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Chapter 9

"Inuyasha?" a faded voice called. Inuyasha opened his eyes to a blurry Miroku standing over him. "Inuyasha! Get up!" Sango screamed. Inuyasha's eyes widened as he quickly sat up and looked around for Kagome. "How long has it been? Is Kagome ok?" They both nodded. "It's only been a few hours. She's in the next room with the village Priestess." Sango replied.


Kagome breathed in and out slowly through another contraction. She was slightly regretting her night with him now. So far she was only 5 cm dilated. It was going extremely fast and she prayed it stayed that way. So far everything was ok. She hoped everything would go smoothly with her babies. She figured that, even though they don't let men into the room to see the birth, Inuyasha should be there. And he would because she said so and they were his children too. Boy had it taken her forever to say that.


Meanwhile, Inuyasha was doing his part in the traditional fatherly role. Pacing back and forth nervously. "How long does this take?" He asked to no one in particular. "Come down Inuyasha. The creation of life is fragile. You have to be patient. Besides, think about the position Kagome's in right now." Miroku said.

Inuyasha blinked in disbelief. He hadn't thought about that. He may have not known a lot about life in general, but he knew this was one thing you don't screw around with. It was painful though joyous but he felt his stomach twist as he thought of Kagome in the room in that much pain.

2 hours later in the Bedroom

'Oh thank God!' Kagome thought as the priestess told her she was ready to push.

"Do me a favor. Please get me Inuyasha." Kagome said through gritted teeth. The priestess looked at her in surprise. "But Ms. men are not aloud in the room during birth." She explained sounding a little bit frazzled. At that point Kagome got frustrated. 'I'm about to give birth damnit! Don't I have a say? No? Too bad!' She thought. "Get him in here now!" She said very sternly. The priestess simply nodded and slid open the door.

Inuyasha? Kagome wants you." Inuyasha gaped at the woman but slowly stood up. He walked into the room on guard incase Kagome got violent. He saw her resting up against the side of the room. Sweat poured off of her in buckets it seemed and her hair was in a messy bun in a sad attempt to keep her cool.

Kagome took one look at him and smiled tiredly. "Inuyasha." She said. Normally Inuyasha would huff and put on his tough boy act but he walked to her and kissed her on the forehead. She held tight to him, her nails gripping his skin as she cringed through a contraction. "Unggggh."

Inuyasha pulled her back into his lap and rubbed her sides to try to comfort her. Sango walked (well waddled) into the room with a bowl of warm water and a bowl of cold water as well as some towels. Kagome moaned again as she felt the baby move down more.

"I hate you!" Kagome strained through the pain. She slowly breathed through it and looked up at him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that." She gasped out. He smiled softly and brushed her hair off of her forehead, kissing her on the lips. "I know."

Kagome felt the unbearable need to push and did so. Inuyasha continued to rub her in various places attempting to calm her. Within the next ten minutes, they could see the head. Kagome pushed again and tried not to scream. She sighed in relief as the baby slipped out. Inuyasha scrunched his nose at the smell of the birth fluid. He didn't really mind though. It actually wasn't the worst thing he'd ever smelt before. Of course it wasn't a field of flowers either.

He breathed a sigh of relief as the cry of his first-born filled the hut. "It's a boy!" The priestess said. She handed the baby off to Sango and turned back to Kagome. "One more time." She said.

Kagome moaned and pushed again. The second baby moved down and slid out with ease. "It's a girl!" The cry of the baby brought a second wave of joy and relief throughout the room. Within an hour they were bathed and wrapped.

Kagome held one while Inuyasha held the other. She let him suckle from her as she stared at the perfect creature she'd created. "Thank you." Kagome looked to Inuyasha confused.

"For what?" He looked back at her tired but elated face and smiled. "For giving me a family. I know I'm hard to deal with but you're the only one who could really put up with me." She smiled back, stroking her sons soft, furry ear. "I know." She grinned ear to ear at him. He snorted before kissing her passionately on the lips. "What should we name them?" He thought for a moment.

"Our little girl," he motioned to the sleeping girl in his arms, "Amaya and our little boy Akeno." breath taken by their children's beauty she whispered. "Perfect." The family relaxed in peace as they shook their heads at the sound of Sango screaming in the next room. She'd went into labor shortly after Kagome had given birth and she was pissed.

"Damnit Houshi!" Sango screamed as another contraction knotted her stomach. Miroku was doing his best to consol without getting his neck wrung. A resounding slap echoed through the hut. "I'm not as forgiving as Kagome-Sama is pervert!" Within a few more hours, Sango gave birth to their first, and hopefully for both of their safety, last baby. A boy.

Miroku wiped her forehead with cool, damp cloth. "What shall we name ours?" he asked. She instantly thought of a beautiful name. "Jomei." He kissed her and they all talked about their futures and where they would go from here. After the babies were a few months old, they had a double wedding and bragged about their beautiful children they were so proud of and they knew it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for that bottle of sake.

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