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Betrayal by Moonlight

Italics:Dream sequences

A Warning

The entire room was ablaze. Tingling orange flames snapped around his body, scorching his green skin, sending shivers down his spine. Surprisingly enough, the burning was not painful. He was completely numb to the pain…the physical pain at least; the emotional pain of the horror before his eyes was damaging enough to destroy him from the inside out. "Guys…get out…NOW!" His strength was quickly leaving him; his voice sounded so strained and hoarse.

"We're not…leaving you…" a voice coughed through shuddering breaths.

Where was the voice?

All of the figures were shrouded in the hazy gray smoke. Only a few seconds ago he could see them all so clearly. He squeezed his eyes shut and re-opened them in an effort to clear them.

There his brothers lay, right before his eyes. They were broken, battered, injured…bleeding. Who had done this? How dare they attack his family! Wait…something was seeping around his leg…his leg was regaining its feeling. He struggled on the ground. He was lying plastron down on the hot stone floor. With a few grunts, he was able to adjust his body to position himself on his right elbow, head turned back towards the left. Why couldn't he pick his right leg up? He squinted his eyes to see what was pinning his leg down. After his eyes adjusted, they widened in horror. A sai. Raphael's sai to be exact.

The silver blades had been pierced into his right calf muscle, points protruding into the floor, pinning his leg down. The reflection of the devilish flames danced around wildly on its silver blades, the red wrapping on the handle unraveling with three strands draping loosely over top of his bloodied leg.

He snapped his head back to look at his brothers. One was being helped to his feet by another. Raphael was the closest to him and as he made eye-contact with his brother, he noticed shimmering tears streaming down Raphael's face. Raph coughed and began talking. To his frustration, the trapped turtle couldn't hear his brother. But why? Why would Raph do this?

He lay there on the stone floor, shaking his head in disbelief. Without thinking, he hoisted himself up on both hands, staring at Raphael, trying to decipher the words leaving his mouth.

Without warning, Raphael's voice broke through whatever barrier that had blocked its way. The voice was…gasping, sobbing. "I'm so sorry! I didn't…I didn't mean to! I didn't want to! Please forgive me! Don't give up! Please Leo, DON'T GIVE UP! We're not leaving without you! Leo please, if you c…"

All sounds were cut off once again. All he could see was his brother's mouth moving and the silver streaks running down his bruised face. Who was this Leo? Why did it sound so familiar? Wait…was that…his name?

Out of nowhere, a bright flash sent sharp pains through his aching mind; he clenched his eyes closed as beads of sweat rolled down his bare head, soaking his bandanna until it was midnight azure. Flashes…memories enveloped in a fine mist clouded his vision. He saw himself, then his brothers, then…no… The turtle squeezed his eyes shut so tightly, his face began to shake. He saw himself. He saw himself dancing in a battle ready stance, katanas gliding overhead; he was fighting. No…it couldn't be! That would mean that…

"Raph, Donnie, Mikey! NOOO!" The shrill scream pierced through the night before all went dark and everything was devoured by the destructive flames.

"NOOO!" Leo screamed as he bolted upright. His eyes were still shut and he was shaking violently.

"Leo!" Who was that voice? What did they want? "Leo! C'mon bro! Calm down!" Whoever the voice was, it had its hands firmly gripping his shoulders and was maneuvering him to lie back down. "Leo. Leo! C'mon! Concentrate on my voice. Open your eyes!"

Whoever the voice was, Leo felt he could trust him. His voice, at the least, coaxed him into a timid state of relaxation. He slowly opened his eyes and to his relief, saw Raphael in front of him. He was about to calm down when he noticed that Raph was tightly gripping his shoulders. When Raph removed his left hand, Leo jumped. Surprised by his brother's initial reaction, Raph slouched back and sat on the foot of Leo's bed, left eye ridge raised. "What was all that about?"

Leo raised himself up into a sitting position, legs still stretched out beneath his covers. He asked confusedly, "Raph?"

Raph crossed his legs, propping his left hand on one knee and his right elbow on another. "No," he grunted, rather annoyed, "it's the great and powerful OZ here to grant the orange one some courage, the purple one a heart, and you a dang brain."

Leo huffed a bit but smiled sadly as he lowered his eyes from Raph's eye contact.

Raph's harsh expression softened and he spoke in a voice full of concern. "Are you ok bro? It ain't like you ta have bad dreams like that." He hesitated and winced. "It ain't like ya ta jump away from me either."

Leo's body involuntarily tensed up. "Raph, I…" His voice cracked and he immediately cleared his throat, looking up directly into his brother's eyes. Smiling and with a renewed voice full of confidence and amusement, he declared, "It was just a dream Raph. A crazy little dream that has no relevance whatsoever." Leo waved the matter off with is left hand and smiled reassuringly at his brother.

Raph looked unsure at first but the spoke up. "Ya sure?"

Leo opened his mouth to speak, when he heard something shatter and saw Mikey zoom past his bedroom doorway in a pair of red jet-propulsion roller blades. Leo cocked his head to the left side and raised his right eye ridge as he gazed out his bedroom door. "Wouldn't those be your blades?" He joked mockingly.

Raph snapped his head in the direction of the doorway. "What!" Raph jumped off the blue covered bed and raced to the doorway, skidding to a halt once he reached it. He looked back at Leo over his left shoulder. "Ya know Leo, if ya need me, well," he looked down and then back into his brother's eyes, "I'm here."

Leo smiled and nodded. "I know Raph."

Raph once again appeared unsure. "Ya sure you're…"

"I'm ok Raph." Leo interrupted. When Raph still held concern in his features, Leo simply smiled. "Really. I'm ok." He saw Mikey zoom by his doorway once again, this time being chased down by Donnie while Master Splinter continually tried to reprimand his over exerted son. Leo smirked. "Better get those things back before they undergo one of Mikey's famous crash landings."

Raph winked and gave Leo a thumbs up before running into the common room to join in the pursuit of the stolen roller blades.

Leo laughed a bit and shook his head amusingly. It was only a dream. Just a dumb harmless nightmare.

Leo got out of bed and walked over to his black marbled top dresser. He didn't have anything inside it except for a few books, personal writings, extra straps and sheaths, and a few extra blue bandannas. On top of the dresser was a black rack adorned with silver Japanese designs, upon which his beloved katanas rested. Behind the dresser was a large mirror.

Smiling, Leo gently glided his hands over his formidable weapons. He removed them from the rack and put them in their rightful place alongside his back.

"It was only a dream;" he told himself, "just a bad, weird dream." He turned to leave when something caught his eye.

Flames danced across the bottom of his mirror and Leo gasped, taking a few steps back in shock. While gazing into the mirror, his eyes widened in immense shock and anger as he saw the Shredder's form approach him. Leo grabbed his katanas and whipped around, preparing to decapitate the intruder in one fierce swipe, but, to his surprise, there was no one behind him. Confused, Leo turned back to the mirror only to see his own reflection. Leo did a double take and checked his room and the mirror once more. "Weird." He sheathed his katanas and started walking towards the door. "But it was only a dream."

Suddenly, a cold gust of wind went through the turtle's room, stopping him dead in his tracks as his bandanna tails flew in front of him from behind. Cold chills rippled down his green flesh. "Wasn't it?"