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Chapter 4

Two days later...

Obi-Wan stepped off of the ship and onto the docking platform. They had just arrived back on Coruscant and he was ready to face Anakin. He dropped his bags and things in his room and went down the hall to Anakin's room and knocked on the door.

Almost immediately he heard footsteps, heavy footsteps on the other side of the door. When it opened he came face to face not with Anakin, but with Master Windu.

"Oh Master Windu," said Obi-Wan. "I was hoping to see Anakin."

"I'm sorry Obi-Wan, but no one is allowed in this room. Anakin has been staying in Master Joey's room for the time being," Mace Windu told Obi-Wan.

"Thank you," Obi-Wan said and turned around to the second door and knocked.

This time hurried footsteps were rushing around inside. The door opened and a man stepped out whom Obi-Wan didn't recognize, but he held out his hand.

"You must be Anakin's new master, am I right?" said Obi-Wan.

"Yes, I am," said Joey. "My name is Joey."

He looked as though he had dressed in a hurry. His pants were on a little crooked and his tunic was backwards. His hair was also a sweaty mess.

"What is wrong?" asked Obi-Wan. "Your clothes are all messy and your hair is as well."

"Oh sorry," Joey said quickly. "You caught me in my afternoon nap."

"Oh, I see," Obi-Wan said a little confused. "I wanted to see Anakin."

"Hold on a second, I'll go see if he's awake," Joey said. "Wait right here.

Joey walked back into the room and entered the bedroom, where Anakin was lying naked. He had red marks all over his back were Joey had been holding on to him while they had their intimate time.

"You, get your clothes on," Joey said harshly. "Obi-Wan is here to see you."

Anakin's heart leapt. He hurredly got off of the bed and put on his clothes. His whole body ached. He had been in bed with Joey for the past three days, with non-stop 'training'. He walked out of the bedroom and saw that Obi-Wan was standing in the doorway.

They stared at eachother for a moment and then Anakin rushed into Obi-Wan's arms and embraced him in a big hug.

"I've missed you so much Obi-Wan," Anakin said.

"I've missed you as well," Obi-Wan said as he smiled. "Why don't we go on a walk and you can tell me what Joey has been teaching you."

"Alright, I'll go make sure," Anakin said. After all he had to endure, he would finally be able to talk to Obi-Wan face to face and tell him all that has happened.

Anakin walked back into the bedroom and saw that Joey was on the bed reading, his shirt off. He cautiously walked up and sat on the bed. "Master, Obi-Wan wants to go for a walk, do you mind if I go?"

"Go ahead, but remember, don't be late for our training session," Joey said, with lust in his beady black eyes.

Obi-Wan waited for Anakin to get back and when he did, they walked. They walked all over the Temple. Anakin had told Obi-Wan what Joey had trained him to do. His lightsaber skills had become better than ever. They walked into the library and sat down at a nearby table and Obi-Wan brought up the subject of Padme and how she died.

"I just found her there," Anakin said, his voice wavering a little. "Her throat was slashed and was gushing with blood."

Obi-Wan realized that this still was a touchy subject and quickly turned the topic of talk back to training. That's when Anakin realized that he was going to be late for training unless he left right then.

"I'll meet you back in your room," Anakin said, before they parted. "I really don't want to spend another day with my new Master."

Obi-Wan watched as Anakin headed towards the training hall. He knew he had to tell him how he felt and soon, or he might loose him forever.

Anakin walked on towards the training hall thinking about nothing but Obi-Wan. He knew ever since Padme's death that he was falling in love with him. After the incident with Joey, he knew he was definitely in love with him. He just had to be careful around Joey, because if he found out that he was in love with Obi-Wan. Anakin shuddered at the thought. He walked into the training hall and sat down to meditate as he did the day he met Joey.

Obi-Wan walked into his room two hours later after having an exhausting little training session with Master Yoda. His arms and legs ached. He really didn't want Anakin to come in here to talk more while he was sweaty and smelly. He took off his clothes and left them in a heap on the floor and walked into the shower, turned on the water and just stod there. He was just too worn out to really wash up, he just let the water run over him. If he would have been more alert, he would have heard the dull thud just outside in the room.

Anakin walked back to Obi-Wan's room having had a shorter training sesson than he though. He was going to confess to Obi-Wan about how he really felt. When he opened the door, all of the lights were off and he couldn't see anything. He felt his way over to the bed, but tripped and fell over a pile of something on the floor. When he looked down he saw that Obi-Wan's clothes were just left in a pile on the floor. He used the Force to find Obi-wan and found that he was in the shower. All thought left Anakin. He walked into the bathroom and saw that the shower was on. The steam had fogged up the glass door but he could see the sillouhette of Obi-Wan. With out thinking, Anakin stripped down to nothing so he was just as naked as Obi-Wan and stepped into the shower.

