Author's Notes: This is unbeta'd because there was no one to whore myself to.

On the bright side, I still love Angel's Touch, Opalish, and James Milamber.

And so should you.

That said, angsty Josh/Donna … commence!


The midnight sky probes through his window, and the cold wakes him from his dreams. The office is dark, and a resounding silence spreads through the room; it settles on top of him and Donna like a blanket. She is lying asleep, her head on his shoulder; he smiles – just a little.

(When he was little, his mother would point to the heavens and tell him to pick a star, any star, every star and he'd squeeze his eyes shut and pray with all his might for a new bike, or a book, or his big sister to be alive again.)

Donna nuzzles into him, and her lips brush his skin. A shiver tingles down his spine and he gently brushes a wayward strand of hair from her face. She seems foreign, in the dark, and for a moment he can almost forget that she is his assistant and he's her boss and nothing can ever happen between them.

(He thought that if he was good enough, smart enough, tough enough, whoever heard his wish might grant it.)

He tries to turn his mind from her, but she seems incorporated in everything he does. She seems to slip so seamlessly into his life that he finds days when he doesn't see her strangely empty and quiet.

She moans in her sleep, just a little, and he cautiously wraps his arms around her. She buries herself in his chest, and he thinks his heart may have stopped beating.

(Kids grow up and he knows better now. Stars hold no special powers and there's no use in craving the impossible.)

The clock chimes one, and her soft breathing falls into tempo with the gentle tic-tic-tic of his watch. It feels so natural, her enveloped in his arms, and before he knows what he's doing he's dropped a light kiss on her forehead.

He gazes out the frosted window and his eyes roam the midnight sky. He chooses a star – any star, every star – and wishes, wishes so desperately that it's almost a physical ache, that this moment could last forever.