Not All Pretend

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny. This story idea is based off the idea of "matchmaking" and when the two that are put together don't really like each other. This is an Alternative Universe but granted their personalities will still be there.



Cagalli Yula Athha sighed; she was a successful twenty one year old in the architecture field. It is not something a normal person in her shoes would have done, usually one would study politics considering she is the daughter of Uzumi Nara Athha. At least by adoption she was, but hey everyone still looked at her as if she was born into the family by blood. She was the one that would take the leadership role of her nation, the Orb Union. Cagalli rubbed her temples and went back to work looking at the files on her desk.

Orb Union, they were the neutral nation, they accepted both Naturals and Coordinators. They had a space colony Heliolopolos in reconstruction at least that is what her new company was in the market for building and the memorial hour glass for Junis Seven. It had been ten years after the war, and Cagalli remembered it all too well. Before the war took place they were trying to make some amends between Coordinators and Naturals.

She was supposed to marry Lenore Zala's son. Amazing enough she wasn't on Junis Seven the day the Earth Alliance Federation shot nuclear weapons which caused the long seven year war. Lenore was her personal tutor, a coordinator woman from the PLANTs. She was a very kind woman and Cagalli would always remember her, she taught this one ruff tomboyish girl to be a lady, at least some of the time.

Cagalli laughed as she stood up, she was supposed to marry her son. However after the incident of Junis Seven, her husband had called it off. She knew that Mister Zala was some important person in the council for the PLANTs but she was glad she never met the boy. Her father always talked about great he was and how wonderful they would be together as a married couple. But Cagalli remembered, she was one of the first children to be used to try to become a coordinator but due to the effects of being born in a woman's womb would not make her turn out completely as a coordinator.

Sure she was considered a natural, but she still obtained some of the abilities that Coordinators do. She was not like her long lost twin brother, Kira Yamato. Cagalli walked over to the window of her office that looked over the capital city in Orb. It also gave her a view of the Athha home in the far distance, she sighed. She was fortunate enough to meet her twin brother at an early age, but it was during the war.

Kira was born in the artificial womb, and is considered first generation Coordinator. His parents loved him, the woman that saved her and her brother was the one currently the one adopted Kira, Caridad Yamato. At the time, if anyone knew they had existed they wouldn't have met, Cagalli was glad. Kira had become a pilot during the war and was great at it, now he also works in the Orb Military and was also in line in becoming a representative of Orb. It helped take the burden off of her shoulders and continue to pursue the career in architecture that she had held.

Cagalli was not your average girl; she was not every man's dream. She was rough around the edges and made sure that all men knew what her point in life was. She refused to be the perfect girl with makeup plastered all over her face. She didn't want to be the girly girl that would laugh at any man's jokes, especially when they were not funny to begin with. She was upset about how things turned out, she was even more upset that her brother had served in the war…

Who was she talk? Cagalli laughed at herself, she fought too. Orb had gotten involved, and she against her father's wishes was a mobile suit pilot. She had a Gundam of her own, and that is how she met her brother. That was a story she didn't want to remember, but after all of it was done, she gained a brother and many other friends.

Little did she know that her world was going to be turned upside down…


Athrun Zala, twenty two year old…son of the chairman of ZAFT, his father with great long military service record and as did he. Athrun had climbed up the charts; he was part of the Red Elite. Later he would reach the rank of FAITH but it really meant nothing to him. He sighed as he sat at his desk in his apartment and read over his friend's e-mail. Athrun shook his head, his best friend was inviting him and his family, and of course many of the friends they shared to go down Orb for a huge party. Granted there was one every year, his father refused to go but his mother continued to go.

Athrun then shook his head, Cagalli Yula Athha. A name that has rang in his ears for many years, especially by his mother but even to this day. His mother has yet to approve of his engagement to Lacus Clyne, it's not like he wanted it. He didn't want it when he was engaged to the princess of Orb. Lacus was a nice girl, but she was not his type. She was the daughter of Sigel Clyne, who still preaches against his own father.

Granted Athrun did not agree with everything his father said, but he had to be the good son and follow his wishes. He joined the ZAFT military because of his father and now is learning about politics but he was also a well known military matters and field of law. Athrun had also taken the time to become a medical doctor. So he was a medical doctor with a degree in law. He didn't have much to do, I guess. Athrun sighed as he remembered his best friend, they had met at an early age.

