Alicia's sunglasses said it all.

"Hangover, dear?" Katie asked nonchalantly, as she helped herself to a small stack of pancakes. "You just cannot hold your liquor." She reached around Lee, seconds away from falling back asleep, to grab the butter dish off of the table.

Angelina smirked, leaning into Alicia and removing the sunglasses from their perch on her nose. "I told you not to go drinking with him. These are mine." Alicia groaned, shutting her eyes. " 's too bright," she moaned piteously.

"You're just not used to it. Drink some coffee, it will get better in a moments' time. Fred, pass the syrup," Katie motioned with her butter knife, jabbing it towards him. Fred drew his wand with an evil grin before Katie thrust her knife towards him again. "No! No, Fred! Just slide it."

As Fred looked ready to give the syrup bottle a hearty shove, Angelina turned her attention back to Alicia. "So when did you come back in last night, anyway?" She inspected an orange and began to peel it without really paying attention.

They all looked up, curious. Even Lee seemed to pull up his head a fraction of an inch. Alicia blushed a pretty red and mumbled something into her coffee mug. "What was that?" Angelina asked, still focused thoroughly on her orange.

"I-," Alicia drew in a deep breath. "I fell asleep on the couch in the common room over the potions homework." Angelina looked up and raised an eyebrow. Small grins passed over the twins' faces. Lee's eyes opened for a moment and he tilted his head a bit to the side, dreadlocks swinging.

"You went drinking with Stephen, and fell asleep in the common room over your homework," Angelina repeated slowly, separating the orange slices and raising one thoughtfully to her mouth. Alicia looked ashamed, eyes even with the table top.

A forkful of pancakes had paused halfway to Katie's mouth, a stunned expression clearly readable on her face. The fork fell with a clatter as Katie rested her head in her palms. "Oh, Alicia. You've been dating him for, what, a year? You two are practically…practically married!" She sighed this in a disappointed voice. "And you don't even--"

Alicia put her hands over her ears and squeezed her eyes shut. "Not now, Katie. I don't need this lecture. Just because you--"

Angelina cut in wisely. "Now girls. Don't say things that you'll regret later. In fact, you both should just avoid the subject." Speech done, she busily went back to working on her orange.

Katie's eyes glinted over the table. "Sorry Alicia. My fault. I forgot that I was talking to the school's biggest prude." She picked her fork back up. "My mistake," she added, stabbing her pancake.

Alicia smiled, but the corners of her eyes didn't wrinkle as they usually did. "No worries, Katie. Just remember that we're not all as easy as you." She sipped her coffee peaceably.

Katie shot back a smile, and they both dissolved into giggles. Angelina rolled her eyes, but couldn't help grinning a bit around her orange. Fred and George exchanged a look, and Lee suddenly sat up stock-still and eyed someone from across the room.

"Heads, everybody," Lee snapped, much more awake than before. The twins turned to look, curiosity peaked. At once and as one, their eyes narrowed and their shoulders squared. "Damn," Katie muttered, not having to turn around to see. "It's Montague." Angelina cursed under her breath, and Alicia's face turned an odd color of green, but neither turned to see.

It was as if he heard them talking about him. Montague, followed by a few no-name Slytherin cronies, looked straight at the table. Grin more evil than any Weasley could even dream of, he sidled up to the Gryffindor table.

"Well if it isn't the Gryffindor quidditch team. And you," Montague lifted his chin disgustedly in Lee's direction. The tag-alongs chuckled as if this was a show of wit.

"Yeah, me. Have a problem with it?" Lee stood. Taller than the twins and almost as broad, Montague was small and frail in comparison. The threat didn't faze him, though.

He let his icy gaze travel across the three girls, lingering on each of them for more time than necessary. "And how are the lovely chasers today?" He smirked. "Spinnet, how about a roll in the sack?"

Alicia's back stiffened, but she didn't turn to look at him as she replied coolly, "How about just the sack, Montague? We could shove your head in it. Save all those little first-years some nightmares."

Montague winced for effect. "Ow. You've got some teeth. More than I expected out of you, Spinnet. Anything from the rest of you? Johnson? Bell?".

"Only a request, Montague," Angelina told him, just loud enough for him to hear. "Go jump into the lake and do all of us a favor, huh?" She hadn't moved, just took a thoughtful bite of her orange.

Katie made a degrading comment about a certain part of his anatomy and calmly sipped from her mug.

Montague ignored Angelina and, instead, leaned across the table. Coming nose-to-nose with Katie, he leered at her. "You would know Bell, wouldn't you?" His fellow quidditch team members chuckled behind him; one slapped his shoulder in appreciation.

Angelina hooked her arm around Fred's neck to stop him from moving. George half-rose out of his seat and Lee narrowed his eyes. ("You're right in front of the staff table!", Alicia hissed, stomping Lee's foot underneath the table.)

Katie didn't flinch, just gave him a simpering smile. "Would I?" Montague didn't have time to respond before rough hands grabbed him by the collar and dragged him off of the Gryffindor table. His followers drew their wands.

