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His early mornin' attitude
You have to drag him out of bed
Only frosted flakes will do
He gets that from me
Yeah,he gets that from me

Mac shook her son awake for the fourth time in an hour. Finally, after receiving more than just a swat from his hand, she walked out of the room to let him get dressed. A few minutes later, he came down the stairs, dressed, but still sleepy. She smiled, and said, "Morning sleepy."

He groaned in response, as he poured himself a bowl of frosted flakes. She sipped her coffee, reading the newspaper, as he sat down beside her, eating his cereal, just like her. She glanced over at him, and he glanced back. "We're still going today, right?"

Mac reached over and ruffled his already messed up hair. "That's why I woke you up earlier. We'll go this morning, since you have baseball tonight."

He nodded, turning back to his cereal. She watched him for a moment, before turning back to her newspaper.

His curly hair and his knobby knees
The way the sun brings those freckles out
Talk and talk never miss a beat
Yeah,he gets that from me
He gets that from me

A few minutes later, he's in the front seat of the car, talking about the baseball team they're playing against that night. She watched him, as well as listened to him. She smiled, when suddenly, it was Harm there talking to her.

A knock on the window brought her out of her thoughts. She looked over at him, and watched him roll down his window for a man outside. "Would you like to buy some flowers?" the man said.

He looked over at her. "Mom? For Dad?" he asked, simply.

She nodded, not missing a beat, before handing him a bill. He received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and change. The light turned green in front of her, and she crossed the road. Silence filled the car, as she drove closer and closer to their destination.

He looks at me with those big brown eyes
He's got me in the palm of his hands
And I swear sometimes
It's just like you're here again
He smiles that little crooked smile
There's no denying he's your child
Without him I don't know what I'd do
He gets that from you
Oh, he gets that from you

She pulled into the parking lot, and shut the engine off. They both stepped out of the car, and began their walk through the many gravestones.

Three years. It had been three years since cancer took him. She stood back against the old willow tree, watching her son place the bouquet of flowers beside his father's gravestone. She watched him say a few words, before coming over to her side and switching places with her.

She approached the stone, her eyes welling up with tears. They dripped down her face, one-by-one. She bit her lip, as she read the words she had memorized. She took a deep breath. "He still looks just like you." She let out a small laugh. "I guess it happened the opposite way you planned – your looks and my brains. Probably for the best… He's taught himself to play the guitar. He's as good as you."

How he loves your old guitar
Yeah,he's taught himself to play
He melts my heart
Tells me he loves me every day
And cracks jokes at the perfect time
Makes me laugh when I want to cry
That boy is everything to me
He gets that from you
He gets that from you

"Harm…" she breathed, leaning down to run her hand down the stone. She drew back her hand suddenly. "I miss you. He misses you. I know how much you wanted to be here when he grows up… But it's just like you're here with me. I just… I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have him. He makes the jokes that you would make if you were here. He tells me he loves me everyday. Just like you…" she trailed off.

She got up from sitting on her ankles, and took another breath. "He told me yesterday that he was going to be in the Navy, just like you. He's going to learn to fly Tomcats, just like you. But he's all ready promised me not to take me up there, and scare me half to death." She let out another laugh. "He's our fly boy, Harm."

She took another breath, and slowly backed away from stone. Once she was far enough away, she turned around, and saw her son standing right there. She smiled through her tears, and pulled him close. He wrapped his arms around her, saying, "I love you mom."

Last night I heard him pray
Lord,help me and mama make it through
And tell daddy we'll be okay
He said he sure misses you
He sure misses you
He really misses you
He gets that from me