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Not All Pretend

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny. This story idea is based off the idea of "matchmaking" and when the two that are put together don't really like each other. This is an Alternative Universe but granted their personalities will still be there.

Song from Pussycat Dolls…


Chapter Twenty

Athrun paced nervously around in his room, it was the morning of his wedding day. He didn't know what he would do…he was finally going to officially have a wedding and not just any old wedding with family and friends, oh NO! It was a world wide and PLANT wide event! It was going to be broadcasted to the whole entire universe. Today was not only his exchanging of vows of matrimony but those of a leader of Orb. He was going to be a ceremony right after the wedding, the crowning of sorts as they do with royals when they become king or queen. They would do that today as well, in front of EVERYBODY! Athrun didn't know what to do, he ran his fingers through his hair and looked at the mirror. He had finished taking a shower not too long ago, sure he knew he wanted to marry Cagalli but he didn't want to trip up today. Oh NO! He refused to trip up today, miss his lines or anything. It all had to be perfect…everything had to be perfect; they had even gotten their marriage license changed to today's date. So it was like starting all over again…but this time no pretending they weren't married…it was all out in the open now.

Meanwhile, Cagalli was brushing her hair with the help of Mana. She looked in the mirror as she bit her lower lip. Today was the day of the wedding and the passing of position from her father to her and Athrun. She was nervous, alright she was a wreck but this has been the day she had been waiting for, right? To be married to the man she loved, well madly in love with. But she smiled; if someone had told her some time ago she would be marrying Athrun today in front of millions of people…she would have laughed in their face. To think that it had all started out by one falsely written newspaper and their want for revenge on their family. She guessed she owed them something as she was preparing for the wedding, she wondered if Athrun was as nervous as her.

"You are going to look absolutely wonderful," Mana said with a smile. "To think our baby girl has finally grown up to get married."

"Oh Mana," Cagalli rolled her eyes. "Don't sound like a movie…father already gave me that junk earlier this morning."

"I can't help it, I use to help with your diaper changing," Mana said with a slight pat on the head with her hair brush.

"Thanks for the lovely reminder Mana," Cagalli groaned and Mana finished putting Cagalli's hair up in curls and some sparkling gems in her hair. Cagalli turned around as Mana began lightly doing some make-up on her face, giving her the bronze and gold color to accent her eyes. Some simple eyeliner was done to bring her large sparkling ambers to shine even more brightly with the contrast of color…some soft pink lipstick graced her lips. Mana smiled at the work she did and went to get Cagalli's dress and Cagalli rose. She took off the rob to reveal her strapless lace bra and matching undies, but she had a petite coat on for the large hoop skirt portion of her wedding gown. It was something out of the eighteen hundreds but with a touch of modern style.

"Athrun is going to be breathless when he sees you walking down that isle," Mana said with a bright smile. "I'm glad you are going to have the ceremony in the Basilica instead of the outdoor temple."

Cagalli nodded, "I'm glad too, it's where we actually have the passing of leadership done as well. It kind of all seems like a fairy tale."

"Your romance has been like a fairy tale," Mana said with a smile. "Even with your rocky beginning, you seemed to have turned out well."

"Thanks Mana," Cagalli and Mana went over to Cagalli as she slipped under the rather large gown and slipped up. Mana zipped up the dress and began to tie the ties on the back.

Athrun was still pacing his room, he was dressed in a regal suit that was fit for the future leader of Orb. He grunted, it was a royal deep navy blue color jacket and his pants were black with two rivers of gold running down his sides. The blue jacket was adorned with shoulder cuffs with tassels hanging down in the colors of gold, and he has some golden ropes decorated on his right shoulder. He had a black belt around his waist and a sword at his left hip. The buckle was gold, he wondered if it was some kind of sign of royalty with all the gold. His collar was around his neck, but it was black like his pants but with golden trim.

There was a knock at his door, "Come in."

His eyes looked over at his best friend who got to wear just a normal tuxedo; he was going to be his best man. Kira smiled and Athrun sighed, "You have beaten the all nervous record among our group of friends."

"Shut up," Athrun grumbled. "You weren't getting married in front of the whole world nor are you being passed the crown of leadership to you either."

Kira chuckled, "That might be so, but doesn't mean you get to pace around the floor until it gets a hole."

"Thanks for reminding me," Athrun rolled his eyes. "I would have just settled for a wedding with family and friends, but no! The whole damn country is going to be there and so many camera crews…that I've lost count."

"It isn't so bad," Kira said as he sat down on one of the chairs. "At least you are dressed and ready to go, for Cagalli it has to be at least another hour."

Athrun smiled, "I can't believe she is actually behaving with Mana."

