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Yuffie groaned as the sun hit her face, causing her to wake up. "I'm tirrreeed." She muttered to herself as she put her head back into her pillow.

"Wake up." A hard voice commanded and Yuffie responded by holding on to her pillow even tighter. "I said wake up." Suddenly Yuffie found herself on the floor staring up into Leon's cold eyes.

"Humph! You meanie!" Yuffie yelled angrily as she stumbled to her feet. "I wanted to sleep longer!'

"It's already late enough." Leon answered coldly. "You don't need to sleep all day." With that he walked out of the room, slamming the door as he left.

Yuffie stuck her tongue out at the closed door and proceeded to get out of her pajama's and into her usual outfit. "Another day!" She sang gleefully as she bounded out of the room and crashed into Aeris. "Owww!" Yuffie cried as Aeris helped her up.

"Are you all right Yuffie?" She asked worridly and Yuffie just nodded. Living in the hotel was boring and Aeris and Cloud shared a room, as did Yuffie and Leon. Yuffie had learned that it was better for her to stay out of her room whenever Leon was in it… it was safer. "Be careful Yuffie!" Aeris called after her as she walked away. "There's been some heartless around…" She trailed off seeing that Yuffie had already left and wasn't paying attention anyway.

Yuffie smiled as she walked outside and decided to go bother, ahem, see Leon. The underground cavern was nice and cool when she arrived. And Yuffie could see Leon swinging his sword across from her. Hee hee, he looks seeexxxxy. She thought and then shook her head. Where did that come from? Oh well, he is sexy so who cares?

Creeping up, Yuffie leaped behind him and cried, "Squall!" And then she gave a squeal of terror as she ducked to avoid his gunblade that came down towards her. "You jerk! You could have hurt me, so watch where you swing that stupid thing!" Hey that rhymed! I'm a poet and I didn't know it!

"It's Leon. And if you didn't go around acting like a little brat then I wouldn't have to swing at you. You could have been a heartless."

"Yeah, a heartless that called your name." Yuffie answered sarcasticly.

Leon just shook his head and Yuffie sat down. "I'm bored… let's train together."

"Why, so I can beat you?" Leon answered and Yuffie growled at him.

"You just wait! I'm the great ninja Yuffie! I lose to no one." She crossed her arms across her chest and grinned.

Leon just rolled his eyes. She had never been able to beat him and probably never would… but it was better exercise then just swinging his sword. "Fine. Have it your way."

Yuffie giggled and then took her stance. "Bring it on!"

Leon just answered by bringing his sword down towards her and Yuffie jumped back avading it. "Ha, you'll have to do better then that!" She sang out as she started throwing a few ninja stars his way. A couple hit him and Yuffie noticed a couple of large gashes on his arm. Tee hee, I've already got him!

As she thought this to herself Leon took the opening and brought his gunblade across her arm. "Augghhhh!" Yuffie yelled as she jumped back holding her bleeding arm against herself. "I won't go down that easily!" She yelled as she quickly used a potion and continued to fight him.

Soon, Yuffie realized that she was just buying time. Leon was basically just defending easily and was getting ready to let everything loose. Think of something Yuffie! She thought to herself and then she did a front flip forward and, using her shruinken, cut Leon's chest with it.

"UGH!" He cried and then before she could do anything he brought his sword across her stomach in a quick movement.

"YOU MEANIE!" Yuffie shrieked as she dropped her weapons holding her stomach which now had a deep cut in it. "I DON'T HAVE ANY POTIONS LEFT! AUGHH."

Leon watched her as she went running out of the area angrily, dripping blood, and he chuckled to himself. "I win…"

Meanie, meanie meanie meanie meanie! I'm just a gi- I mean, a young woman and he hurts me! He'll never let me win, stupid competitive guys! Yuffie continued on her way ignoring the strange looks that she received in the way. So what if I'm holding my stomach with both hands and I'm all dirty and dripping blood… It shouldn't matter to them! She sent a young woman a dirty look and the girl looked away quickly.

Yuffie decided to go through the third distrint to get back to the first quickly. She cut across and was about to the door when something caught her eye. "A potion!" She cried as she ran and grabbed it. She looked around but all she saw was the strange old wizards house with her a fire thing across the door. "Maybe he lost it? Hee hee, oh well… finders keepers!" She ran off with the potion in hand, towards the hotel.

"You're a mess." Yuffie ignored Cloud as she ran inside. She ran in her room and crashed right into Aeris. "NO!" Yuffie yelled as the potion crashed to the ground.

"Yuffie!" Aeris said and was suddenly silent as she stared down at the broken bottle.

Instead of the normal blue goo that was in a potion a strange mist came out of the bottle. "What did you do Yuffie?" Aeris whispered confused.

"I… don't know… it was just a potion!" Yuffie answered and found herself suddenly getting dizzy. "Oh great…" She muttered before she fell against the wall and sank to the floor.

"You're in big trouble Yuffie!" Aeris said to her before she collapsed on the ground herself.

What… happened? Yuffie opened her eyes and was shocked to see that the room was dark. It's night already? A/N: (From now on when I say Yuffie I will mean, Yuffie in Aeris body and when it says Aeris, it will be Aeris in Yuffie's body.)

Suddenly the door to the room opened and Yuffie rubbed her eyes as Cloud came in. "Hey, are you alright? I found you on the room in Yuffie's room, so I brought you here… you were completely passed out!"

"What do you mean in Yuffie's room? Who do you think I am?" Yuffie snapped.

