The rest of the week went smoothly, neither of the two meantioning their little incident in the coach's office. Awkard silences filled the air when left they were left unattented, something was supposed to be said, both too scared and stubborn to say so. They still hung out daily, from flinging mud at eachother to "accidently" pouring ice latte's on their shirts then running to clean their wet, greek god sculpture. The Dance was in a week, the note from Clark wasn't meantioned, nothing they encountered while under influence of certian rocks were. Alicia and Whitney sat in the backround, watching the two love-struck teens flirt and blush in unsion, and tried to mimic their faces and tones of voice.. The school was talking about them, Lana Lang the outsider, and Clark Kent Star Quarterback are supposively fucking eachothers brains out on tractors and in fields, that and they couldn't get enough of it. Both of them laugh at the topic, finding it funny that they'd think that. Of course, they were thinking about the dirty sins, but sh, the kids don't need to hear that. So now, Lana is sitting on her bed, wondering how to ask Clark to the dance without making it seem like she was obsessed with him.. Lana yawns and taps her pencil on the yellow notepad, pondering on what she should wear and if Clark would approve..The almost inaudible ticking of the clock slowly pecks away at her ears, begging, screaming for her to just get on with her life.

"UGH! This is soo annoying!" Lana groaned and threw her notebook to the paled, wooden floor of the loft. The pad wasn't lonely for too long as a pair of black shoes dragged their way to its side. A hand slid itself down and scooped the notebook up, Lana's back still to the window, picking her not quite sane mind. A loud chuckle erupted from the loft. Spinning around, she found herself face to face with Lex, who held the yellow pages in his hand, and a smirk visable for miles. Lana just looked down in embarassment and tried swatting the annoyance out of his hand, but he held his hands high from her reach and danced to the far side of the loft.

"Lexxxxxx!" Lana whined, stomping her foot like a three year old. He uncrossed his arms and cleared his throat.

"Step 1: Go to Clark's Fort, wearing something decent, yet revealing and attractive, and attempt to seduce him. Step 2: Sweep him off his feet at school, leave him speechless and make all the girls back the hell off-- Nice touches Lana, I'm impressed!.. Step 3: Ask him to Prom and engage in an intimate embrace.." As he read the last sentence, he exploded in hysterics, nearly falling down the creaky steps. Lana turned away once more, hiding her crimson cheeks, which were growing considerably hotter by the second.

"I must say, I never found you so..." Lana rolled her eyes

"Forward? Persistant? Oh please, it's not like I'll actually go through with this." Lana laughed uneasily then looked back up into the bald, millionairs steely, blue gaze. A small smirk was painted onto his smoothly shaven face, she knew what that meant. Fear, shock, confusion all clouded her face, her eyes wide with anticipation, yet horror resided inside the big hazels.

"No, no, no, no! Never! I will NOT do that to Clark!" Lex sauntered over to her, and stared staight into her chestnut orbs with a blank, unemotional face. She felt a pang of insecurity for a split second until his normal smirk reappeared.

"Not quite this, but trust me --" Lex held the notebook up, "We'll edit this to make his knees melt." His final words floated above Lana's head before he snuck his way back to the car, an obnoxious laugh booming through out the farm..

Oh boy, and so they sat in one of the numerous rooms of the enormous Scottish mansion discussing the delicate subject. Lana sat there, head in hands, dreading the ideas Lex introduced to her. The straight forward "Will you go out with me" scenario to the Making hot, messy love with him in the middle of the Talon. Half of the ideas were to make her die of embarassment, but that wouldn't even explain her reaction when ihe/i walked into the office that day.

"Lex, I appericate the help..but really, you think any of this would work for me? You actually see me sneaking in his room and just go all out!" Lana yelled out to the laughing millionair, i'Not that I'd mind of course,'/i She reminded herself inside.

"No, but what about.. You sitting here, him walking in surprised to see you, you nearly die of shock, then I nudge you to go and ask him out?" Lex grinned mysteriously as Lana's ears perked up at this idea.