"She is marrying the man who stole her heart," Kira said with a smile. "She is going to make sure she steals the show from you."

"So are you here to take me to the basilica?" Athrun asked and Kira nodded.

"It's time to get you there," Kira said as he stood up. "Lets get going!"

Athrun came out of his room as Dearka, Yzak, and his parents were waiting for him. Lenore was gently crying at her son's appearance. She hugged him, "I'm so proud of you! I can't believe my son is finally getting married!"

"Mother," Athrun smiled as he returned the hug of his mother. Patrick patted his son on the shoulder, "Father…"

"I'm proud of you son, I hope all things will go smoothly," Patrick said with a wink. "You do have to make eternal vows today in front of the whole world."

"Thanks for reminding me," Athrun groaned.

"You'll be fine," Lenore said and then gave her husband the look. Patrick just shrugged, "You're just making fun of our son because he has to have a public wedding while we had to have ours small."

"Well, it's time to get you to the basilica!" Dearka said as yanked Athrun down the stairs. "We don't want to see the bride before she heads down."

Athrun just smiled as he was being dragged down, everyone else followed him down. They quickly made their way to the limos waiting outside and quickly boarded them. They were off and Cagalli was back inside of the Athha manor getting her finishing touches done. Mana gently placed her veil onto her head and then placed it over her face. Cagalli sighed, she almost didn't recognized herself in the mirror. She looked the spitting image of a fairy tale princess and smiled. Today was her day with Athrun, today they would be one person by name…and she smiled brightly. Mana than handed her bouquet of white roses into her hands. Cagalli rose from her seat and Mana helped move her long train of her dress out of the way.

Lacus entered the room wearing her pink bride's maid dress. She smiled at the sigh to Cagalli, "You surely out did all of us with that dress. Athrun is going to fall down from shock."

"Thanks," Cagalli smiled and Mana nodded in agreement.

"Then let us go," Lacus said and Cagalli nodded. Mana helped her out the door where her father awaited for her, Uzumi smiled bright down to his beautiful daughter before him. He held out his arm and she took it gently as he led her down the stairs and there were already photographers snapping pictures of the classy dressed Uzumi but also the breath taking Cagalli Yula Athha came down the stairs. Her dress of pearls, lace, and silk caused the people to gasp in shock. The dress left her shoulders bare and her arms. The whole dress was silk and lace but the train was beautifully decorated with pearls and the upper trim of her dress just above the bust line was in a string of pearls. Cagalli's ears were adored with chandler shimmering pearl earrings and a couple of strings of pearls around her neck. Cagalli was still wearing her engagement ring on her left hand but it was covered by the bouquet.

Lacus smiled as she and Mana helped with keeping Cagalli's extremely long cathedral length train from twisting as she walked down the stairs. All eyes were on their princess as they slowly exited the Manor and began to board the limo awaiting the bride. Cagalli slipped in as Lacus and Mana followed with the train and Uzumi slipping in. The limo had large open windows for the crowd to take their pictures of the blushing bride.

"It's finally today!" Uzumi said with a sad smile, "I'm giving my daughter away."

"Father," Cagalli said with a grunt. Then smiled prettily, "We all knew that this day would someday come, so I don't see what is wrong with it all."

Uzumi nodded, "Just it's hard to believe that you are finally to be wedded and I am now handing you and Athrun a job that I have held for many decades."

"Well, just know Orb will be in good hands."


Orb's Grand Old Basilica


Athrun slowly walked down the aisle after the preceding priest had made his way. Athrun stopped at his parents and took a bow. Kira then came down and too his place by the alter. Kira smiled as Athrun then took his place by the priest who just smiled at him and Athrun stood up tall as cameras didn't stop flashing at him nor filming the events getting ready to proceed before them. Athrun sighed as his hair had been slicked back due to his mother's request and he followed through with it. He stood there nervous as he heard the commotion knowing, full well that Cagalli had arrived. He was anxious to see his beautiful blushing bride. The doors slowly opened and the glory of the setting sun graced the basilica as his breath was stolen in a quick instant. There was Cagalli Yula Athha dressed in a beautiful gown, she appeared to be an angle in the mist of the setting sun's light. Uzumi began walking down the aisle as Lacus walked in front of them. Lacus had made her way down the aisle and took her place there as she began to sing a song.

I don't want to go another day
So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind
Seems like everybody is breaking up
Throwing their love away
I know I got a good thing right here
That's why I say (Hey)

Athrun's breath was caught in his throat but smiled as Cagalli looked up at him with a matching smile. He watched as Cagalli slowly made her way her father leading her down the aisle as memories came into mind. Some more recent memories they had spent together. He smiled as Cagalli was doing the same thing as they recalled some fonder memories while they stayed in Orb.