"Don't be funny Aeris, are you going to make dinner tonight or not?" Cloud stood in the doorway with his usual blank expression on.

"A-Aeris?" Yuffie whispered and then realized that… something was wrong with her voice. It was soft… and older sounding! She leaped up and pushed Cloud out of the way and ran towards her room. Please don't let this be what I think it is…

"Aughh!" Yuffie screamed when she opened the door to her room and found… HERSELF on the bed!

Aeris rubbed her eyes and sat up. What she saw horrified her. She… was standing in the doorway? "What's going on?" She cried and looked down at herself… she was wearing… a halter top and short shorts? They both looked at each other and slowly turned towards the mirror that was in the room.

"Oh… my… gosh…" Yuffie said as she saw that she was completely dressed in pink… there was no doubt in her mind, She and Aeris had obviously switched bodies.

"Yuffie, what did you do?" Aeris asked through clenched teeth.

Suddenly Yuffie started to giggle. The situation was so weird and horrible that it was funny… seeing Aeris in HER body getting mad at her? It was hilarious!

"This isn't funny Yuffie!' Aeris yelled as she put her hands on her hips.

"Y-Yes it is!" Yuffie said, gasping for breath. "I'm seeing myself! This is priceless!"

"Look Yuffie!" Aeris snarled as she grabbed Yuffie by the arm and turned her towards herself. "This is serious. We're going to have to figure out how this happened and how to fix it."

"Well duh! The stupid potion caused it." Yuffie answered. "Isn't it obvious?"

"Where did you find it Yuffie?" Aeris asked slowly as if Yuffie was a little kid.

"In front of the old wizards house I think…" Yuffie answered thinking back.

"You mean… MERLINS? What is wrong with you? He's a wizard, you don't just take things from him! You're so dumb sometimes Yuffie!" Aeris began pacing the room. "We'll have to go see him in the morning since it's to late now…"

"It wasn't actually in his house… just near it. But we can't tell anyone!" Yuffie suddenly exclaimed.

"Why? Couldn't we just have Merlin tell Leon and Cloud that it was the potion? Why wouldn't they believe him."

This could be perfect…Aeris could finally see how I'm treated and I could be treated like the Queen of the house! Hee hee, it's perfect. Yuffie, you're a genius! And, maybe she could get Squall to like me since he likes Aeris! "They would think that we were insane… it would be too complicated. I think we should just pretend to be each other."

"I have to pretend… to be you?" Aeris asked as she looked down at herself.

"Yep! And I get to be you!" Yuffie thrusted her arm into the air with a smirk. "But you have to call me Aeris and I have to call you Yuffie…"

Aeris seemed to be in thought for a moment and then she nodded. "You're right. We shouldn't tell the guys what happened…"

Yuffie giggled. "That's right."

Cloud opened the door and looked in. "Is everything all right Aeris?" Yuffie was silent until Aeris nudged her and she quickly giggled nerviously. "Oh… everything's just fine Cloudy!"

"Cloudy?" Cloud asked confused and Yuffie felt her face turning red.

"I meant Cloud of course!"

"You've been having a bad effect on her Yuffie." Cloud informed Aeris as he shook his head. "All I need is for Aeris to go around calling my Cloudy…"

"I'm sure that she won't!" Aeris hissed as she glared at Yuffie evilly. Yuffie just grinned.

"What's for dinner A- I mean Yuffie?"

"I don't know, you're the one that cooks around here Aeris." Aeris answered with a smug smile as Yuffie's grin disappeared.

"Hee hee… that's right isn't it? I… know how to cook."

Cloud just looked at the two of them in confusion as Leon entered the room. "Why is everyone in here?" He snapped. "I just had to get my arm and chest banaged because of her!" He pointed at Aeris who was confused.

"Yeah, well it's not like you didn't get m, I mean, Yuffie either! You hurt her!" Yuffie smirked at Leon's surprised face.

"You weren't there." Leon answered and Yuffie just shook her head.

"A- I mean, Yuffie told me what happened." Yuffie answered.

"Why am I not surprised?" Leon muttered as he sent a glare in Aeris direction. (Aeris in Yuffie's body)

Aeris didn't know what to say… what the heck was going on? "I apologize Leon…" She finally said softly.

"No you don't!" Yuffie squealed quickly. "You don't apologize! It was a fair fight! He's just being a sore loser! Stupid sore loser!"

Leon and Cloud sent each other glances. The strange behavior of the two was confusing them so they finally just shook their heads. "Aeris, aren't you going to go cook us dinner?" Leon asked and Yuffie froze and then nodded. "Y-Yep… I'm going to go… cook dinner!" She walked away wondering how the heck she was going to get out of this and groaned inwardly as Cloud followed her. "Cloud!" She cried as she turned around. "I have to go cook! I have to be alone or else I won't… won't… be able to concentrate!"

"Fine." Cloud answered and walked away.

Back in Yuffie's room, Aeris looked over at Leon. "Leon, I-"

"I don't want to talk." He answered. "I'm not in the mood to put up with you right now."

Aeris didn't know what to think… she hadn't done a thing! "I'm sorry Leon." She said softly and he just groaned, ignoring her.

Yuffie was going through the cabinets and was horrifed to find that she had no idea what to do. "I can't cook…" She muttered and then suddenly her face lit up. "Of course I can cook! I'm the great ninja Yuffie and I can do anything!" With that, Yuffie began grabbing random items and lining them out on the counter…

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