Chapter Twelve: Complicated

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(One month later)

Beast Boy sighed and curled up into his corner and opened his book. Ever since the whole Slade incident the team had been treating him different. Starfire went out of her way to try and cheer him up. Cyborg usually let him win at video games. Robin… well the spiky haired fighter kept his distance. Whenever they met in the hallway neither looked at each other or said anything. There was distrust there and Beast Boy knew it.

On the other hand Raven had been acting mostly normal. She often came up to the roof to meditate while he read. Sometimes if she was in a good mood she'd bring her own book and read with him then they'd talk absently. Almost like everything was normal. Almost.

His thoughts were interrupted as the door swung open and Raven walked out book in hand

"Oh sorry I didn't know you were up here." Beast Boy said nothing just looked at her blankly "You want me to leave?"

"No!" the changeling exclaimed making Raven cock an eyebrow "I mean you can stay."

I'm so scared that the way I feel,
Is written all over my face.
When you walk into the room,
I wanna find a hiding place.

"Thanks." Raven replied sitting down a few feet away from him. and opening her book. A soft breeze blew around them ruffling their hair and Raven's cloak 'She's so beautiful. Whoa. Where did that come from?' Beast Boy wondered silently.

Raven noted that the changeling was staring and blushed slightly. She brushed her hair back out of her face and turned to him

"Why are you staring at me?"

"Sorry." he mumbled. Raven smiled and continued to read. The changeling watched the water from his position then put down his book and pulled his knees into his chest

"What's wrong?" Raven asked

"Nothing." the demonness sat beside him and looked at him carefully

"Tell me?" she asked pleadingly. The green teenager looked over at her and sighed

"I just wish everything could go back to normal. I know Star and Cyborg are just trying to make me feel better but they're getting on my nerves. And Robin won't even look me in the eye anymore."

"He's just nervous. He doesn't know how to deal with everything that's been going on." Beast Boy smiled at the dark girl beside him

"Thanks Rae." she smiled and let out a squeak of surprise as he hugged her.

We used to laugh, we used to hug, the way that old friends do.
But now, a smile and a touch of your hand,
Just makes me come unglued.
Such a contradiction, do I lie or tell the truth.
Is it fact or fiction,
Oh the way I feel for you.

"You're welcome." Raven mumbled blushing a deep crimson. Beast Boy smiled awkwardly then picked up his book

"I'm going to go inside." he started for the door but a small pale hand touched his shoulder

"Please stay." she asked softly. He half smiled at her and sat down again. Raven looked out over the water then blushed when she looked down and realized she was still touching Beast Boy's arm and quickly removed it

'Just tell him how you feel.' a voice in her head urged. Raven blocked it. Lately anytime the changeling touched, smiled or even looked at her it made her heart flutter insanely.

Raven decided to call a meeting. As she meditated lightly her emotions gathered in the large amphitheatre. She looked around for Affection's light pink cloak and instead found a dark maroon cloak emotion standing in front of her

"You wished to speak with me?"

"Affection? What's with the cloak?" Raven asked in confusion. She was very confused

"You're in love Raven. So my appearance and name has changed. I'm Love now." when Raven had demanded to know who the sentiment had smiled at her gently

"Beast Boy silly." Raven was so startled she was jerked out of her meditation

So complicated, I'm so frustrated.
I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away,
I wanna make you go, I wanna make you stay.
Should I say it? Should I tell you how I feel?
Oh, I want you to know.
But then again, I don't. It's so complicated.

'I can't tell him. He doesn't feel that way about me. Besides what could that do to our friendship if he DID say no?' she told herself firmly

'Raven dear, you can not deny your feelings. When you denied Timid she reacted through your powers.' Love reminded her 'You must tell him.'

'Go away, you're making me nervous.' Raven snapped. The emotion left her alone and she looked at Beast Boy

'Well I've seen him staring at me and Starfire said…' the thought trailed off as the changeling in question turned to her and smiled making her heart do a flip

"Rae can I ask you something?"


