figure, which had apparently not seen him, and watched her reach down into her dark purple leotard through the high neck. He watched her dig around a bit before pulling out a sharp metal edge. He waited to see what she'd do. It wasn't the first time he had seen something like this. There were several cell-mates he had had that managed to sneak in a couple shanks.

There were several possibilities to this scenario: She could be a cutter, she could try to escape, she could kill herself, she could kill him, and she could rip her bed apart. The list went on. But what she did, he did not expect.

She reached behind her, and began to saw off her hair. His eyes widened, and jumped suddenly when the guards slammed the door shut.

The girl let out a gasp, and finally looked up, and saw him. She blinked a little, and he saw a bit of curiosity on her face. He recognized it, and didn't mind at all, for he was feeling deeply curious about her too.

But, he remembered the laws, and he spoke the words that were woven into his head the first few months he was here. As he recited the phrase, he heard an echo as she reflected his mind with her own words. "Experiments are not permitted to speak to each other," they said together.

He glanced outside, and did what they were permitted to do. "11145267."

Her brows furrowed, and she licked her lips. "92563408."

The voice was very husky, almost all air. It had a very pleasing note to it. The expression on her face was pure surprise. Apparently, she had never seen a green cat before. He quickly checked outside to make sure no one was watching, and slowly transformed back into his human form, and watched with a hint of satisfaction as her eyes and mouth widened in surprise.

The male creature in front of her was almost scary. Although, now that he was human, he was almost adorable. He was well put-together, his hair was pushed off his face in natural spikes, and his eyes were a gorgeous shade of emerald green. And judging from the emptiness inside them, he had been here a while. She longed to read his mind, but someone had put a psychic shield in the cell. But she was a good judge of character, and what she could judge based on what she had seen of him was that he was probably a very lively and emotional person in the real world. This place made him hallow. He looked like he would show emotions everywhere but in the presence of authority.

Letting the subject of the enthralling changeling drop, she tried once more to cut her hair. She cut the back too high, and grunted in frustration. Suddenly, the green man made his way to her, and took her shank from her, and took her hair in his hands. She sat completely still, and waited as he sliced easily through the long locks. Having her hair long was one of her pet peeves. But very few people kept contact with her before she came to earth, so her hair grew out. He held the shank in front of her, and it was just reflective enough that she could see her hair. It was actually nice this way. High in the back, low in the front. She liked the look, and wanted to say thank you, but she wasn't allowed to talk, or else she could be killed. So instead, she offered thanks with her eyes, and he offered his welcome with a light smile, that while small, lightened his face deeply. He was very attractive when he smiled. His bottom lip had a fang jutting up into his other teeth, but in a very silly way, that added to his charm.

It occurred to her, the only way people here could communicate were through numbers, or reminding each other that they couldn't talk. She tried to give him the number of days she had been here, and prayed that he understood. "2."

He smirked a little, and tossed the shank onto her pillow. "325."

Eyes wide, she felt a tiny bit of sympathy within her. But, he apparently didn't want to engage in any further conversation, for he changed into a mouse, and went into the corner of the cell.

There was suddenly a sound of a chain clinking, and she looked up at an attendant who was staring over his slim glasses at a clipboard. "Subject number 92563408?"

She stood up, and sighed. It was a relief to be able to leave the cell, for it was all re-enforced steel, cold and frightening. She didn't care where they took her. Until she saw the look on her cell-mates mouse-face. His eyes were bright with pity, and it made her worry what was to come of her…


The green one paced the room. It had been a long time since he had seen the girl. He could already tell that she had some kind of psychic ability. There was a ringing in the room that only he could hear, being an animal. He recognized that ringing as the anti-psychic signal.

Suddenly, the clanking of the door was heard, and he morphed into a chantilly-tiffany cat. He watched as his cell-mate returned. Her eyes were wide, her mouth was open, and her steps were slow and stiff. Once she had sat on the bed, he walked up to her, and rubbed against her leg. She didn't move. He hopped up to the bed, and snuggled into her lap. She didn't move. Desperate to make sure she was alright, and not too traumatized from the horrible experiments they could have performed on her body, he changed into a human, and held her close. She gripped his arm, but she didn't cry. She didn't show any emotion. It was strange. To find someone just like him. Someone who did they best not to show what they were feeling.

He looked down at her, and again saw the thanks in her eyes. She opened her mouth, and he dashed to cover her mouth. "Experiments are not permitted to speak to each other."

