Author's Note: This is pretty much an unfortunate note I feel is necessary so as to not leave readers hanging for ever-more. Lady Treason has left FF as most of you know by now and though we had great and numerous plans when we started this story, I honestly can say I cannot see myself finishing this without her. I suppose this is an extended A/N then… apologizing for letting you guys down. All I could think to do was to explain the entire plot we had planned and give you some closure in a compressed-superduper fast, summary. Enjoy =)

Everyone knows there was supposed to be a battle at the Ministry; we had some people to die to raise the heat under the Light side and Dumbledore to realize once and for all that Severus was truly no longer under his control. The Malfoys have become somewhat pawns to Harry and Voldemort, manipulated into furthering their goals and also on the more basic levels as playthings for Harry's amusement (after all he never did like Malfoy).

To keep this somewhat simple, we had plans where the world would become theirs, the two would conquer and a new regime of what their vision of the Wizarding World should be would come true. We even had plans for maybe a sequel if we felt the urge/path taking us towards an uprising (if we didn't kill all the Light off =p). However, instead, we come to this.

The end.

I want to thank you all for your loyalty and support, even today I am still getting reviews and notices for this story. I appreciated it all. Keep reading people,