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Chapter 3-Bat Baiting!

Seriously, navigating around the Watchtower in the dark is no fun at all, I can barely OW! Damnit, what the hell did I just hit? Moving my hands around the thing that my shin had just made painful contact with, I FINALLY find a light switch. The light flickers on as I realize that I had just hit…A box full or weights…Hmm, must be in the training room. That right there would be a good reason to run. Don't wanna be caught here of all places.

Well, anyway, time for that chat with Bat's that started in my last chapter/review...And he left, so I'll catch up to him now... So, here I am, running around this God forsaken place…Better not let Bats hear that…trying to find the before mentioned vigilante. When, miracle of miracle, I run right into him. OW! Well THIS is my lucky day, now ain't it? With that thought in mind, I jump right onto the ol' brooding dudes shoulders.

"Hello Bat ol' buddy ol' pal." I say, grinning from ear to ear. I must remind him of the Flash…Which I somehow doubt is a good thing. Good thing I wrote my will before coming here.

"Oh God, your back." He groaned. You can tell he loves me.

"YEP! Did yah miss me?" I think I'm being just a little too cheery for him.

"Yeah..." You can just imagine the amount of sarcasm in his voice with that one word.

"So, um...You wanna do something for me?"

"No." Now how did I not see that coming?

"Well...You're gonna do it anyway...You remember that evil looking woman standing near you when Sups rescued Flash?"

"There was no one there." Hmmm, I wonder how he can maintain that monotones voice ALL the time. Was it like, surgically put in or something? And of course, just as I'm thinking this, that stupid annoying little dude rushes up to me and whispers in my ear.

" I am NOT getting off topic!" The little dude whispers something else and I realize, grudgingly of course, that he's right. "Damn you!" I yell at him as he runs off again. So, I realize I need to get back on topic, so I do…

"Well, no to you...But Flash hears her...She's mean...So, um...Kick right there for me, will yah?"

Bat's is about to say something when I interrupt him. "I have review EVERY CHAPTER of this story! If you don't do as I say...I...I...I'LL STOP REVIEWING!" Umm, this is kinda, like, weird…But yah know what, I DID review for everything single freakin chapter of GrimmI know, I rule.
Bats eyes twitches so faintly that even Sups wouldn't see it. "Fine.." He kicks where I told him to and I hear a loud THUD. Thuds are cool….

"YAY!" I jump up and down happily. "Okay, you're of no use to me now...Shoo, shoo, go away..."

Bats is leaving, but just as he's at the door, he turns around with a slight smug look on his face. "I told you to watch that Close Window button..." Yeah…About that…It did in fact hit me on the way out of that review. I curse you Close Window button! Curse you!

My eye twitches. "Fine, be that way..." I stick my tongue out childishly at his back. Seriously who here wants to bet that he KNEW I did that? Anyone, anyone?

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