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Harper ran.

It had been six months since Harper had seen the inside Andromeda's corridors but he was wishing for them now. But, like most things lately, it was a fleeting wistful thought. He pulled his scarf tighter around his sore neck. Damn, he hated being outside in the cold and his brand new dataport felt like a lump of ice. He jogged on but risked slowing down to glance at the device gripped in his gloved hand, quickly rubbing frost off the screen. It was a nifty thing and something he grew to depend on more than his liking. It was a life signs detector and GPA all built in to one. It had a shorter range than he liked but Uncle Sam didn't allow him much spending credits so he relied on what he could scrape together. Crap, the little blinky lights were getting closer!

Seamus huffed out a cloud of frosted air and picked up the pace, slipping slightly on the ice as he rounded a corner between buildings. They had been on this planet for about 8 days now. Uncle Sam was running some sort of scam with the local authorities while Harper ran reconnaissance for him. Sam hated the snow and the ice on this planet, but declared that it was 'too good of an opportunity to pass up.' But then again, he always said that. Seamus, however, kind of liked it here. It reminded him of Earth a bit, well the snow and ice anyways. The people were nothing like on Earth. Weirdly enough, a lot of people here looked like Fena. Weirdly pale alabaster skin and punk rocked coloured hair.

He ran on.

He had been watching the rotation of the guards outside of the embassy building. He saw a break in their rotation and slipped in to get a closer look at one of the security doors. He had his life signs detector, LSD for short, with him. But he was looking at the lock and hadn't noticed the official walking up beside him. When a shadow blocked some of his light, both he and the other guy jumped with surprise. Apparently the man had been searching through a briefcase type thing and hadn't seen him time; he nearly ran in to him. The guy's mouth yammered up and down, but since Harper was still as deaf as a Windlebeast, he had no clue what was being said. It didn't take a giant leap to guess that reinforcements were most likely being called. He wished vainly and briefly for his hearing before hitting the icy street at a dead run.

And that's what brought him to his current situation. Running through alleyways on a strange planet being chased by armed goons. He stopped again to catch his breath and reference his LSD. He blinked in to the night sky as it started to snow again. Just great. Maybe Beka had been right about planets.

He rubbed his eyes and pushed Beka out of his mind. The new stuff Uncle Sam had him on gave him the attention span of a mouse, it left him feeling distracted… dazed. He had been taking stuff since he'd left the Andromeda. Sam said at first it was to chase away his depression. But he didn't care what it was for, only that it made him feel better. It helped with the ache that seemed to take up residence in his chest. Next, Uncle Sam had said he needed to get a dataport to 'help with operations'. He had needed the medicine for pain. The cheap-ass dataport did not like him and was doing its best to be rejected by his system. He just wanted to be oblivious.

He caught a blur out of the corner of his eye. Oh Gawd, determined bastards!

And he ran.

She watched them chase him… a grey blur against the new-fallen snow. She followed silently biding her time. She could hear his screams; they were the screams of someone who could not hear them himself. Garbled and alien, frightened and pained.

Her steps quickened.

They had him cornered, pressed against a wall that looked formed by hands not machine, clay bricks that glittered with frost. It would have almost been pretty, something from an ancient holiday card, figures silhouetted against the powder fresh snow… pretty except for the blood. The blood on his face and the blood she was about to spill. She charged her weapon and it whined against the cold with a low hum. Without blinking her eyes she pulled the trigger, killing the two men in uniform without batting an eye.

They fell in to the white, red spilling out of them leaving pools that melted the snow.

She stepped forward, her heart as cold as the air. Was it him? She needed to confirm it. They had been searching far longer then she would like and she was tired of the chase.

His knees buckled and he sank to the ground. He blinked at her fuzzily; his eyes dilated way beyond the norm. She expected no less. Ragged dirty blonde hair stuck out of his hood, which had fallen back and away from his face in his struggles.

By the time his eyes finally focused on her, she was sure it was him. She activated her communicator to pass on the news. She was bringing him home.

He gaped at her like a fish out of water, and emitted a low-pitched moan she was sure he wasn't aware of. He tried to scramble away but he was too shocked, dazed and stoned to put up much resistance. She grabbed the back of his jacket and pulled him along as he tried to find his feet.

All she wanted was a hot bath and an equally hot cup of coffee. She had other work to do. Other fish to fry, she had enough of this one.