They went to the same prep school until the war broke out. Kira was in Orb, but Orb also got involved in war which was the deciding call. Orb has been the biggest influence in the political sense. They were the mediators between the EAF and PLANTs. It was strange that a neutral country was the one calling all of the shots. But they were the ones that accepted both Naturals and Coordinators. No one really knew if you were one or the other, which made life easier for everyone in that nation. Could it be like that every where else, or would it just be a long lost dream that only a select few can hold onto?

Would he finally go to one of these gatherings? Athrun sighed, he knew that Dearka was going to go, Dearka Elsman was dating a natural girl from Orb, Miriallia Haww. She had lost her boyfriend during the long war and met Dearka by accident but was it really an accident? He ended up making her learn to love again, weren't they engaged? Athrun didn't remember for sure, Dearka stayed in the ZAFT military but how he was able to hold onto a relationship with Miriallia was a sure test of distance and time. They were a prime example that anything could happen and work out.

Yzak Joule had a fiancé as well, Shiho Hahnenfuss, he went according to PLANTs rules and regulation, but also it was something that his mother and her family had put together. More like an arranged marriage through politics, Yzak's mother was part of the high council and so was hers. They were the circle of four bachelors; it now only left Kira as one. Athrun didn't want to be engaged to Lacus, but if she were to find love with someone else they could call it off, but that is if they got lucky enough to find someone for her.

Athrun sighed; he didn't want his life to be cut short at the age of twenty two. Athrun got up from his desk when he heard someone knocking at his door. He stood up and walked over to his door to be greeted by Kira Yamato and Lacus!

"We have something to tell you," Kira said with a huge smile and Lacus showed her left hand. Athrun looked at them and rubbed the back of his head, just when he had hoped that he could end the engagement here it was.

"Um, come in," Athrun said with a friendly smile. "So when did this happen?"

Lacus and Kira sat down on the small couch that was in Athrun's apartment. Athrun began preparing some coffee for his two friends, which caught him by surprise.

"Well, I've been wanting to tell you," Lacus said with a blush. "My father and I have been going down to earth for quite some time to speak with the Strike Rouge company for the building of a memorial Junis Seven, and the president of that the company introduced me to Kira."

"Well it helps when your twin sister is the president of such a well known company," Kira said with a huge smile. "So we've been more or less dating for the past year or so. At first we didn't want to be attracted to each other even though I am your best friend and her being you fiancée."

"So you have been keeping this from me for a year," Athrun asked with an arched eyebrow and placed some warm coffee in front of his friends. "So when is the wedding?"

"We are already married," Kira told and Athrun almost fell out of his seat. "We have already informed Sigel about it."

"Well I'm genuinely happy for you, but I wasn't really expecting to see you till this weekend," Athrun told him with a chuckle. "You could have waited till then to tell me."

"So you are finally going to come," Kira asked with a twinkle in his eyes. "It's about time, you can finally meet my sister, she has been avoiding these gatherings as well."

"Wait, who is your sister," Athrun asked with a confused look on his face.

"Don't you know," Kira asked with a confused expression on his face. "It's Cagalli Yula Athha, she is the one who is the president of Strike Rouge."

"What?" Athrun fell out of his chair. Lacus and Kira looked at him in confusion. Athrun just sat there in his own thoughts, the one girl he had been avoiding all of these years was doing the same thing to him too. It almost insulted him that she would do that to him, I mean who does she think she is? Didn't she know who he was? This was ridiculous that a girl would want to avoid him, I mean he did have an over excited Lacus Clyne look a like chasing him around all of the time but that was a story for another time, Meer Campbell. Also his cousin's current girlfriend Lunamaria Hawke and her younger sister, Meyrin Hawke use to follow him around like lost puppies. And this one girl, Cagalli Yula Athha had the gall to avoid him? It should have been the other way around; it should have been him being the only one missing the meetings.

"You think he is alright," Lacus asked Kira and Kira just shrugged. "Well I guess we should leave him to his thoughts. We can always see him on the shuttle with Lenore."

"You're right," Kira said as they told Athrun 'thank you' for the drinks but it went unheard. They walked out of the apartment to meet up with Dearka and Miriallia with Yzak and Shiho. Athrun was left alone to his wandering thought, my how things turn out the way they do.

Kira knew that Cagalli had this thing against Athrun, but he always thought Athrun knew that after the war he found his sister. And that his sister was non other than the girl that he also despised, it was kind of strange how things turned out. He never understood why Cagalli would hold hatred against his best friend and why it was the same way for Athrun, the two had never met each other face to face yet.

At least things would all change this coming weekend…


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