-- A Journal by Thomas Ordainas - Book 1--

Thomas Ordainas sat in his study typing out the first part of his journal as time past by him unnoticed. Thomas stood and went to the window, looking out through the transparent glass, rubbing his forehead as he thought. He was focused solely on his journal and nothing else mattered, nothing else would enter between him and his…

"Grandpa!" A small girl ran into the room and flung her arms around his leg as high as she could and he looked gruffly at his granddaughter.

"What is it, Julia?"

Julia looked up at him with her big brown eyes and stared imploringly, "you said next time I came over, that you'd tell me a stor-free!"

"Its story, not stor-free," Thomas corrected, sighing inwardly as he walked back to the computer, with Julia riding on his leg. He glanced down at her, "can I have my leg back?"

"Nope." Julia giggled, "I want my story, Grandpa." Her eyes crossed and she suddenly took on a pouting look, "I want it tonight or you won't get your leg back!" The little girl scowled fiercely into her Grandpa's face who was scowling with equal intensity.

Her mother and Grandma watched as Thomas lifted Julia up onto the desk and let her open up a datapad that he handed her, and returned to his work from the file he had been studying for hours.

"They're just so like each other, Mother. And Julia's happier, more so than I've seen in the longest time." Kate smiled in relief as she and her mother returned to the kitchen table.

Jane smiled, "if you think Julia is happy; then look at your father. He's always so gruff these days, I thinking not having his little girl around anymore is upsetting for him."

"Grandpa, what's this?" Julia pushed the datapad right under his nose and he was forced to look away from his array of pictures on the computer and at the datapad that held descriptions of Revan's earlier days.

"It's a journal, Julia…" He told her after a glance at the markings on the pad.

"…About what?" Julia complained, "I can't understand the language." She pouted until her grandpa took the pad away from her and studied it carefully.

He started as he realized that this had not been the pad he had handed to Julia and looked to his right. There was the pad he had intended for Julia to read but how had this one gotten into her possession?

"It's an old journal that I wrote when I was younger." He said and tried to put it away but Julia grabbed it before he could. "Well I want to read it," she paused and pushed out her lower lip and looked at him, "please?"

Thomas looked at Julia and sighed as she continued to stare at him. He groaned and relented after five minutes, memories rushing back to him.

"All right, but a few for tonight, Julia; you do have to go to bed, remember?"

"Yup, I 'member." Julia smiled eagerly and crawled into his lap as he opened up the data file and began to read the first few entries.

1st entry, No date,
Deralia, Thomas Ordainas

Today my younger sister was born and my hardly known grandmother came down from the caves up high in the mountain to look up my baby sister Revan. She always comes down when a child of great strength or of the Force is born and makes her 'prophecies' or rather visions of the Force.

She is hardly a loving grandmother and I have collected more scars and knowledge than kisses from her. I don't think, she even as a heart sometimes the way she never ever smiles. I think if she ever did the end of life must be near, But enough, I was lucky enough to have recorded the prophecy that Grandmother made.

-- Revan is born --

The child was born,

The spark of life flared bright in the Force.

And the old Jedi looked sadly upon the child.

She is destined for great power and life,

But ware' she will fall many times and rise only once...

And the fear that followed the prophecy, was soon forgotten

As they rejoiced in the child's birth.

And all but one forgot...

Thomas frowned as the journal fizzed out on the datapad and he growled in annoyance and smacked it on the side of his desk. Several minutes later, the pad started to work slowly.

"Grandpa, what's wrong with the journal?" Julia peered intently at the datapad as he opened the back panel and twisted a few wirings.

"This datapad is very old, Julia." Thomas grunted as he concentrated on reconnecting a red wire, "I'm surprised that it's still working at all."


Data corruption!

Attempting too retrieve lost data.

20th entry
No date, seven years after previous journal entry
Deralia, Thomas Ordainas

I was doing nothing today so I decided to write some more up on what's been happing over the years. Today I was bored and I started writing some poetry, Revan was wandering when she found me so I decided to write about one of her experiences she told me about.

And to tell the truth, it scared me.

-- The Lady's Discovery --

And she was different…

And as she grew, she changed…

And she commanded a great power...

And then, she found the Force…

35th entry
No date, seven years after previous journal entry
Deralia, Malak Teranis

I'm Malak. I found this journal today after an old woman pulled me out of the ship my parents where using when we crashed during the Mandalorian attack. She said that I should record what she as going to say on this journal and keep it safe until I found someone important to give it to. We were supposed to be visiting some of friends of Mom's.

Someone called Fari and Terr... They had a little girl my age, her name's Revan and she has an older brother to, Thomas Orodainas... Well we where supposed to anyways. everyone in Revan's family is dead except for her grandmother and herself. Revan and I are being shipped off to the Dantooine, wherever that is.

This is what that old lady said and she's creepy;

-- The Lady's Narrative --

…The wind howled and the storms blew,

As the child left for her training,

As her mother stood strong until the very end

Before the tears gave way…

And then the Mother and Father were gone;

And their enemy stood mourning his brother,

Lying besides their corpses…

And the brother's killer stood looking

Down on the ruins of her home and she swore:

I will avenge you, my Father and Mother.

And the girl disappeared into the night.

"All right, you little rip. That's enough for tonight, off to bed with you." Thomas carried his sleepy granddaughter to her bed and tucked her in as she looked at her grandpa with sleepy eyes.

"Grandpa, how'd you make the journal, if you died back then?"

"I didn't make the journal; I'm just named after the same guy who started the Journal, Julia."

"Oh," Julia seemed to consider this and then she yawned and snuggled down under the covers, "okay, then. Will we read more tomorrow, Grandpa?"

"If you want to, then yes... we will." Thomas smoothed his granddaughter's hair back from her face and left the room quietly stopping once to look back at the bed before he left the room.

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