Nobody's going to love me better
I'm going to stick with you
Nobody's going to take me higher
I'm going to stick with you
You know how to appreciate me
I'm going to stick with you
My baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I'm going to stick with you

Athrun and Cagalli and snuck out to get away from the rush of the media, and were running around in the rain. The couple were laughing brightly as they danced to the music from the party outside. Cagalli smiled up at him, they found a playground near by and ran towards there. Cagalli sat down on the wet swing as he pushed her gently as the two were conversing about how some of the old men were just stuffy. Cagalli turned her head back towards him and he placed his hands over her own to stop the swing. He then pressed his lips on hers.

I don't want to go another
So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind
See the way we ride
In our privated lives
Ain't nobody getting in between
I want you to know that you're the only one for me
And I say

Athrun had gotten food all over his face from one of the children at the orphanage. Cagalli was laughing so hard that she didn't see the piece of whip cream that was smeared on her cheek. Her mouth was gaping open as the children were laughing at the childish nature of the two adults in front of them. Cagalli then made a smirk as she took some of the cake covered in icing into her hands. Athrun stood up with wide eyes as Cagalli began chasing him with the cake and splattered it all over his head and Athrun turned around to rub his head into her shoulder. The children were all clapping at the sight as they had now started a food fight between the two future leaders of Orb and them.

Nobody's going to love me better
I'm going to stick with you
Nobody's going to take me higher
I'm going to stick with you
You know how to appreciate me
I'm going to stick with you
My baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I'm going to stick with you

Cagalli smiled and had to contain her wish to laugh, so many fond memories. To think now they would be able to share all of them with the world. Athrun was looking at her warmly as she made her way in front of him. Lacus continue to sing softly as everyone that had stood at Cagalli's entrance were still standing.

"Do you Lord Uzumi Nara Attha, hand this woman to this man for the joining of marriage," the priest asked.

"I give this hand to the man before me," Uzumi said looking at Athrun. Athrun smiled as he stepped down to take Cagalli's hand that was in Uzumi's. He and her slowly stepped up the stairs to face the priest who was smiling as Lacus was still singing the song.

And now
Ain't nothing else I can need
And now
I'm singing 'cause you're so, so into me
I got you
We'll be making love endlessly
I'm with you
Baby, you're with me

"Today, we are not having just a ceremony of marriage, but a passing of leadership to these people before us. The love of these two people has brought us here today to celebrate the ideas and vows of marriage," the priest said with a warm smile. "Let us look upon these two as the shining examples of peace not only between a man and a woman, but that of a coordinator and natural."

So don't you worry about
People hanging around
They ain't bringing us down
I know you and you know me
And that's all that counts
So don't you worry about
People hanging around
They ain't bringing us down
I know you and you know me
And that's why I say

"So if there is anyone that would disapprove of this union and the passing of torch of the Athha line to the future Zala line, may he or she stand and speak or forever hold your peace…" Silence and the couple looked at each other with warming gazes until…

Nobody's going to love me better
I'm going to stick with you
Nobody's going to take me higher
I'm going to stick with you
You know how to appreciate me
I'm going to stick with you
My baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way
I'm going to stick with you

"I OBJECT!" A huge gasp was heard as everyone turned to look at the doors to see Jona standing there, Cagalli groaned and Athrun rolled his eyes. Cagalli could not believe that the purple hair freak would even bother to crash her wedding. Cagalli threw her bouquet to Lacus who looked at her confused and she picked up the front of her hoop dress and marched over to the Jona who was smiled broadly. She punched him across the face getting another gasp from the audience.

"Serves you right for barging into my wedding," Cagalli said and turned on her heel. She put on a bright smile and made her way back to the alter. The priest had a bewildered look on his face but then shrugged it off. "You may continue…"

He nodded, Athrun smiled over at his bride as she winked at him. "As I was saying, if there is anyone to object…well I suggest that you hold your peace or end up like him." Laughter erupted, "Then we shall continue. We are all here to see this union between Athrun Zala and Cagalli Yula Athha, to see the exchanging of vows between this man and woman, but also the passing of the torch. So let us first begin with the wedding portion…"

Kira and Lacus stepped forward, "The union of marriage is not done by many who have such love and devotion for one another. A bond that is to tie you till the end of your days. So before those that are here to bear witness, I ask now that you exchange the words that will bind you together for all of eternity. Beginning with you Athrun…"

Athrun turned to face Cagalli, "It seems almost an eternity ago I met you during the war and when I had held you prisoner to be in turn the prisoner of your love. We didn't like each other due to the over praise our parents would send us and in turn we decided to get back at them…and in the process I lost my heart to the most honest, beautiful, intelligent, and more often than not a little more stubborn than me. Cagalli Yula Athha…in front of all our family, friends, and the entire world…I hope that the heavens can hear, that I love you and I am honored today that you stand before me to make me your husband. I vow that I will love and cherish you till the end of our days and beyond."

