My first fanfic! Hooray! This is an idea that I started playing with in my head for a few weeks before I finally just decided to write it. It's going to revolve around mainly Frankie and Mac, but not in the romantic sense. Enjoy, but be gentle! This is only my first fic.

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"Why you little…!"

Frances "Frankie" Foster grumbled as she wrestled in vain to try and pull a rather large bed sheet loose from one of the many washing machines in the laundry room of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. She had tried before to find whatever the sheet had gotten snagged on inside the machine, but that had been to little avail as all she was able to locate was more bed sheet. Now, all Frankie could do was this agonizingly long game of tug-of-war with the animate object, one in which unfortunately at the moment she appeared to be losing at.

"Oh but Miss Frances, just think of all the water that we'll save if you put just a few more sheets at a time when you do the daily wash." She said sarcastically to herself in a mockingly fake British accent, before slipping into an angry rant. "Stupid Mr. Herriman for stupid telling me to put more stupid sheets at once in a stupid wash! Conservation my ass! Do I have to go through this every single day just so Sir Fuzz-butt can save a couple dollars on the water bill? Screw that! I just…want…this…to…come…OUT!" she screeched, going at it again in her one-sided tug-of-war-game. However, after another good minute of fruitless pulling, supplemented by plenty of angry swears, Frankie finally threw her end down with an angry groan. Massaging her temples, the defeated redhead sat down dejectedly in a nearby pile of clothes waiting to be washed.

Once again, her all-too-numerous duties as caretaker of Foster's seemed to be getting the best of her once again. Why did this always happen?This made absolutely no sense to her at all. It was basically the same routine every day; get up, feed the friends, clean up for the friends, clean up the house for the friends, clean the bed sheets and clothes for the friends, feed the friends again, etc, etc. With nothing to do but cook and clean, it seemed like she should've gotten this down easily long, long ago.

But no, Frankie reminded herself with a groan. It could never be that easy. It was always something. Dinner would burn to a total crisp just because she got sidetracked for a minute. Every time she would need to make an emergency trip to the store, the Foster's bus would conveniently break down. She would be ordered to go and break up a water balloon fight on the ninth floor while she would still be cleaning up breakfast on the first floor. Sometimes she would simply mix things up in all the chaos that went on at the house, like accidentally throwing the turkey for that night's dinner into the dryer and tossing the good towels into the oven.

Also of course, there was always the endless parade of bizarre messes and accidents that it was always her job to clean up every day. Just last week, much to her great displeasure, she found that she had to suddenly deal with what felt like two tons of tapioca pudding that "mysteriously" appeared in the fourth hallway, covering the walls from head to toe. Five hours straight, ankle deep in gooey gelatin dessert, that had not been a fun day as she remembered none to fondly. However, of course, not even this was the worst of her troubles. Through all the cleaning, cooking, mopping, stewing, fixing, Frankie never had a second's rest from the constant orders, lectures and reprimands of one Mr. Herriman. Always criticizing her work, giving her five new chores when she just finished one, always needing her at the most inappropriate at times (how many times he burst into her room while she was dressing she stopped counting a while ago), all his stupid sayings and proverbs, etc. etc. Despite the fact that he was her beloved grandmother's imaginary friend, one day she would just like to grab the stuck-up rabbit by the ears, take a mop handle, and…

Whoa, geez! Let's not go overboard here! Just forget about it. Frankie thought to herself with another depressed sigh. She just had let it go. That was the way things were, that was the way they were going to be. She had to face the facts, suck it up, and take on her endless list of chores, alone, as she always did.

Well, not completely alone. As if on cue, the laundry room doors suddenly burst open. Frankie reacted quickly by shielding her eyes, as almost heavenly rays of light flooded the room and shined down upon the dejected twenty-two year old. As if sent by divine intervention to aid the girl in her hour of need, a small figure, gloriously bathed in light, slowly entered the room. After he few steps, he halted, turned to the aid-stricken caretaker, and proclaimed…

"Geez, Frankie, turn some lights on in here!" Mac said as he flipped on a couple nearby switches. "I know you don't like laundry duty, but c'mon! It's like you're working in a dungeon here!"

For one of the first times that day, Frankie could feel the beginnings of a small smile take form on her face as she watched the little eight-year-old deposit his mop and bucket nearby.

"I'm all done with the floors, Frankie. They're so clean you could probably serve dinner on them tonight!" he declared with a grin. The girl chuckled at his upbeat attitude and gave the boy an affectionate pat on the head.

"Oh Mac, I'll say it again, you're simply the best! Thank you soooo much! I swear, I would've gone crazy if I had to clean up every hallway floor after this. Then again, if it wasn't for you and Wilt too, they probably would've had to ship me off to the loony bin months ago. Now then, if only SOMEONE was as cooperative as you…" she said with a growl, shooting the still half-unloaded bed sheet a dirty look.

"Stuck sheet?" Mac asked, noticing the evil glare the girl was giving the laundry.

