-- A Journal by Thomas Ordainas- Book 2 --

The next morning at six, little feet pattered into the study room as a tousled head peeked around the door, one small arm holding her teddy bear.

"Come in Julia and grab a blanket. The heat isn't on yet for another two hours." Thomas didn't look up from the datapad as he translated more of the data into his computer. Julia scrambled over to her grandpa's chair and climbed into his lap, with a blanket and her teddy bear, all smiles.

He glanced up briefly from his work; "does your mother know you're here?"

Julia smiled brightly and looked to the left and then the right before leaning in close to whisper in his ear. "Nopes. I snuck out and came here."

He shook his head, "and your grandma? I'm guessing she doesn't know either?"

Julia nodded happily, "I crawled past the kitchen and the pots." She frowned, "Teddy wasn't quiet though. He made a lotsa nose when we crawled past the pots."

"You mean lots of noise, Julia." Thomas corrected absently and smiled as he tapped the power switch; "all right, I've managed to open several more entries up, Julia."

105th entry
No date
Dantooine, Master Kreia

I find it strange that this journal passed into my hands after Padawan Malak Teranis gave it to me. He told me of its history and the past surrounding the journal and I found myself intrigued. Sadly though most of the data is corrupted, including information about Revan's home planet. No one who knows will tell, to protect Revan, which although annoying is noble in its effort.

Today I observed the future, or a possible future, through the Force and found myself writing poetry to hide its meaning and foretell of Revan's feature. Thus I write, or rather record what I saw and heard.

-- The Lady's Training --

And she grew into a young woman,

Full of life and happiness; laughter and mischief

Cocky, arrogant, proud, and a tender heart…

She was a pupil with very little to fail her.

Charisma, persuasive, and powerful,

She led many in her path…

And then she began to question her Masters…

And started down the path, of the dark side…

305th entry
No date
Dantooine, Master Dorak

Sadly, I record this journal in hopes of unburdening this soul of mines. Recently an apprentice of mine, of many Masters to tell the truth... Revan Ordainas has started to take a turn in her studies. She delves into the histories and knowledge of our Order as far back as she can without heed to what she researches. I fear she is falling to the dark side as she continues to study the Ancient Ruins here on Dantooine. They were sealed for a reason, I fear what she may find and I am powerless to stop her.

Oh force forbids she finds the power and knowledge to open those Ruins.

325th entry
No date
Dantooine, Shan Lee, The Exile

Today I record in the datapad journal my friend Revan left me. She came to my room in the dead of the night and told me she was leaving on a trip with Malak and that she couldn't take anyone else, even me. I was hurt at first, until she explained why and her reasons were justified in the end, though not being able to go was hard at first.

I recorded this from Master Vandar. I'm sure he knew I recorded this, but he was in a trance and I happened on him by chance or as we Jedi would say, the Force led me to his room that night. At any rate I do not believe Revan has fallen.

-- The Lady's Ignorance --

And then she stepped into the Abyss;

And ignored the callings of her elders...

And she grew in her power

And became stronger than ever before...

And then she returned...

400th entry
No date,
H.M.S. The Lady, Revan Ordainas

It's my birthday today and Shan Lee, gave me back my datapad journal that I gave to him before Malak and I left on our journey to find the Star Maps. I was surprise to find that it still works, even if there are a few data corruptions here and there. I haven't seen it since my brother died, actually before that. Amazing isn't it, how the past returns to you?

Well, I was being lectured by the Jedi Council again today about my new powers and theories. So I wrote my refusal to their demands in a form of poetry, just to infuriate them for the fun of it. I mean poetry's harmless, right?

-- The Lady's Refusal --

The Lady looked into the life surrounding her.

She looked up to the light spoke calmly;

I have fallen, but I will return

And you will hear of me again…

555th entry
The Fall of Revan
Revan's ship, Bastila Shan

She finally fell today and when I saw her fall and healed her, I saw into her mind. I saw the pain that she suffered and realized the truth to the rumours of Malak and her romance was true and that he had betrayed her and the hurt in her voice as she spoke to him.

