Anakin Skywalker's gloved hand rested on the controls of his ship. With his other hand, he reached out and lightly patted the wall of the cockpit, grateful to it for two years of unfailing service. It had brought him through thick and thin and had never once let him down. And now, it was bringing him home. To Padme.

A bright grin spread easily across his face at the thought of his wife. Two years already. He had just missed their anniversary and was planning on making it up to her as best as he could. Even though it wasn't often that he was given leave from the war, he had been able to get some time off last year to be with her on their first anniversary. He remembered the understanding look on her face when he had told her that this year wouldn't be the same as the last, but he had known that she had been disappointed. There was a hint of something else in her voice…something he couldn't place. Whatever it was, he was positive that she would tell him when he finally returned to her.

The war…the Clone War to be more exact, had taken him away from her. She understood and certainly had her own duties to worry about in the Senate. He just worried that it was too much, too much of a strain on her to worry about the state of the galaxy as well as the well-being of her secret husband. Even if it was, he doubted that she would ever admit to it or slow down for that matter. He knew he could never ask her to do that, no more than she could ask him to leave the Order. That was their lives and their curse.

He shuddered and felt a little out of control as he remembered the visit from the past he had received only days before. Organa. That man…he clenched his human hand into a fist out of anger and disgust. That man deserved to suffer beyond imagination. Padme had never told him what Organa had said to her that day when she had deserted him at the altar. But now, after seeing him, after seeing the hidden malice in his gaze, Anakin wanted him dead. It was wrong, but he had been hearing some rumors about Organa. Rumors that contradicted Organa's 'dedicated' service to the Senate. In fact, the rumors all but accused Organa of betraying the Senate and the Republic. That alone made him want to physically harm Organa, not to mention the past he had with his wife.

Padme. She always had a calming effect on him and he wondered where she was and what she was doing. She wasn't expecting him for another two days, but for some reason, the Chancellor had granted him early leave. And now, he was on his way to her. Five more minutes maybe, and he would be landing on Coruscant.

Obi-Wan signaled to him from his own cockpit and Anakin waved back at him. Obi-Wan had always been a great friend to him and he trusted him with his own life. There had been many times when he had feared he wouldn't make it, that he had wanted to tell Obi-Wan to tell Padme he loved her, but then had had to stop himself. He regretted that he had to keep that from his best friend. It shouldn't have to be like that, and Obi-Wan of all people should have been there when he married the love of his life. And he could only imagine what Padme went through everyday, wondering if he was safe and not being able to really ask if he was alright. Any news of him, he knew, she received from the holonet and that was a horrible to find out.

But circumstances would never allow them to bring their marriage into the open. Circumstances would never allow him to love her out in the open. And every time he was with her, he wanted to shout from the roof of his wife's posh apartment. And it hurt more than he could have ever imagined to sit next to the Chancellor during the Senate meetings and see her, beautifully seated below him, listening intently to the discussion, and not aware that he was watching her. But she always knew he was there and any glances, any moments that passed between them were stolen and lasted for only a second before they had to look away.

He sighed, feeling an overwhelming sense of relief when his landing pad came into view. It was only a matter of time now before he would be with his wife. Just a brief meeting with the Council, then he knew he would have to stop himself from running to his wife's apartment.