"Have a problem with my girlfriend, Montague?" A burly Hufflepuff asked, pulling Montague up so that they could see eye to eye. "If so, you've got a problem with me." Alicia and Angelina even managed to turn around a bit to watch as Alexander Martin 'escorted' Montague into the hallway for a 'chat'.

Katie watched the altercation though the windows across the room and took an unladylike gulp from her orange juice. "I'm chucking him." She told the table decidedly and idly, as the group cooled down.

"All right then." Angelina nodded her approval, lifting her arm off of Fred. "Sorry", she whispered to him, shrugging.

Although her other friend had just taken this in stride, Alicia gasped, making Lee jump. "No, Katie! You can't! He's just hit Montague for you!" Forgetting about her hangover, she jumped out of her seat. "I won't let you!"

Katie calmly put her fork down and pushed her plate away. Mumbling, "Bloody romantics. Don't know how you ever get things done.", before looking up at Alicia. "Fred, George and Lee turned that Ravenclaw's hair pink on favor for me. But I didn't date any of them."

The three boys smiled wistfully, before Angelina raised an eyebrow at Katie. "I think that's a bit different."

Katie scowled. "Now listen here. Since when do you two decide what I do with my time, anyway?"

"Since you started dating through every boy here!" Alicia cried, exasperated. Angelina just shrugged again, flicking a finger against her glass.

A stubborn look crossed Katie's face. "Now listen here! I'm just…efficient, is all! Nothing wrong with being efficient." She watched as Alexander strode through the doors of the Great Hall and closed in on the Gryffindor table. "It doesn't matter what you say anyways. I'm already considering it done."

"Alright, Babe?" Alexander asked, straightening the cuff of his school shirt. Katie gave him an idolizing smile, as if he was the only one in the world.

"Thanks to you." He smiled. "Alex, can we talk?" Alexander straightened his back as Katie walked around the table and hooked her elbow around his arm. Escorting him to the back of the great hall, she dropped her arm.

"Nice of him to ask after us," Angelina said thoughtfully, finishing her orange.

Alicia waved her off. "I want to watch!" she rose from her seat and leaned across the table for a better view of the couple. Angelina batted her down, muttering something about privacy, but once again Alicia waved her off.

"I'm studying her. She's fantastic at it, really. Amazing! It only took about a minute!"

Surely enough, Katie was sashaying back to the Gryffindor table, carefree look on her face. Flinging an arm about each of the twins, she snuggled in between them. "That, dears, is how it is done."

Face dropped and looking on the edge of tears, Alexander Martin stood by the doors of the Great Hall. Needless to say, his shoulders and back were straight no more.

"Next conquest?" Angelina asked nonchalantly, pushing her plate from her.

Fred shrugged Katie off as she took her time considering this. Throwing another arm around George, she leaned the side of her head against his, her hawk-like eyes searching the Great Hall for her next victim.

"Rodger Davies." Katie finally said, quite sure of herself.

Lee gave her an amused look and Alicia gasped. "Not Rodger Davies! Katie! Angelina, talk her out of it!"

Angelina flicked her thumb against her glass once more and considered this. "Well. Depends. Can you get his playbook, Kate?"

Katie rolled her eyes, and gave George a friendly peck on the cheek as she lifted her arms off of him and wiggled into her own seat. "Kid stuff, Angelina. It's only a matter of getting into his dormitory. Which is no problem."

Angelina grinned in approval and Alicia gasped once more, loudly this time. "Katie, you wouldn't! Angelina! Katie! You…you…Conniving bitches!"

"Don't you want to win this year, Alicia?" Angelina prodded, and Alicia's eyes flickered from person to person.

"Oh…You…" She fisted her hands on her hips and rose from the table. "You two are of such substandard moral character!"

Katie and Angelina rose in response. "Didja hear that, Angelina?" Katie jeered. "We are of 'such substandard moral character'."

"Broke my heart!" Angelina chimed in as a reply, pretending to faint dead away into Fred's arms.

"You…You…" Alicia 'hmph'-ed, and went to stomp out of the door, before being caught around the shoulders and neck by Katie and Angelina.

"We love you Alicia," Angelina grinned. Katie agreed with a smile and a squeeze of her arm. They walked, arm and arm, into the entrance hallway. Fred, George, and Lee following closely behind, talking about something mischievous.

None of the three said anything until they began to climb the staircase to Gryffindor Tower. "So d'ya think that you can get that play book, Kate?" Alicia asked in a considering voice.

"Piece of Cake, Alicia. Really." Katie answered easily.

There was a beat before all three girls broke into easy peals of laughter.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ha! Always wanted to write a brainy Alicia and a slutty Katie. And here it is, finally. Okay, this could go both ways as a one-shot or an actual story. Which one? I'm really torn up about it, as I already have a major on-going story To My Dear Friend Alicia (Soon to be series), but I really want to write this one to! Eaugh! I need some feedback! Full story, or friendship one-shot? REVIEW AND TELL ME!