Obi-Wan realized that something was different and he turned around and came face to face with Anakin.

"Anakin, what are doing in here?" He stuttered. Anakin was completely naked and he was moving slowly toward Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan moved away but found he could move no more. He was up against the wall. Anakin took advantage of this and used his hands to pin Obi-Wan by the upper arms up to the wall. Obi-Wan tried to move his arms but he was too worn out to do anything. Anakin moved closer so that he was inches from Obi-Wan's face. He leaned in more and placed his lips almost ghost like over Obi-Wan's.

Obi-Wan's eyes opened wide as Anakin's lips covered his own and his tongue probed through his lips. Obi-Wan tried to tell himself that he didn't want to but his mind said otherwise. He felt himself growing erect as he returned the kiss with even more tongue. Anakin moaned and leaned fully up against Obi-wan's muscular body. Their hard cocks rubbed against each other, both leaking with pre-cum.

"Oh Obi-Wan," Anakin, moaned.

Many things raced through Obi-Wan's mind. What are you doing? This is against the Jedi Code. But you know you want this. You can't let Anakin know how you feel.

But Anakin must have sensed the conflict in Obi-Wan's mind, because he took a hand off of one of Obi-Wan's arms and reached down in between them and grabbed Obi-Wan's throbbing cock. Anakin knew what he wanted to do. He got down on his knees and continued to stroke Obi-Wan's sticky head, while keeping one hand firmly on an arm.

"Anakin, no," Obi-Wan said. He knew what Anakin wanted to do. He tried to move away but Anakin's grip was too firm.

Anakin moved in and took Obi-Wan's dripping head in his mouth and swirled his tongue around. Obi-Wan lost all senses as Anakin took the whole length in his mouth and started to suck. Obi-Wan started to moan, but he forced himself to stop. He didn't want this to happen, even though he had feelings for Anakin. No, this is wrong.

Anakin moved his head along the shaft causing Obi-Wan's cock to expand to its entire length. Faster and faster, Anakin went. He wanted to taste Obi-Wan's cum so bad.

Obi-Wan reached down and grabbed a handful of Anakin's hair and tried to pull him back, but the sight, just made him want it even more. But you know it's wrong. Obi-Wan's cock started to tremble as his climax built. Anakin knew what was happening. He pulled Obi-Wan's cock out of his mouth, all except for the head and began to suck.

Obi-Wan's cock erupted into Anakin's mouth. Anakin swallowed wave upon wave of sweet, salty cum. Obi-Wan's load was so big, that some of it dripped down onto Anakin's chin. That was more than Anakin could handle. He immediately started tending to his own member and within seconds he came on the floor.

Obi-Wan slid down the shower wall until he was face to face with Anakin, who was whipping the cum off of his chin and putting the sticky finger in his mouth to taste it. Anakin then moved in and kissed Obi-Wan deeply. Obi-Wan accepted the kiss reluctantly. Anakin sensed this and pulled away immediately.

"What is wrong Obi-wan," Anakin said breathlessly. "I thought this is what you wanted?"

"Anakin, this is forbidden by the Jedi Order," Obi-Wan stated. "You know a Jedi is prohibbited to love. Now listen to me," He put a hand on Anakin's shoulder fatherlike. "This will never happen again." Obi-wan then stood up, let the water wash away the rest of his dirtiness and stepped out of the shower.

Anakin just knelt there letting the water wash off all of the drying cum on his chin and floor where he had unloaded. "I swore that Obi-Wan felt that way about me as well," he thought to himself. "Well, now I know that I was wrong."

Feeling tired and sad and many other emotions, Anakin stepped out of Obi-Wan's shower and back on his clothes and walked back out into the hallway, back to Joey's room. But he was stopped halfway by Master Yoda.

"A great emotional disruption I sense in you," Yoda said.

"I'm sorry Master Yoda, I'm just really tired. I'm on my way back to my Master's room," Anakin told the Master.

"Need for that there is not," Yoda said. "A room of your own, we have gotten for you."

Yoda led Anakin towards his new room. Unfortunately Anakin realized that is was near Obi-Wan's room. He really wasn't in the mood to see Obi-Wan ever waking moment. He though about the past week as he flopped down onto the bed. He had believed so hard that Obi-Wan loved him the way he loved Obi-Wan, but apparently that was never meant to be.

Or so he thought...

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