"I'm racing!" Yoshi, the main green colored Yoshi dinosaur that was his own character, exclaimed as he was driving his Turbo Yoshi kart around the circuit named and themed after him from Mario Kart Double Dash. "I'm actually racing-"

Several different colored Yoshis zipped by in different carts as they pelted Yoshi with different colored Yoshi eggs (I wonder what they smell like, haha). Yoshi growled as he followed the multicolored Yoshis through a warp that led to the Yoshi Valley from Mario Kart 64, then headed into another warp that lead into the Yoshi Falls from Mario Kart DS, before finally winding up at the Yoshi Desert from the GameBoy Advance's Mario Kart Super Circuit. Yoshi groaned as he ended up dead last, with everyone laughing at how pathetic he was.

Yoshi then woke up as he was sweating, wondering what the hell just happened. He was in his bed, with it past midnight as he glanced outside his window, to see Dinosaur Land from Super Mario World looking just find as he was at his home on his island, proceeding to going back to sleep, dreaming more about his literal Yoshi Kart based dream.

And what a damn spectacular way to tie into the rest of the story.

Yoshi Kart

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, I guess I should let you know that this is now the start of the entire fanfic. Why? Because it makes it better than it originally was. And it adds even more depth and awesomeness to this former pile of fail. Guess it's a good thing I came back to tender it, huh guys? Well, anyway, this should have been the original beginning, but of course, Super Smash Bros Brawl was not out when this stupid, ancient fanfiction about racing mixed with random bullshit started, and I was an idiotic author back than who probably couldn't right a proper beginning introduction to what eventually would be a gigantic story in the first place. Hopefully this brand new beginning of Yoshi Kart, along with all the brand new chapters that I plan to churn out, help get this fanfic out of the crap hole and back onto the pedestal that most of you awesome fans placed on in the first place. And hopefully my fanfic tweaking/fixing can mix in new material to help the old, unfunny recycled material seem new, even though in my eyes it won't seem the case. ...Hey, I didn't want to ramble this long. Enjoy the new introduction!

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Yoshi Kart: The Very, VERY, VERY Beginning of Yoshi Kart

It was a typical quiet Saturday morning during the Spring in Nintendo City...

"Sigh... bills, bills, and more bills... how unsurprising..."

Master Hand sighed with distraught as he looked depressingly at the surprisingly large amounts of bills and letters he has received all throughout the years on his desk, including a new pile of bills that just came in today. Taking a quick look out of the window from his office within the very top floor of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, he floated over his chair as he grabbed the bills, reading and tossing them into the nearby garbage bin as he wondered what to do.

"Look at all these damn friggin' bills... oh lord, it will be a miracle once I manage to pay it off," He sighed as he took a good look out from his window yet again. "How could the endless Brawl matches not be enough to pay off the debt completely?"

He continued pondering such things to himself as he noticed the clear blue skies appearing over the clouds that started shifting away, the blue birds coming out to communicate with each other. Master Hand pondered deeply, until he snapped himself, getting a wonderful idea.

"That's it! Why haven't I thought of that in the first place?" He stated to himself as he chuckled, "Why, I'll have an all around race somewhere on this planet! And not only will I have the Smashers participate, but other competitors, as well!" Having this wonderful idea, Master Hand immediately phoned in Crazy Hand.

A generic, but incredibly vivid green and grassy meadow that likely was located somewhere in Dinosaur Land and was accompanied by the sunny blue skies seemed to stretch for miles beyond miles. Yoshi stretched his arms as he looked up at the clear blue sky, smiling as he noticed how bright it was. "Ahh! Not a cloud in sight! It's going to be a wonderful day!" He exclaimed with joy.

Dr. Hoshi nodded his head as he approached Yoshi, his arms folded. "I'll say." The purple colored Yoshisaurus covered with a white lab coat commented, adjusting his glasses. "And purposely, the author is reinstating our appearances for any new readers."

Peppy Ankylosaurus, who was walking on all four of his legs and completely yellow, approached Yoshi and Dr. Hoshi. "Hey, how come I rarely get a mention nowadays?" His face looked pretty much exactly like a Koopa's face.