Cagalli smiled as the priest then looked at the blonde, "Now Cagalli…say your vow."

Cagalli took in a deep breath as tears of joy began spilling from her eyes, good thing her makeup was water proof, "You say it was an eternity, to me it was just like yesterday. That you stole my heart with your captivating blue eyes, I have never met a man with so much honor, pride, and love. Granted you and I can be prideful and stubborn, but sometimes that is what makes things make sense. Athrun Zala, in front of all of our family, friends and the entire galaxy with the heavens above listening, I wish for all of them to know and hear my heart's beat of love for you and only you. I am honored beyond belief that you would take me as your wife. So here I vow that I will love and cherish you for longer than forever."

"The rings please," priest wiped a tear from his eye as Lacus and Kira walked forward. He took the ring from Kira and held it out to Athrun; Athrun took it and gently took Cagalli's left hand. "This ring is to symbolize your union of fidelity and the eternal circle that will forever hold you together." Athrun slipped it onto her finger and she smiled at him, the ring was beautifully decorated in diamonds. He then took the ring from Lacus and handed it to Cagalli, Cagalli then slipped it onto his finger, "The love that you share may this it by the symbol to the world, that these rings of union and matrimony. Now, with this done…you may kiss your bride." Athrun lifted the veil and she smiled up at him and she tilted her head up as his lips came crashing down on hers.

Applause roared through the basilica, "YEAH! Go ATHRUN!"

"It's about time!"


"Now, now…" the priest held out his hands as the crowd became quiet. "We are far from being finished. As you two are now husband and wife, we may now bring the council and Lord Uzumi before you…as the passing of leadership is now taken place."

Uzumi stood up and took the place where the priest once stood, the council members quickly followed behind him, "Friends, family, and fellow countrymen of Orb. Along with our honored guests, we have just witnessed a marriage between my daughter and her groom. We will now bring the torch of Orb before them. It will be my passing from those before us and the symbol of those to come." Uzumi was handed the golden torch, he gently lit it as he held it out as Cagalli and Athrun placed their hands on it as well. "Before you are announced as husband and wife, and leaders of Orb it is time to take the vows of leadership. I stand here before you and ask just one thing…will you serve this country and all of the people that reside in it?"

"We do…"

"Will you defend the ideas of justice and equality of this country and of the people that reside in it?"

"We do…"

"Do you honor those that have served this country and all of the people that reside in it?"

"We do…"

"Then by this passing, and upon your return from your much awaited honeymoon…you are now the leaders of Orb." Uzumi said happily, "Also it is my honor to introduce to the world Athrun and Cagalli Yula Athha Zala!"

Athrun and Cagalli turned to face the people as they all stood and cheered. Athrun took a hold of Cagalli's hand and began running out of the basilica as rice was thrown over them. The two were laughing blissfully when Jona appeared before them again causing a dead silence. Cagalli was about ready to hit him again when Athrun stepped in front of her. "What is that you want Seiran?"

"I think this is a mistake handing leadership to a coordinator," Jona said darkly.

"Guards," Athrun called and they quickly approached them. "Take Mister Seiran to a place where he will not bother our guests."


"Wait, you can't do this!"

"Um, yes I can. Besides, I think you have harassed my wife enough today," Athrun said with a smile. Cagalli playfully punched him and he kissed her lips. "Now, we have a party to attend to."

"Do we now?"

"Yes, Mrs. Zala…we do!" Athrun once again pulled her along as they quickly left the building to enter their awaiting limo outside. They couldn't be happier than the moment they were now, it was finally a dream come true and they were excited beyond belief. It was a day that all would remember, the thought of war did not break out between coordinators and naturals. For there were shining examples now for them to follow and forever more as they would lead the country into great standings in the world order.


"CATHRUN ZALA! You get your tiny behind back down here this instant! I am not going to drag you out here for your school! You are in third grade, you aren't suppose to hate school yet! That's in high school!" Cagalli shouted and was tapping her foot. Athrun just chuckled at his wife, he had dropped off their twin sons at the daycare that Murrue was now running with Lacus. Their eldest was the most difficult to handle when it came to school. She was the spitting image of her mother but she had her father's eyes and hair.