-- The Lady's Betrayal --

And she fell…

She looked away from the light…

And into their bond, across the space, distancing them…

And she asked him…


557th entry
The Fall of Revan
Revan's ship, Bastila Shan

never have I felt so much anger in one voice or mind for that matter. I guess love and hatred do reflect each other and emotions are stronger after one who you love betrays you. I do not know this feeling or passion, I have never loved anyone expect my father.

-- The Lady's Anger --

And he did not answer...

He needed no words to show his feelings.

And as her life faded away, she realized his feelings.

She forced herself too live.

And that anger was enough too spark her life force,

And allowed her to remain alive when she should died.

558th entry
The Mindewipe of Revan
Dantooine, Master Ju Pal

We have just finished the mindwipe of Revan and yet I find myself disagreeing with her treatment. It is appalling to say the least, that we wiped her mind and gave her a new set of memories, erasing all that she knew beforehand.

Bastila Shan gave me this before she was sedated again by the medics and told me that it belonged to Revan. I have found many entries, though most are corrupted and ruined... It is truly a wonder to behold this treasure. I shall keep it hidden away until I can return to her one day when the Force deems it right.

-- The Lady's Hurt --

And as the Masters closed the door, she looked at them.

The first, strong and dark…

The second, sly and light...

And both faces turned to the masters as they closed the door.

And both asked the Masters…


What have I done?

559th entry
Abandoned Apartment
Taris, Padawan Bastila Shan

Before I left on the mission to find any clues on how we might stop Darth Malak, Master Ju Pal gave me this datapad journal. I nearly fainted when I realized that this was Revan's datapad from the past. He told me that should I feel anything that need be recorded not to hesitate and when it was right to give it back to Revan.

And thus last night I dreamed of Revan, though it was her dream from some unconscious level, I hope... I must believe that. For if Darth Revan was to return then I do not know what we could or would do.

-- The Lady's Revenge--

And all the tears in the world could not deafen the pain.

All the minds heard her voice as she screamed out

And quietly, slowly faded from sight and hearing;

And her last thought was of vengeance and death,

As the sparks flew and cracked

For he had betrayed her and he would regret it, forever...

609th entry
The Ceremony
Ebon Hawk, Bastila Shan

And now the Star Forge is destroyed and the crew is reunited again. I still feel that I do not deserve anything now, after I butchered and killed all those people both Sith and Republic. I may have been redeemed but my heart tells me otherwise. Revan speaks the truth when she tells me that I will have to face my fears or let them overwhelm me.

And now as the Force speaks through me I record the final poem of Revan.

-- The Final Saying --

And thus was the tale of Revan,

The Lady of Darkness and Light...

The destroyer of the galaxy...

The wanted villain...

The beloved heroine...

The saviour of the galaxy...

For this is the tale of Revan, the Prodigal Knight...

Unknown entry
Unknown date
Unknown Author

-- The Lady's Answer --

Look into the dark, seek what thou needs and find the answer and bring it forth unto the light…

Unknown entry
Unknown date
Unknown Author

-- The Lady's Quote --

Is it wrong to choose love and happiness over power? Is not love and happiness a power itself?

Unknown entry
Unknown date
Unknown Author

-- The Lady's Signature --

The Lady of Darkness and Light

"Wow! Revan sounds like a nice person, Grandpa!" Julia was awed, her small bright little face all smiles now as she grinned at her Grandpa. "I'm going to be just like her and learn to use my Force powers for good! Bye, bye!"

Julia gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran off with her teddy bear, as she eagerly went to look for a lightsaber that she might use to battle the 'Sith' and other various foes she might encounter.

Thomas smiled in spite of himself and stood up looking at the holograph he had pulled out. He shook his head, and closed the computer down.

Revan was long gone.

Time to face the future.

A soft laugh and the caress of the wind made him turn around and he squinted into the sunlight as a voice spoke to him.

"Nothing is ever gone, Thomas Ordainas... It always remains behind, somehow..."

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