Dr. Hoshi sighed as he turned to Peppy, rolling his arms. "Well, given that the space time continuum was messed about, I say the author writing this is doing it on purpose."

Peppy tilted his head to the right. "Say what?"

Dr. Hoshi rolled his eyes as he shook his head. "Never mind..." He muttered in annoyance. "Why do I even bother...?"

Suddenly, the three dinosaurs noticed several dark storm clouds forming, surrounding them. Yoshi, Peppy, and Dr. Hoshi all held each other as white lightning struck the sky, causing it to heavily rain.

"What's happening?" Yoshi and Peppy exclaimed in unison.

Dr. Hoshi simply shook his head. "I honestly have no idea!" He replied, all three dinosaurs screaming as they were seemingly struck by a lightning bolt.

Later that day...

"So let me get this straight, bro," Crazy Hand started, a little bit unnerved as he asked, "You want to host an all around grand prix?"

Master Hand nodded back in response (how he managed to do that is impossible, so just go with it). "But of course, Crazy Hand! After all, we do need some excitement around here other than simply just brawling and smashing over a melee, anyway. All I need is the location of a good place to host this wonderful race."

Crazy Hand thought hard, but he couldn't come up with a thing. "Hmm. Sorry, bro, but my mind's in the gutter for this one."

Master Hand cursed as he snapped himself again. "Damn it! We're gonna need more locations..." He then summoned in R.O.B., the obotic Operation Buddy, who immediately began a search scan within his database.

"...Searches were found. The Mushroom Kingdom, Timber's Island, Kanto, Johto, Hyrule, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova, Popstar, The Lylat System, Mobius, the Isle O' Hags, The Subspace, Donkey Kong Island, Eagleland..." R.O.B. stated (he will be called ROB from here on out because it's easier for me to type. Plus, it's a much better way of pronouncing his name. :P)

Master Hand sighed with distraught. "No no no, none of those locations sound good to host this. We need a mostly unexplored area, something only one of the Smashers know about..." He stated, moving his fingertips in a suggested way.

ROB did one more search, and he found a result. "Master Hand, it appears that Yoshi's homeland of Dinosaur World could be the perfect spot. Do you wish to have your grand prix there?" He asked in his robotic voice.

Master Hand paused for a moment, and he then laughed with glee, grabbing ROB's robotic hands and shaking them. "Yes! Yes, ROB, you are a miracle savior! That's precisely the place where the grand prix should take place!"

Crazy Hand, however, was a bit cautious on such an idea. "I dunno, bro, other than Yoshi's Island, we haven't fully explored Dinosaur World... are you sure it's a good idea?" He asked.

Master Hand stared blankly at Crazy Hand for a few moments.

"Crazy Hand, do you remember when we went to the past?" He tried to spark some sense into Crazy Hand, "We raised Doctor Harryhausen Howard Hoshi from a trouble-causing youngling to the highly intellectual professor that he now is. How bad could having a simple little grand prix be?"

Crazy Hand still remained wary. "The way you're putting it, this Grand Prix does not sound little, nor simple."

"...Pah!" Master Hand then slapped Crazy Hand as he proclaimed, "Stay here all you want, Crazy. But I'm going to make sure that this grand prix goes on! To spark excitement!" And, the last thing he quietly muttered before disappearing in a white puff of smoke in front of Crazy Hand and ROB, "And to help pay off the incredibly bad debt this old stink house has managed to raise..."

"...Ough...where am I...?" Yoshi groaned, feeling rain dripping on him as he placed his left hand on his head. He looked up, to see Peppy and Dr. Hoshi lying in front of him. "Hey... you guys awake?"

Peppy groaned as he shook his head, blinking several times. "Augh... that was painful... I felt like I was grilled and barbequed at the same time..."

Dr. Hoshi stood up, adjusting his glasses as he cleared his throat. "Well, at least we're all in one piece..." He looked up, still noticing that the sky was darkened from the storm as it continued to rain. "Hmm... I guess it hasn't stopped..."

Amongst the loud thunder boomed, the trio of dinosaurs heard some sinister chuckling. Yoshi, Peppy, and Dr. Hoshi got closer to each other and got into fighting stances as they prepared for the worst, looking around for the source of the laughter as it kept raining.