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Ok! So basically Kagome and Sango get pregnant with Inuyasha and Miroku's babies. They get scared and think the boys don't love them. So what do they do? Run of course! Only problem? They didn't expect the boys to follow them. And when they find out why they ran…well…you'll just have to read and see!

Chapter 1

Present Time

"Bye mom!" Kagome yelled to her mother while sliding the doors shut. "Be careful Kagome." Her mom yelled back leaning out the kitchen window. Kagome managed to carry her big yellow bag all by herself to the all the way to the bone-eaters well. She pulled it up over the lip of the well and jumped in.

Feudal Era

"I wonder where Kagome is?" Sango asked herself out loud. The boys had gone out on their own again. They had been doing that for awhile. Sango and Kagome both knew that Inuyasha had been going to see Kikyo and Miroku had this new girl he was courting. They had been kind of…well ignoring the girls. The girls didn't think the boys even knew that the girls knew. (A/N: what? o.O) Kagome and Sango didn't think they were doing it on purpose. "Hey Sango. Where are the boys?" Kagome asked while sitting down next to her friend. Sango looked over at her. "Oh they went out." Kagome nodded her head. It was getting dark soon. They were going to a celebration for the death of Naraku. He had been killed never to return but some of the jewel shards were lost.

"Shall we go?" asked Sango. Kagome nodded again. "Lets go get horribly drunk and sleep with someone we don't know." Kagome said while laughing.

Next Month Kagome couldn't believe it. She slept with Inuyasha! She had woken up naked next to him with his arm around her waist. She hadn't meant to! She didn't think he even knew much less meant to. 'If he finds out he'll probably hate me!' she thought. Her mind was currently going in to paranoid mode. She had to go find Sango. She got up from the tree she was currently sitting under and grabbed her bag. She went back to Keade's and got Sango. Then they both set out for the hot springs. They were currently sitting quietly in the springs. They both looked severely nervous. Then Sango finally sighed. "Kagome? I need to tell you something." Kagome looked relieved. "What is it Sango?" Sango gulped. "I slept with Miroku!" she said in a rush. Kagome looked over at Sango wide-eyed.
Sango took one look at Kagome's face and burst into tears. Kagome rushed over to comfort her. "It's ok." She said. No matter how hard Kagome tried, she couldn't get Sango to stop crying. She decided it was now or never. " Sango its ok. I…err…slept with…Screw it…I slept with Inuyasha." She said finally. It felt good to get it off her chest. Sango looked at Kagome with a smile on her face. "So…he admitted how he felt?" she asked while sniffing and wiping away her tears. Kagome's face dropped even more.

"No," she said softly. "…he didn't. We were drunk. It was an accident." She whispered sadly. Her face then brightened. "At least they don't remember. That's good right?"

Sango then started to cry angry tears. "No! It's not!" Sango yelled angrily. Kagome frowned. "What do you mean?" Sango sniffed again. "I…I think I'm pregnant." She said before bursting into tears. Kagome froze as soon as the words left Sango's mouth. She had never thought to take a pregnancy test. Then another realization hit her. She started to count on her fingers to see how long ago her last period was. 'Oh Kami! I was supposed to start two weeks ago. Arghhh…Kagome your so forgetful!' She thought/yelled to herself. Sango snapped Kagome out of her trance. "Kagome? What's wrong?" Kagome turned a little pale. She quickly got up and purged behind a tree, with Sango not far behind to hold up her hair. Kagome wiped her mouth and sat back down in the spring. Sango joined her. They sat in silence until Kagome spoke up. "Sango what will we do if we are?" Sango shrugged. Kagome nodded in understanding. She too had no clue what they where going to do. (A/N: lol that rhymed!)

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