"Yelling won't get her down faster," Athrun chuckled and Cagalli glared at him. "She does have a crush on Dearka and Yzak's son."

Cagalli rolled her eyes, "Don't remind me! HEY!" Cagalli's eyes lit up in an idea, "I think Darien and Robby will be disappointed if they don't see her best friend today, I mean after all you three are suppose to go …" Cagalli didn't have to finish as her daughter was standing in front of her dressed, backpack ready, and hair neatly up in a pony tail. Cagalli smiled, "Your father is going to take you today."

"Huh," Athrun looked at her stunned as she smiled at him. "Wait a minute, I just took the twins…you can take Cathrun to school…I have to get to the office?"

"Nah, nah…" Cagalli waved her finger, "I don't think so. I have some planning to do today, besides it is on your way to the office."

"Your mother is evil," Athrun said with a smirk and kissed his wife.

"Hurry up now," Cagalli shooed her daughter and husband out of the door. Once they were gone her friends popped out of the background. "Well I sent him off, so now we can get planning. I can't believe my own husband forget his birthday."

"Well you have kept him busy," Kira said as Cagalli gave him a dirty look. "Hey, it's true! You have him taking over some of the paper work so you could get away with some things."

"Anyway," Cagalli turned to see Shiho smiling brightly. She was pregnant, it was her second pregnancy and Cagalli hugged her. "So how far along are you?"

"Five months," Shiho answered with a smile. "It's not as bad as it was with Darien…but I'm glad there is going to be some comfortable distance between him and the baby."

"Where is Yzak," Miriallia asked walking over to the pregnant woman.

"He won't be down till this evening," Shiho answered. "He has been chairman for quite a long time running, but on and off as well."

"Where is the little one," Cagalli asked seeing that Miriallia was holding her third child in her arms.

"Amy is at daycare with your twin boys," Miriallia said with a smile. "My other little one is off working with Shiho's husband. I couldn't believe when he accepted the role as a council member…but then again I knew it would come up eventually. Robby is already at school, probably with Darien and now waiting for Cathrun. Charlie is at their school, but a class younger from Cathrun."

"The time flies," Lacus said entering the manor. Cagalli smiled, "How have you been?"

"Busy with three crazy children," Cagalli huffed.

"They're like their mother," Dearka teased and Cagalli threw a pillow at him from the couch.

"I thought he wasn't suppose to be here yet," Cagalli grumbled and Miriallia was laughing.

"I came down early, besides mister chairman can do all his stuff by himself," Dearka said with a smirk. "I can't stay away from my beautiful wife much longer."

Cagalli rolled her eyes as Dearka embraced his wife, "You two are so CORNY!"

"And you Mrs. Zala are not," Kira said as he embraced Lacus. "Honestly, I think you two out rank all of us when it comes to the whole mushy scene."

"Shut up," Cagalli said crossing her arms. "At least we still have great sex…I haven't heard much complaints from the other wives in our group, so I don't know if you are having it at all or just doing it on an average basis."

"Too Much Information!" Dearka said pretending to cover his ears as if they had heard something he wasn't suppose to, and Miriallia just laughed, "At least me and the little misses here, have fun…we aren't always tied down by work, work, work, and more work."

"Shut up," Cagalli then saw Mana come down with the boxes of decoration. "YEAH! Now we can get started!"

"She's still like a little kid," Dearka whispered and got elbowed by his wife.

"Oh you!"

"Hey, don't kill me! I'm one of your husband's friends!"


"How are we going to plan the party if you two are fighting?"

"Hey stop it!"

"Hey, calm down!"

"Oh my!"


"Save me!"

"Grow up Dearka!"

Athrun walked in to see his friends running around the house and his wife acting like a child. He was use to it from his wife but the decorations and happy birthday that was written made him realize what was going on. It was good thing he came up to remember that today was his birthday. He started laughing as everyone turned to see him, he was home early or making a stop at the house? Either way, the surprise has been ruined.

"What are you doing home early," Cagalli questioned and Athrun picked her up bridal style. "Hey! You big oaf, you didn't answer my question!"

Athrun smiled, "Do I have to? Besides, I like the idea. Thank you in advance…"

"Hmph," Cagalli pouted. "You're pretending to be surprise later for the kids?"

Athrun nodded, "Come to think of it, you and I started out just pretending you know."

Cagalli smiled, "It wasn't all pretend on my part…I don't' know when but its not all pretend."

"We couldn't AGREE MORE!"

The End


HEY thanks to all my readers! Thanks for sticking through with it for so long. I bow down to you for enjoying this story and for making it happen. I loved writing this story, it was by far one of the most fun! So once again thank you and my hats are off to you!