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Chapter 1: Through the Looking-Glass

The doors of Titans Tower slid open, and Cyborg walked in carrying a small wooden box. "Anyone seen Raven?" the large teen asked. Beast Boy shook his head as he walked towards Cyborg to inspect the box.

"I'm here," Raven said, phasing through the floor next to Beast Boy. Cyborg was unaffected, but Beast Boy screamed and hid behind the couch. Peeking up from behind a very large pillow, he scowled.

"Do you always have to do that?" he yelled.

Raven ignored him and examined the box. "It's for you, Rae," Cyborg said holding it out to her. "It's from some museum in Japan."

"Thanks, Cyborg," Raven said lifting the box from his hands. Her gaze never left it as she headed for her room.

Raven phased through her door and floated over to her bed. Sitting down, she used her powers to carefully remove each nail. Then she set the box beside her and removed the lid. A strong flash of daemonic aura blinded her momentarily. Cursing under her breath she rubbed her eyes to alleviate the sting. She mentally kicked herself for not preparing herself for the flash. She could feel the daemonic aura as soon as Cyborg brought the package inside the tower. As soon as the spots cleared, and the aura was reduced to a dull glow, the half-daemon peered inside where she found a letter resting on a bunch of packing peanuts. The letter read:

Dear Raven,

This artifact was recently uncovered at a site near Mt. Fuji. Many strange things have been happening around this artifact. Our more superstitious employees refuse to come within a hundred meters of the artifact. We know you have experience with items of this nature, and we would very much appreciate it if you would "fix the problem."

Yours sincerely, Professor Yokido Ph.D.

Raven stared down at the letter for a few more seconds before setting it aside. She carefully dug through the packing peanuts and found a small, circular mirror. The frame was pure silver with swirling designs. Raven reached out with her power examining the mirror. She was amazed at the pure essence of daemonic energy. As she probed deeper with her magic, she realized it was some kind of portal. Actually it was more of a black hole than a portal. Raven kept searching for the source of its energy, but it was almost like the mirror didn't have energy. Instead it seemed like it used more of the lack of energy. Suddenly, something grabbed hold of Raven's magic. She tried to fight, but it felt like she was fighting nothingness. She felt her physical body begin to shudder, and pain coursed through her veins. She screamed, and the mirror above her dresser shattered as Raven was sucked into the tiny, silver portal.

In the kitchen/living room of Titans Tower, Robin and Starfire were cooking dinner (it was Starfire's turn, but Robin didn't want to take any chances), and Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing video games. Robin stirred a boiling pot and said, "Hey, Beast Boy, will you go tell Raven that dinner's ready?" Sweat formed on Beast Boy's head, and Cyborg laughed at his friend's fear of Raven.

"Don't worry," Cyborg said, still laughing, "I'll go with you."

Starfire turned to Robin as the boys were leaving. She finished setting the table as she asked, "Is telling friend Raven that the dinner has been prepared some sort of joke?"

Robin smiled at her naïveté, "It is when Beast Boy does it, Star."

Starfire nodded though she did not really understand.

"My sensors say she's in her room," Cyborg said as he and Beast Boy exited the kitchen/living room.

They walked to her room and stopped at her door. Cyborg knocked. "Hey, Raven! Dinner's ready." No one answered.

"Rae, are you in there?" Beast Boy yelled. He then turned to Cyborg. "Are you sure she's in there?"

"My sensors say she is," he replied.

"Dude," Beast Boy said as he opened her door, "maybe she's- Whoa!" He stopped short as he looked into her room.

"What is it?" Cyborg asked opening her door wider. "What the…"

They were both staring at a small circular object on Raven's bed that was projecting a blinding white light.

"Go get Robin, NOW!" Cyborg said with urgency. Beast Boy ran down the hall to get the leader of their team.

Cyborg cautiously entered Raven's room and approached her bed. As he came closer to the object, he saw that it was either a picture frame or a mirror. Most likely it was a mirror, and he knew that mirrors in Raven's room were never normal, though that was already obvious. He turned as he heard rushing feet and silently thanked God as Robin appeared in the doorway. Robin's mouth gaped when he saw the mirror. Then his eyes grew wide with horror as he tried to say something. He finally found his voice and yelled, "Cyborg, move!" Cyborg turned around and saw a small wraith-like child now holding the mirror. She was translucent with long white hair and a long white robe. Her eyes, though, were piercing black. The mirror was now facing him, and before he could run, the white light from the mirror was enveloping him in a strangling hold. He could feel himself being pulled toward the mirror, and he felt like he was being crushed as he shrank and penetrated the mirror's surface.

