Little shadows on the wall
Of a person I could never be
Beguiling; deceptive;
Fallacious me

So precise a poison, am I
Unparalled now by any
Broken; severed; torn
From the life known to so many

Cold eyes glint with black intent
No one looks past my mask to me
Apathetic; empty; cold
This fa├žade becomes so easy

Push them away; they don't fight back
Against the greasy potions git
Cannot love; cannot hope
In my darkness where no candle is lit

Have I at last become
He who I have hated all my life
He with cruel words; cruel hands
Who has dealt me all my strife?

It is too late to turn back
Redemption too far away
So I drink those poisoned lies
I've made my choice; I've had my say

And thus my character is born
Of a frosty twilights' breath
And so I am; so I have drunk
The draught of living death