"Just promise not to tell the others okay? They wouldn't understand." Raven nodded curious

"Well there's this girl I really like but I don't know how to tell her. Can you give me any tips?" Raven looked away quickly

"W-well I'd just tell her. She deserves to know soon."

Oh... just when I think I'm under control.
I think I finally got a grip.
Another friend tells me that,
My name is always on your lips.
They say I'm more than just a friend,
they say I must be blind.
Well, I admit that I've seen you watch me
from the corner of your eye.
Oh, It's so confusing. I wish you'd just confess.
But think of what I'd be losing,
if your answer wasn't yes.

"Thanks Rae." there was a long silence broken soon by Raven

"So is it anyone I've met?"

"Ya, well sort of." he was blushing now.

'Tell her. We love her.' a voice in his mind urged. It sounded eerily like the Beast

'I can't.'

'Yes you can. She is so sad right now. Something is not right. We must fix that. We must show her what we feel for her.'

Meanwhile Raven was still arguing with her emotions. This wasn't happening to her. She was Raven. Daughter of a evil demon and condemned to live her life alone.

So complicated I'm so frustrated,
I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away,
I wanna make you go, I wanna make you stay.
Should I say it, should I tell you how I feel.
Oh I want you to know, but then again I don't, It's so complicated.

By now the two were ignoring each other entirely arguing with themselves (that is a sign of insanity LOL) After a moment they stopped, looked at each other and blushed a deep red


"Beast Boy." they both spoke at the same time and blushed even deeper if that was possible

"You first." they said together again. Raven looked out over the water and felt a small tear trickle down her cheek. She wanted to tell him so badly. Why couldn't she? Because of her fear. She didn't want him to get hurt and she didn't want herself to be hurt again.

Oh, I hate it. 'Cuz I've waited.
So long for someone like you
Oh, what do I do.
Oh should I say it.
Should I tell you how I feel.
I want you to know, but then again I don't.
It's so complicated...
It's so complicated...
It's so complicated...

Beast Boy watched as a single tear traced its way down Raven pale face

'You must comfort her. She is sad can you not see it?' the Beast demanded. Before he knew what was happening Beast Boy reached out and wiped the tear away with his thumb

"What's wrong Rae?"

"Don't call me that." her voice wasn't angry just sad "Please just… don't." Beast Boy touched her shoulder lightly and she flinched

"What's wrong Raven?"


'Go on Raven you can do it!' all her emotions chorused together

"I love you BB." Beast Boy looked at her in shock but grabbed her quickly when she tried to leave


"Are you deaf?" Beast Boy ignored the comment gripped her shoulders tightly wanting to make sure he'd really heard those words come out of her mouth

"Just say it again Raven."

"I love you." she whispered softly tears rolling faster down her face. Beast Boy laughed happily and rolled around on the ground in pure joy

'I told you! She loves us!' the Beast said happily. Beast Boy looked into Raven's violet eyes which were filling with fresh tears. He jumped up

"Do you really mean that?"

"Yes." Beast Boy laughed again and jumped into the air happily. He kept laughing and finally fell over once more. He suddenly stopped when he heard soft sobbing

"Stop it." Raven cried. He got up and made her look at him

"Rae what's wrong?"

"Stop laughing at me." she cried sadly. He laughed again then slapped his mouth shut

"Rae I'm not laughing like that. I'm laughing because I'm happy. You don't know how long I've wanted to hear you say that."

"Then tell me." Beast Boy flushed so brightly he looked like a tomato

"I had a crush on you when the HIVE attacked for the first time then when I went to Nevermore my feelings deepened."

"But that was so long. Before Terra…" she regretted saying the name. Beast Boy looked at his hands

"Ya… I just thought you'd never open up enough for me to admit it so I kinda used her as a distraction." Raven dried her face off with her cloak then looked up at the changeling

"Say it."


"You know what." Raven answered softly. Beast Boy smiled and said the words he had hidden deep inside his heart and mind

"I love you Raven." inside him the Beast howled loudly and his heart was full to bursting. Raven covered her ears slightly

"Who's howling?"