"Yeah." Frankie grumbled as Mac helped her up from her nest in the laundry pile. "I swear, I'll been wrestling with that thing for a good ten minutes now, and it still won't come out. Nuts to what the bunny says, from now on we're putting on smaller loads in the wash. Anyway, can you lend me a hand here?"

Mac nodded, grabbing on to it while Frankie held on from behind. "Okay, now on the count of three, we both pull. Got it? One…two…three! WHOA!"

Mac's extra help did just the trick for the stubborn sheet. With the pair's combined effort, it instantly came loose from the machine with one swift tug. However, once it was freed, Mac immediately let go, leaving Frankie to become caught up in the overwhelming momentum of their duel pull. With a squeal of dismay, the girl tumbled backwards, landing rather ungracefully into a pile of dirty laundry, which just happened to unfortunately consist mainly of socks and imaginary friend undergarments. Once Frankie sat up, a sweaty sock sat draped over one ear like a very peculiar earring, while a pair of underwear hung neatly from her ponytail. The very sight caused Mac to burst out laughing, earning him a very irritated look from Frankie.

"What? What's so fun-EEEWWWW! Oh, sick! Grossgrossgrossgrossgross…" Frankie screamed in disgust, frantically batting off the dirty clothing. Mac only laughed even harder at her utter dismay,while she shot hima very dirty look.

"Hey, stop it! Seriously, This isn't funny!" Frankie snapped as she wiped away one last tube sock. The boy quickly put a sudden halt to his laughter when she got up and stood over him menacingly, arms crossed and face distorted into an angry frown. For a few moments, Mac just stood frozen in fright, unsure of what to do next. Only after a moment of this stern treatment though, Frankie's frown suddenly flipped itself over into a devious grin.

"Now THIS is funny!" In a few lightning fast movements she grabbed Mac and playfully tackled him back onto the laundry pile. Immediately his laughter started up again full swing as Frankie tickled him furiously.

"Aha! Now I gotcha! Tickle tickle tickle!" she laughed, while Mac desperately tried to squirm his way out of her grip.

"Ack! Tee-hee! N-no! Hahaha! F-Frankie, cut it out! Ha ha!" he tried to plead through his incessant giggling.

"Cootchie cootchie coo!" Frankie just replied, redoubling her efforts.

"Heeheehee! Cutitout! Cutitout! Ha ha! B-backup! I need backup! Whoahaha!" Mac yelled.

"Backup? Now what are you-OOMPF!" Frankie grunted as a small blue blur darted into the laundry room, landing square on her back.

"You can't do that to my best friend!" Bloo yelled in a heroic manner as he held on to Frankie's sweater hood and rained down small blows with his little fists. "Now you must pay the price! Prepare for a world of hurt! Take this, evil caretaking fiend! And that! Yeah! Pedal to the medal! Bam! You got nothin'! Pow! I have the power! Take this, and that, and a little more-

While pinning Mac down with one hand, Frankie easily reached around her back, snagged Bloo by the arm, and plopped him unceremoniously besides his creator.

"EEK!" Bloo squealed as Frankie began give him the same Mac was getting. "I take it back! I take it back! Uncle! Uncle!"

"Ha ha! I'm invincible!" Frankie laughed triumphantly as she had both child and friend in her tickly grip. "You really that you could take me on in here, on my home turf?" she joked. "I can take both of you on anytime! No one can stand up to Frances Bridgett Foster in the laundry room!"

"What about us who are taller than you when standing?" Someone asked from behind. Frankie turned around to see an unusually lanky imaginary friend peeking in from the hallway, wearing a ridiculously happy smile plastered on his face.

"Stay away, Wilt! Just because you're twice my height doesn't mean I won't take you down too!" Frankie laughed, never ceasing her efforts on Bloo and Mac, who were both practically screaming with laughter at this point.

"Oh, we'll see about that!" Wilt chuckled, joining in on the fun with as he bounded in.

"You'll never take me aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!" Frankie squealed as Wilt grabbed her with his good arm, hoisting her up in the air and flipping her upside down. Frankie squeaked in dismay as she quickly reached down (or up in this case) to keep her denim skirt in place while she hung in her precarious position. However, while focusing on this she left her sides completely unguarded, which Bloo and Mac attacked with no mercy.

"She's all yours, guys! Go for it!" Wilt laughed.

"Unfair advantage, YES!" Bloo yelled triumphantly, tickling her ribs relentlessly.

"Ha! Who thinks this is funny now?" snickered Mac as Frankie wriggled helplessly in midair, laughing hysterically.

"AAA! Stoppit! Tee-hee-hee! No fair! No fair! Three on one advantage! Hahahaha! Stoppit, guys! Sto-"

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" someone suddenly yelled through the chaos. In an instant, Bloo and Mac put a halt to their assault on Frankie, while Wilt quickly but gently set her down. Quickly, the four stood at attention to the rather large rabbit that had just entered the room with a very dignified hop. Mr. Herriman eyed the four with a very stern glare, eyeing them like a drill sergeant would his troops.

