Okay, to understand this little ficlit, you have to read Grimm by rogueandkurt. This whole thing is going to be composed of my reviews to her, except slightly modified. So, rogueandkurt, this is dedicated to you!


Running around with this imaginary ten ton brick is gonna get me nowhere fast. I can't find Grimm anywhere, and even if I could, I'm not strong enough to make the bashing worthwhile. Looking around, to my lucky surprise, I find none other than…Dun danaNA! SUPERMAN!

"Hey Sups, since you're so strong and all, it'll hurt Grimm even MORE if you hit her with it!

Sups is now seriously confused. "Who's Grimm?"

"Uuuu…right, you don't know. Okay, just hit wherever I tell you to, k?"

"Um…Sure?" I can just imagine what he's thinking about me right now. But that's not the point. The point is….Wait, what's the point? GAH! Now I'M confused!

At this point, some weird little dude runs up to me and whispers something in my ear. The little smart ass. Oh yeah, the point it to bash Grimm. Right, right, I knew that. He whispers something else in my ear. I did too know that, I just needed a little reminder, that's all! The little dude gives me cocked eyebrow and shrugs before running off.

"Well, that was weird. Anyway, back to you Sups. Now she'll die for sure!"

"Yeeaaaah. Who exactly am I killing?"

"Just do what I say, damnit!" After a few seconds of quiet, I spot her. "There! Hit there with ALL your strength! Now blast her with heat vision! Do your worst to her Sups!"

Once, he's done, Sups gives me a weird look before talking. "So, did I kill whatever it was that I was supposed to kill?"

I look around at where Sups was hitting before grinning back at him. "Nope! But that was AWSOME!" I think Sups likes me.

While I'm distractedly talking to myself and looking for signs of Grimm, Sups cautiously walks away. Probably in search of Bats.

Yes, I know it's short, but the fact is, Sups interview thing was the shortest one I had, and I really added A LOT to it. The others should be much longer, don't worry. Hope you liked chapter one!