His breath was coming in gasps. Beka! Beka had come for him. She wasn't dead! He didn't know whether to cry, embrace her or run in fear. Maybe it wasn't her… she was acting so weird. Even if she hated him, she would have at least talked, not that he could hear her, or she would have shot him like she did the guards. Gads, she shot them! He never saw Beka out and out kill someone like that before. Something was definitely wrong but his brain couldn't puzzle it outShe was Aliveshe was alive! It was unbelievable.

He had taken a couple of good shots to the chin that had left him spinning, and the new medicine Sam and given was wearing off…It was getting harder and harder to stay on his feet as his body started to ache.

He stumbled over a small ridge of snow and nearly lost his feet as she kept pulling him along not stopping for anything.

He let her drag him along, unsure of what else to do but when he saw a dark looming shape in the distance he dug his heels. Pure and simple panic overwhelmed him. He pulled back hissing and spitting in a desperate attempt for freedom. She couldn't make him go back, he wouldn't go. Beka paused then looking back with a scowl, as if her were nothing more than an annoying gnat. Unexpectantly and with the reflexes of cat she cuffed him upside the head, hard. He stumbled with pain and shock. Beka had hit him, Beka didn't hit. She swore, she threw things… sometimes should would horse around and slug him on the shoulder but she never hit …not for real. The shock of it all allowed his captor to pull him in side loading doors of the Eureka Maru.

Trance watched as the airlock door sealed itself. Finally closing off her two friends from the elements. They both looked horrible and the odds weren't in their favour. Trance knew the odds but decided to take her chances anyways. She had a way of sometimes swaying the odds in her favour more often then not. Harper had told her more then once that she could get lucky anytime she wanted. She knew he was just being his usual annoying self but in a way he wasn't wrong. So now she didn't rush forward to greet neither her lost friend nor her Captain but she waited tentatively bidding her time. Waiting for the right opportunity, the right moment…she needed to play her cards carefully.


He blinked at her eyes dilated and feral. Was it possible he still couldn't hear? She had hoped he would at least have partial hearing back. She doubted his hearing would ever return to what it was but it should have been at least a bit better. No wonder he was so frightened.

She studied him for a moment more. He winter clothes were dirty and patched. It looked like he had done the repairs himself. His face was gaunt and pale, and it was obvious some foreign substance coursed through his veins. He stood with his back against the wall, rubbing the side of his face and panting like a cornered animal.

Beka shook off her warm jacket and dropped it on the floor. She did a cursory glace at her two companions giving a nod to Trance. With no more ado she strode towards the command area.

Trance watched Harper's eyes track her. Time to make her move.

The young woman took a small step forward, her hands out in a placating manor. "She hasn't been the same since she woke up."

Seamus eyes flickered back to her. He was wary and trembling. He couldn't here her but Trance talked anyways. It seemed natural and Harper needed normal and it just felt like the right thing to do. "Ever since she woke up, she's been cut off. She is afraid to feel, to be hurt again. It's like she's broken." She took another smaller step towards him. "I know you don't understand at the moment but you both need to be fixed and this time I can't do it. You need to fix each other, it's the only way the greater good will get accomplished."

She was close now. His shaking increased but he did not duck away. Her hand reached forward barely touching his cheek where a nasty bruise was forming. She gazed sadly in to his fever bright blue eyes. "What has happened to my best friend? Are you still in there? We'll find you don't worry, its just going to be a little while longer then things will get better."

He left hand came up quick touching the side if his forehead. There was a loud electrical snap and he shrieked with panic and pain. Trance grabbed his shoulders pulling him forward in to a tight embrace. Holding him tight as he fought against his fears.

"Shhh its okay. It's just a tracking device so we can find you again. I'm sorry it hurt, but it was important."

After a few moments he seemed to settle down a little so slowly let him go, stepping back watching him. The panic was still rampant in his eyes but he seemed to have reclaimed some control over his body.

He backed away from her now, slowly inching towards the airlock.

She watched him not moving a muscle.

Quickly then his had struck out hitting the door release, and it hissed open. He paused meeting her eyes once more, as if he was searching for something he couldn't quit grasp. Not finding it he turned on his heels and ran out the door in to the snowy night.

She watched him go, wiping errant tears from her eyes. "Soon," she whispered. "Soon."