"Miss Frances and Masters Mac, Wilt, and Blooraguard! I'm quite surprised at all of you! You all know full well that such roughhousing is strictly forbidden!" he reprimanded them vigorously. "And especially you, Miss. Frances! Such behavior from you especially is simply unacceptable! Being house staff, and of course being a house resident since you were but a child, you of all people should be fully aware of the house rules by now! I can't but imagine the atrocious model you're setting for Master Mac at this very instant! Well Miss Frances, what to you have to say yourself?" he demanded sternly.

Despite the harsh rebuking, the still-giddy Frankie was forced to bite down hard on her lip to keep from giggling throughout the entire lecture. Clasping her hands behind her back and blushing a bit, she acted more like a naughty child than the twenty-two year old culprit she actually was.

"Um, heehee…er…laundry's almost done, Mr. H." she managed to say rather sheepishly.

"The floors are all mopped too." Mac chuckled, wiping away the tears from his eyes.

Mr. Herriman continued to glare at them harshly before finally relenting. If there was one thing the stuck-up rabbit couldn't argue against, it was a job well done.

"Right then! I suppose I can't argue against that! But just you remember, I want no more of such fuss out of any of you. Agreed? Excellent! Carry on!" And with that he turned about and hopped briskly from the room, only to poke his head back in after a few moments

"Oh, and Miss Francis, please start preparing for dinner shortly! I'd like it served no later than in an hour, at six o'clock precisely." He reminded. Frankie, who had been hoping for some free time since the mopping was completed, naturally groaned unhappily at this.

However, she wasn't the only when to react unfavorably to this news. The instant he heard the time, all the pallor seemed to drain from Mac's face, as his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates in pure terror.

"It's 5 o'clock already? Oh no!" he gasped in horror. Immediately he began to make his way towards the doors.

"Geez, I'm sorry guys, I'd like to stay longer but I really gotta go!"

"Aw, c'mon man, it's only five! Can't you stay for dinner or something?" Bloo protested unhappily.

"No Bloo, I really gotta go! I, uh, I have, er, homework! Yeah, my teacher gave me a lot of homework tonight! I need to get home now so I can get it all done! Yeah!" Mac babbled as he anxiously backed away.

Frankie gave Mac a look of concern. "Shoot Mac, again? This is like the third time this week. What's up with your teacher lately? It's like overnight she transformed into the schoolwork Nazi or something. Is everything okay?"

"Oh, you know, she just want to keep us busy! Heh heh!" he laughed nervously, still anxiously backing towards the door. Frankie shrugged.

"Well, I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go. Thanks for your help Mac! You did a great job today!"

"Yeah, see ya tomorrow buddy!" yelled Bloo.

"Don't let that homework get the best of you! Good luck!" said Wilt encouragingly.

"See you guys!" Mac called back with a smile, waving vigorously as he left the room hurriedly, sprinting down the many flights of stairs at Fosters and out the front door. Once he exited the gated entrance however, the smile instantly vanished from his face as he slouched over unhappily. With a weary groan he turned to the right, walking oppositely away from his apartment and instead in the direction of downtown.

"Too much schoolwork to do…pfft! Yeah right." He grumbled miserably. "I wish."

"Gee Bloo, Mac was awfully lucky you and Wilt were nearby." Chuckled Frankie as she scooped the last of the laundry into one of the machines. "I swear, the kid was probably gonna die laughing if I didn't stop. Hee hee! Oh man, that was great!"

However, Bloo did not find the whole thing as funny as she did.

"Yeah Frankie, um about that whole "coincidence"…" he said nervously, choosing to look at the floor rather than face her.

"Wait, what?" she asked worriedly. This did not look good.

"You see, er, I was already kinda looking for you because…"

"Oh God, don't tell me…" Frankie said wearily, rubbing her temples.

"Do you remember the tapioca incident that uh..."someone" caused last week that you had to...uh...y'know..." he stammered

"Don't say it! Don't say it!" the panicked caretaker began to beg. "If you're going to say what I think you're going to say…"

"Um, ha ha, er, the funny thing is, um… I, wait, I mean, "he" showed up again, and…er…well, you managed to take care of the tapioca so well and… do you think you could to the same thing with vanilla pudding?"

"You…you…you…didn't…" she tried to get the words out, but couldn't as something caught her eye. Frankie's jaw dropped and her eyes bulged in absolute horror as she looked behind the small imaginary friend at the white, goopy mass that was beginning to slowly ooze past the laundry room and down the hallway. By the time she was able to comprehend what had happened, Bloo had long fled the laundry room and was racing as fast as he could to reach refuge in the farthest corners of the house. His breath coming in ragged gasps, the small light-blue friend had already raced up five flights of stairs before the entire house seemed to reverberate with the loudest shriek any Foster's resident had every heard.


Well, there you have it!The begining is only an introduction and pretty light-hearted, but this is going to get darker and more angsty as it progresses. Please read and review!