Title: Catch me if I fall

Timeline: Junior Year

Disclaimer: Dun own Smallville, and hell, if I did, wouldn't you think Jason and Lois would be in a black hole by now?

Rating: PG13

I added a nice little twist of things in this story, I hope you'll all like. Story features both Clark and Lana's POV, at some snippets others. Clark and Lana haven't started conversing with each other yet, although they still live across the street from each other.. In some sort of way.. -smirks- I'll try and update it every day, but due to the often demands at school, it may be pushed back here and there. Enjoy!

"Lana Lang! You have to get up and do your chores! It's already 5.00! Today's the first day of school, as well!" Lana's mother, Laura yelled. 'Yes of course mother, I'll get ready for another day of whining school girls and horny guys. Gotcha, schools such a great time of year.' Lana thought to herself as she slid herself off the bed, her silky raven hair falling over her shoulder. Between the farm, school and her mysterious origins, she didn't even know where to begin.. She smiled to herself as she thought of her life long love, Clark Kent. Who had lived across the street forever.. She even remembered her first day into town meeting the quiet, handsome boy who was now the star quarterback for the school. 'Keep dreaming Lana, you can't even get within two feet of Clark Kent without making yourself look like a complete fool. What makes you think you can even get a conversation out of him, oh did I mention that he's going out with the school's biggest bitch?'

"LANA NOW!" She groaned and picked herself off the bed. She decided to do her chores in her PJs, like it mattered anyway. Super speeding downstairs, she picked up a piece of bread and ran out the door, beginning her chores.

Clouds and stars mixed together to blend into a huge beautiful portrait, the only solace of his life was astronomy. He hated school, he hated how people always tortured others for how they dressed or because they weren't "cool" enough to be around other people. 'That's all bullshit, if only I could find one decent person in the world, maybe I wouldn't have to hide behind this mask for the rest of my life' He sighed, but only to hear the screaming of his mother, awakening his sleep slumber.

"Clark! Clark! Its 6.00, and you need to catch the bus!" Martha Kent yelled from behind Clarks door, knowing how much he hated waking up.

"I have pancakes on the stove if you want some" She said in a teasing tone, knowing he'd awaken to that. She heard a loud groan. Satisfied, she walked down the steps starting to make her 'little boy' his breakfast. Clark tossed and turned in his bed, thick, dark curls flowing over his eyes which were refusing to open. Finally, he smelled the sweet scent of his mother's cooking, 'Maybe I can skip the first day of school if I'm really sweet then pass out on the floor or something.. Nah that'd be too mean.. Maybe refusing to eat.. Hmm, too hard.' Finally, he gave in to the soft humming of his mother and the scents coming from the kitchen. His ocean-green eyes lazily opened as he staggered to the bathroom.

Hours later, Lana sits in Algebra A, staring out the window at the milky clouds. The bell hasn't rung yet, but of course, the teacher's pet that she is, Lana came in just on time. She wasn't exactly sure who was in her class, after two periods of class already she was in most of her friends classes. Thank god for that.

"Beeeeeeeeeeeeep" The remaining students began piling in, as she noticed Clark Kent line up behind them all, taking a seat in front of her. Suddenly, a sharp sickness swept over her. Her head started splitting and her stomach churned in disgust. 'Of course.. Always sick around him.' She looked down at his huge hands and noticed a dozen of small fragments strung onto a string, twirled around his wrist. It was a pretty nice bracelet, she had heard it was from the meteor shower.. Her parents never really liked to talk about that day.. Getting up from her seat, she walked over to Mrs. Martine, and politely began speaking..

"Um, excuse me, Mrs. Martine.. I was wondering if I could change my seat up closer and on the other side of the room. I can't really see." She lied, but put on a warm smile.

"Yes, of course Ms Lang." The teacher smiled sweetly back, and pointed for a student to exchange seats with her.. Phew, she fell for it. One point for Lana Lang! She smiled inside, as she took her seat on the other side of the room, slightly feeling better.

As the teacher continued to ramble on about basic equations, Clark looked up at the ceiling, wondering why he was in this class. He was very good in math, and didn't need to go over this review. No one really did. He was still wondering why Lana had asked for her seat to be moved, he didn't know her very well, but he knew he didn't do anything wrong to her. Hopefully, he didn't at least. They had been living across the street ever since Lana was adopted. What was that, 13 years ago? He laughed to himself, and looked over at Lana. Her long, sleek brown hair waved over her shoulders as she looked out the window, fiddling with a lock. He couldn't deny that she was pretty, but he had never had a conversation with her since elementary school. Something's are just inevitable.

"Mr. Kent" Mrs. Martine had a strict stare onto his deep green eyes, "Are you going to start paying attention or are you going to continue staring.." He turned a dark shade of red and cut her off.

"Sorry, Mrs. Martine, it won't happen again." Clark looked down, completely embarrassed when he saw Lana looking over, smiling sweetly. Their eyes locked for a moment before she too looked down in embarrassment.

'Ah finally, lunch!' Lana exclaimed in her head, as she saw her best friends Whitney and Alicia sulking down the halls. She laughed at their bored yet frustrated expressions.

"That stupid new Shop teacher gave me a detention just because I asked the wrong question!" He was brimming with anger. Alicia laughed and tossed her blonde hair backwards,

"Yeah, and for leaving the saw on while walking off to go talk to some new girl." She giggled, watching Whitney turn bright red. Alicia looked over to Lana, who now was staring at someone. She figured who it was as her eyes followed him. Clark Kent straight from practice.. White t-shirt soaked in sweat as he ran to his locker, forgetting his clothes in there.

"Now there's something we don't see everyday.." Whitney and Alicia rolled their eyes and Lana snapped out of her gaze and picked her jaw up.. His perfectly toned abs and muscles were buldging from his t-shirt in the perfect way. She was rudely awakening when a push threw her backwards. She tripped on a backpack and her back slammed into the locker. She angrily looked up to see who was oh-so kind to give her that push. Chloe Sullivan. Clark Kent's bitchy assed, head cheerleader, slut face girlfriend. "Oops"

Clark sighed as he watched Chloe purposely push Lana down, what did she ever do to her.. Clark walked over, rejecting the open arms and kiss from Chloe, and bent down to Lana who still had a rather pissed off face on. He smiled softly, and picked her up from the ground.

"You alright, Lana?" He looked down at her concerned, she just nodded with a newly shade of scarlet forming on her cheeks. "Yes, thank you." Lana picked up her books and walked down the hall way, Whitney and Alicia following along.

"Ugh," Chloe stormed up to Clark. "Why'd you go and help her up, she was checking you out you know." Clark turned around with a look of disgust on his face,

"Even if she was, why do you have to be so cruel, Chloe! Jeez!" Clark spat at her, he looked down. Chloe, being the flirty not caring type, just picked up his chin and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"I'm sorry." She said with an innocent look, Clark wasn't buying it. 'Yeahhh, sure you are Chloe! Why dontcha' just kill the girl the next time she smiles at me.' Clark thought, shaking his head. 'Maybe I should just let this one slide so she doesn't whine and moan at me later..' He looked at his hands,

"Fine, but I gotta go, bye." He picked up his football bag and walked back into the locker room, leaving Chloe and her little cheerleader friends alone with devious smirks on their faces.