"The Beast. Can you hear him?" Raven nodded

"When he took over I could talk with him. But no one else could." she answered. Beast Boy smiled and pulled her into him. She smiled and hugged him around the neck

'Raven loves us! She really loves us!' the Beast yelled happily. Raven chuckled and Beast Boy smiled down at her

"He sure seems happy." he commented

"I have an idea to make him happier." Raven whispered. Before Beast Boy could reply her lips were pressed to his. He panicked for a moment then relaxed and kissed her back. Suddenly everything seemed perfect. The Beast was still yelling inside his head cheering him on and he could hear what he assumed were Raven's emotions yelling and cheering as well. His hands dropped down to around the girl's waist and he pulled her whole body against his. She gasped lightly when her chest brushed his but after a moment she enjoyed the feeling.

Beast Boy broke away breathing in large gulps of air. Raven was hugging him tightly causing her body to be pressed against his. He flushed when her lower body pressed hard against his own

'Beast Boy?' the Beast asked


'I will allow you to control me now. I think Raven is safe and protected. I only have one request.'

'What's that?'

'Let me out and see her for myself. I promise that nothing will happen and we will stay here and not attack our friends.'

Raven kissed Beast Boy lightly tearing him away from the mental conversation. Her eyes were shining in happiness and her mouth was turned up in the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen

"Raven can I ask you something?"

"Of course." the teenager took a deep breath then relayed the Beast's request

"The Beast will let me control him if I let him out to see you for a moment. He promised to stay here and not hurt you." Raven pursed her lips thinking the request over

"Alright." Beast Boy stepped away from her slightly "Are you okay with this?" she asked anxiously

"If it'll help me gain control over him I'll do it. Just promise me you won't let him hurt you just because I'm in here."

'I would not hurt Raven. She is ours now. Our job it so protect her not harm her.' the Beast protested. By the way Raven blushed Beast Boy could tell she had heard him.

Beast Boy closed his eyes and relaxed waiting for the Beast to come out but nothing happened

'May I come?'

'Ya just be careful. I don't want anything to happen to her.' he felt the familiar change then there was nothing but darkness.

Raven watched as Beast Boy's body enlarged and turned into the Beast. The powerful being looked at her tenderly

'Hello Raven.' it whispered across her mind

"Hello." she replied nervously. The Beast approached slowly and reached out one large paw to her. Raven hesitated for a long time staring at it

'Raven is afraid of me? It is understandable.' the animal said sadly. Raven clutched the paw fearfully

"I'm not afraid." she said hurriedly then in a softer tone added "well maybe a little but that doesn't mean I can't overcome my fear."

'So Raven is afraid?'

"Yes but I trust you." the Beast beamed and closed his large paw around her small fragile hand. Suddenly his size shrank but he stayed the same

"What was that?"

'I thought maybe I would not be so frightening if I wasn't so big.'

"So you can control your size?"

'Yes. But that is all. Beast Boy is the only one who can turn into different animals. I am merely smarter then the others.'

"No." Raven said tapping her lip "You're his alter ego. You're his other side. Like the side my father created." the Beast growled

'Yes. You're father is bad man. He made Raven afraid of herself and of us.' Raven quickly hugged the animal around the neck tightly

"You know what?"


"I'm not afraid anymore." the Beast smiled and breathed in her sent deeply. Every part of his being told him to make Raven his but he had promised Beast Boy to take care of her. He would keep that promise because Beast Boy knew what would make Raven happy.

"Thank you."

'For what?' the Beast asked cocking his head

"For keeping your promise." if the Beast could blush he would have looked as if all the blood vessels in his face had burst

'I'm letting Beast Boy back.' he said. Raven squeezed his neck tightly then let him change back into the familiar changeling she loved with all her heart.

Beast Boy smiled at Raven and pulled her into a hug. After a moment they sat down and he pulled her into his lap. She leaned against his chest watching the sun set over the water



"I love you."

"Me too." Raven replied before kissing him deeply again. As the sun set and the stars appeared her cloak turned white as a symbol of her love.

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