Anger flashed extremely briefly in her eyes. He removed his gloved hand, and said with a sigh, "Experiments are not permitted to speak to each other."

(A few weeks later…)

The green one nuzzled her face as a small puppy. She gratefully started petting him, and he eagerly accepted the affection. The only words they spoke to each other was the repeated mantra that was cast upon them. Together, they were slowly developing a plan to escape. He had a feeling she was close to a breakthrough, for she often purposely pointed in a direction when she was walking in the halls. When it was his turn for experiments, he would try to remember where she had pointed, and all that he could see was a tiny window at the end of the hall. There were several opportunities for her to break-out, he knew. But she wouldn't leave without him.

It touched him deeply, the bond that they shared. For too long he had needed the affection of another human. He was taken from his adoptive parents when he was practicing his transformations. Lately, his past had become a very vivid memory. It was something he wanted to share with his cell-mate, as he knew she wanted to share her past with him. She made her feelings a little clearer than he did. He didn't show emotion at all, every time she showed emotion, as she happened to do quite often, something would break, and that he assumed was the reason why they brought her in.

She smiled at him a little, and because he had to change his form again, he changed into a raven. Suddenly, something lit in her eyes, and she pointed at him, then back at herself. Confused he cocked his head, and she pulled up her sleeve to show him her number. She underlined it with her finger, then pretended to cross it out with her fingers, and pointed to him, then back at herself. He changed into a human, and smiled. 'Raven…pretty.' She looked like a Raven.

Suddenly, a loud buzzer went off. She had learned over time what that would mean when the time came. A monthly inspection. Make all the subjects and experiments interact, see how they handled with each other. Her eyes widened, and she pointed in the general direction of the window. He squinted, trying to understand, but changed into a mountain lion. She put her finger to her lips. He nodded, and their door opened. "Alright you two, you know what time it is."

Indeed, he knew. And he was so sick of it. He may be able to change into other animals, but through-and-through, HE WAS A HUMAN BEING!

He was so close to ramming into the attendant as a goat, but she stopped him, and cast him a slow glance. He knew then. She had a plan. They took each others hands, and walked out.

He didn't know what happened next. There was suddenly a black aura surrounding them. He looked at her, and she was eyeing him. "The psychic shield is lifted in the hallways. I couldn't leave without you though."

Very touched, he looked over at the window, and through a mental bond that had brought them together thus far, he charged towards the window, Raven covering them both with the black aura of her powers. Just before he hit the bars, he morphed into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and banged them out as hard as he could. Thanks to a quick wit, he morphed into a raven, and flew beside the purple-haired girl. The black aura was gone, and he felt the full flash of the wind. It was so harsh and cold, but he didn't care. It was the most incredible feeling he had experienced in a year. He flipped and spun, delighting in the pure freedom of movement. The pure freedom.

Apparently, so was she, for he caught her following his spins and flips in the air. There was a small island in front of them, and having a very similar mentality by now, they dove to the island, and he changed back to himself. He opened his mouth, and let his personality that he had feared lost itself, shine through. "YES! FREEDOM! I'M FREE! I CAN DO ANYTHING NOW! GO GARFIELD! GO BEAST BOY! GET DOWN NOW!"

He heard a tiny giggle behind him. He smiled brightly at her, but before he could do anything else, she said, "So which is it?"

It took him a moment, but then he discovered that he was referring to his name. He spread his arms wide. "Whatever you want! Just not a number."

"Hear here…" Raven muttered.

He looked up, and her gaze followed his. "Wow…I haven't seen the outside in ages."

The stars were bright and shining against the blue-velvet of the night sky, and the white diamond of the moon. It was so incredible he was actually choking.

"It's beautiful."

Her thoughts reflecting his once again. He smiled, and held out a hand. She took it, and he pulled her close. "Thank you."

"Thank you. Prison isn't so terrible if someone is there to share it."

He leaned his face down closer to hers. "Especially if you love them."

She caught on his innuendo right away. And with a tearful smile that shook the earth, "That too."

He was going to lean in for a kiss, but instead, she got on her toes, and kissed him first. It made him laugh a little, but he left all thoughts alone. No more thinking. No more talking. Just emotions and feelings. It was incredible…almost too good to be true. He was free, and he had someone to share his joy and love with. Now and forever.

Suddenly, there was a clearing of a throat. "Excuse me? Can I help you?"

They both turned to the voice, and saw someone with a black cape, green tights, and a red leotard that had a big yellow 'R' on it.

They didn't know him, but they both had the feeling that he was about to lead them towards a very happy destiny.

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