"No!" Robin yelled throwing himself at Cyborg and grabbing his friend's hand. Soon white tendrils were latching onto him, too. Starfire and Beast Boy attempted to help their friends, but the white light quickly had them as well. The translucent girl looked on the scene emotionless. She only blinked when the Titans were sucked into her mirror.

Robin felt the pain ease as soon as he passed through the mirror. The white tendrils released him, and he fell painfully to a stone floor. Robin swiftly stood and surveyed his surroundings, but he couldn't see anything. A dense white fog prevented vision further than a foot. Robin could tell that things were moving within the fog, though, and he quickly pulled out his staff as he started to feel a small tug on his entire body. He whirled around to see what was pulling on him, but he couldn't see anything. Robin swung his staff out into the fog to see if he hit something, but nothing was there. Though he knew nothing was in his vicinity, Robin still felt the tug.

A small voice started to speak in his ear. "Just let go. It would be so much easier just to let everything go."

No! a vioce in his head said. Hold on! Whatever you do, don't let go!

Robin had no idea what he was supposed to hold on to, but he felt the tug pull at something inside of him. Robin held firm.

"Why?" the voice asked. "Look around. No one else is here. Do you really want to stay here all alone?"

Robin became doubtful. Why was he holding on? The tug became stronger, and Robin began to feel something leave his body. It was like his breath. His breath was being taken. Robin exhaled and allowed the force to take it.

"Give me your soul!" the voice hissed in his ear.

"Friend Robin, where are you? I am in need of assistance!"

Who was that? Robin thought. Then he remembered. It was Starfire. He wasn't alone, and she needed him. Robin took a huge breath and felt as if someone had punched him in the ribs as a weight came back into his body. The force broke, and Robin ran toward Starfire's voice.

"Starfire!" Robin yelled as he ran. "Starfire, hold on!" Soon Starfire's form began to appear through the fog. Robin gasped as he came closer. The little girl he had seen in Raven's room holding the mirror was now floating in front of Starfire. This time, though, the girl was not translucent but solid. She was holding a mirror this time as well, but something was different about it. This mirror was silver with gold markings. Robin was horrified. A white mist seemed to be flowing out of Starfire and pulled into the mirror.

"Star!" Robin yelled as he ran to her. She collapsed as the last of the white mist left her body.

As the mirror sucked in the last traces of the mist, the girl said in a small, quiet voice, "The boundless soul spreads emotion like ripples in water." With that, the girl disappeared.

Robin looked down at Starfire. She almost looked dead. "Star! Star, wake up! You have to wake up!" Tears flooded the inside of Robin's mask as he stared at Starfire's still form.

Suddenly, a black force surrounded Robin. He looked up to see a black dome surround him and Starfire. As he turned around, he saw the other Titans. Raven's eyes were glowing white, and her cape was billowing out behind her. She seemed to have created the dome. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. Beast Boy and Cyborg just looked scared. Raven turned to Robin and said in a deep voice that was edging on daemonic, "We can still save Star, but first I have to get us out of here." Raven's head suddenly snapped up. "There."

Kagura leaned over to pick up a Sacred Jewel shard from a dying man. She turned to the girl with a mirror next to her. "We have it Kanna. Let's go."

"Not so fast Kagura!" someone yelled from behind her. She turned to see Inuyasha and his friends.

"Impudent fools!" she yelled. "Dance of the Dragon!"

"Wind scar!" Inuyasha yelled and sliced through the twisters Kagura had created.

"Dance of Blades!" she yelled, pieces of wind flew toward Inuyahsa. He moved just in time.

"Hirakotsu!" Sango yelled as she threw her giant boomerang. Kagura dodged gracefully.

"Kanna," Kagura said as she turned to the small girl beside her, "take care of the daemon slayer." Kanna nodded and aimed her mirror at Sango. A white mist started to flow out of Sango and toward Kanna's mirror. Sango fell to her knees.

"Sango!" Miroku yelled. He turned back to Kagura and Kanna. "Wind Tun-" Miroku started but was cut short as Kanna's mirror turned black. Kanna looked down at her mirror. The white mist from Sango retreated back into her body as a form flew out of the mirror. It looked like a large black bird.

"Kanna?" Kagura looked at the girl-daemon.

"They escaped?" Kanna said in her small voice. The large black bird floated erect about three feet above the ground between the fighting parties. As the large bird opened its wings, four teens fell to the ground. Two looked very scared, one seemed to be crying, and the last seemed unconscious. The bird shrank to a teenage girl with glowing white eyes and a billowing cape. With a moan she fell from the air, and the frightened man made of metal caught her. She too was unconscious. When Inuyasha looked up from this sight he saw that Kagura and Kanna were escaping on a large white feather.

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