"Er, wait a sec--" The big mahogany doors split open as a man in blue plaid came waltzing in, eyes like the ocean, a small smile evident on his face, all disappearing when he sees the raven haired goddess sitting infront of him with an expression of the dead. Her mind was spinning, Lex really did it this time.. Her emerald gaze cemented itself to his beautiful face, not showing any sign of giving up. She felt Lex's eyes on her own, she felt his cocky grin, all evidence pointed "guilty" to him. Clark was the first to speak, his deep voice echoing through the halls of the huge residence.

"Lex, uh, you called? .. Uhm, Hi.. Lana.." His voice seemed to loose its deep composure and break at the sound of her name. She smiled to herself at his nervousness. Lana shifted nervously before replying back her hello's, breaking her gaze with Clark's to send a brief 'I'm-going-to-freakin'-kill-you' glare at Lex. He grinned at her and glanced back at Clark, who seemed just as confused.

"Hey, Clark. Just wondered if you wanted to play some pool." Clark's confusion dispersed, and a smile flashed over. 'Oh snap.' Lana thought in her head, eyes widening at the sight of the pool table. A yellow notebook, filled with her deepest desires from when she met him, fell for him harder than ever, and heard his confession. Did I meantion it still held the ideas to ask him to the dance? A simple dance got her into this nerve racking situation! Terrific. As he walked over to the table, he picked up the wretched pad, and held it high to Lex, which now hid behind his desk, supressing his giggles.

"Hey, Lex? Whats this?" Lana's back remained to his, eyes clenched shut awaiting the worst. Small whimpers escaping her lips, heart bursting through her rib cage, body shaking with fear and yet, excitement spread across her shaking form. Yet, once more, Lex allowed the situation to continue.. Damn him.

"Don't know, read it." He smiled at Clark and poured himself a glass of scotch. Clark just looked at the smile akwardly, not knowing the meaning of any of this.. Lana hiding behind the couch, back to him, Lex glancing at him from the corner of his eye, giggles threatening to escape.. The atmosphere was almost suffocating. He turned the book over, turning to a random page of faded paper. His eyes scanned the page hungerly, reading the silky smooth letters as if they were being said, explained by their owner..


Standing inside this haven

Wishing, wanting, craving

To hold, to kiss, to possess

Possess your body, mind and spirt

Pain, agony, fear

Nothing hurts more than waiting here

Waiting for the day that you arrive

Arrive on these haunting steps, I'm deprived

Deprived of your touch, your kiss, your love

Shouting, screaming, lying

Everything points to me crying

Lying in the darkness above

Trying to find light that I've dreamed of

Dreamed of you, my truth and sanity

Beauty, innocence, love

You shine far, far above

Flying in the cloudless sky

The vibrant deep hue in July

Flying in the deep blue sky

Laughing, crying, hiding

Three words explain it all

Our friendship, love written on the wall

In the sky, etched on the moon, painted on the sun

Destiny cries, shouting for this to be done

Where do we lie, I do not know

For that, though

I stand here waiting,

Waiting for the day you come


Clark takes his finger and traces over the delicately written initals, his eyes foggy with hot streaming tears. Sniffles fly out of his nose, refusing to stop their annoyance. Clark feels his heart relating to her poem, her pain and sorrow, while watching him continue in his life without her by his side. He knows one thing, there shall be no more hiding. Turning around, he took three steps forward, his hand floats down to her shaking form and gently strokes her raven hair. A small gasp is released from her throat, speechless. A lone, warm tear drips off his chin, dropping to her hand.


Her body seemed to tense up at the call of her name, shivers running up and down her spine, fear of rejection, or being wrong about certian subjects of their "secrets". His hand continued to stroke her smooth, silky hair, trying to find the words to say to her. Tell her he loves her, she was his first crush, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, all these things he covered up inside of him.. Without warning, another warm tear slid down his cheek, falling onto Lana's cheek, awakening her from her deep thought and fear. She slowly, yet reluctantly, rose her head to his, eyes glazed over, lip trembling. She glanced to the door for a split second to see Lex escaping the office, leaving the two alone in peace. Drifting slowly back to the ocean-like stare, she found herself lost in his teary-eye gaze, loosing control of her restrictions. Kneeling infront of her stood her Knight in Shining Armor, concern filling his heart, love erupting from his soul. His finger brushed against her quivering lip, almost immediately calming it. Lana felt her heart leap to her throat, her stomach had millions of little butterflies zooming around, and yet he still stared into her, straight past the facade and into her deep, dark soul.

"Sorry for making you wait.." He said softly, his eyes drifting down to her lips quickly.A small smile crept onto her face, her fear dissolving, doubts dispersing.. She reached up and softly touched his smooth skin, stroking it ever so softly.

"It was worth it." Lana said breathlessly.

Both of their lips slowly, and gently collided. The years of yearning and never having, months of pretending and never saying, all blended into one intense, perfect moment. Neither could explain the feeling, they were floating. All of the weight of the world was lifted off their shoulders, the pain and suffering was wiped away almost instantly. Clark gently sucked on her bottom lip, making a small moan emit from deep in her throat. He smiled slightly while kissing and sucking her lucious lips. She slowly parted her mouth, allowing her tongue to trace over his butter-smooth lips, he never felt anything like this. Her tongue gradually finished its tracing before making contact with his. Thats when the real sparks ignited. Dancing with eachother's, she wrapped her arms around his neck even more as his hand slowly crept up her shirt, rubbing his hands across the small of her back, setting fire across each patch of skin. As they eventually parted for air, Lana sighed contently and laid her head onto his strong shoulder, a warm kiss was placed onto her forehead.

iIt's taken so long to get it right

Could it be so wrong

To maybe find someone

A miracle/i

Clark closed his eyes, for once, feeling completely full. There was no mysterious, hidden void inside him, no cold fear seaping from somewhere inside. He finally was granted his wish from which he was little.

iBut what you miss is love

In everything below and up above

And could she bring it all

A miracle/i

Lana's eyes stayed open, afraid if she closed them that she'd awaken and find this to be yet, another one of her wonderful dreams. She listened to his heart beat slow back down, breathing return to normal..

iAll you wanted was a miracle

All you needed was a miracle

A miracle

And all you wanted was a miracle

All you needed was a miracle

A miracle /i

Carefully removing herself from Clark's shoulder, she looked up into those amazing green eyes that you could get lost in. He smiled warmly at her, she smiled back, finally realizing he wasn't going to disappear if she touched him once more. His warm hands came up to her face once more, cupping them. Eyes connected, they communicated through them. Both wanted more, both needed it.. They both needed eachother. And so once more they connected, passion flowing through their veins.

Clark and Lana sat on a plaid blanket in the North field, both enjoying eachother's company. Lana's head was laid on his chest, cuddled up close. She laid inbetween his legs, playing with his shirt while looking out to the sky to her right. Clark stared up, sucking in her essense, wishing the night would never end. It had been only a few hours since the encounter inside the mansion, and since then, they've been together, not leaving another's sight.

"Clark?" Lana's angelic voice called out softly.

"Yes?" Their eyes met.

"Thank you." She replied with a wide smile. Clark seemed surprised, he smiled back at her.

"For what?" Lana grinned,

"For being here with me and being you, of course." He flashed her his 100 Watt smile.

"I love you." Her eyes darted back up at his, his feelings for her overflowing, showing to the whole world. Her eyes began to tear once more, as she kissed him on the lips, and hugging him tight, going back to her original state on his chest.

"I love you, too" She said into his chest before closing her eyes, finally feeling at rest.

(note: guys i've been busy at softball so i havent gotten a chance to continue writing this. Sorry, ill try and finish it eventually)