Title: I'm Just a Supergirl

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any copyrighted things I mention (applies to every chapter)

I'm super cool
Super hot
Livin like a rock star
You think I'm super
You think I'm super
On the cover of your magazine
Wherever i go they make a scene
I'm super super
I'm super-duper
So you wanna be just like
So you wanna be just like
Think you wanna be just like me
Everybody's watchin me
Never as easy as it seems
To be super super
To be super Supergirl

Chapter One: Haven't You Heard?

Loud 90's club music blasts out of the amplifiers as I grind up against some hot guy on the top of a long horizontal table.

And to think that I am getting paid for this?

In case you are wondering why I was dancing on-top of a table with a gorgeous stranger well, I'm kinda wondering that myself. Let's rewind the day.

Saved the life of some innocent civilian, said innocent civilian ended up being a club owner, and said club owner hired me to be a promoter at his nightclub.

Yup, that pretty much sums up my day. Well, actually in-between I told Diana, err.. Wonder Woman, I was going out to get Sushi.

I can't believe he fell for my fake ID.

I glance down at the plastic card. Yep, Krissa Woods is having one hell of a night. And to think I could have been stuck in the Kent house playing parcheesi with Superboy? Nope. Tonight is my night, and nothing, or no-one is going to stop me from having my fun.

Ok, take that back. I'm am sooo screwed. I watch as Wonder Woman, I mean Diana, pushes her way through the rowdy crowd. What am I gonna do? You see, I didn't exactly tell her that I was getting paid to be a club promoter, or that I have a fake ID and go by the alias of Krissa. Or that I know what a nightclub is in the first place.

"Ahem?" Diana gives me a stern look and I slowly jump off the table.

"Um...I didn't expect to see you here?" I laugh nervously. "That's funny, I was about to tell you the exact same thing." The expression on her face cause me to freeze up as I try to think of a grand excuse. Okay, I'm dry out of those. Forgot that, I need to cover my a--.

"You're not going to tell Clark, are you?" Her expression softens slightly.

"Who ever said anything about bringing Clark into this." I let out a sigh of relief as I follow Diana out of the nightclub.


We were relatively quite on the way home, but I could tell that she was still mad. And she has all the right to be. Going out to get Sushi and then disappearing for the rest of the day, to a nightclub more or less, isn't exactly the best choice of behavior.

But it's not like I have anything better to do. Don't be fooled by the "Paradise" part of Paradise Island. It's not some bustling little resort getaway off the shores of Greece. More like, Island that has been hidden from civilizations for hundreds of years. Which may explain why they sorta skipped out on the whole "Industrial Revolution" part of History. Yep, how is a girl to survive without MTV and Tivo?

I mean. I'm so bored. I actually read. I mean, not just teen angst books. I mean, really READ. Like, I read all of the Shakespearean novels. From the classic Romeo and Juliet to Othello, I've read them all. And the sad thing is, I am beginning to understand them, I don't even have to look at the little footnotes at the end of the page.

Maybe I should get a hobby. Well, besides secretly taking photos of celebrities.

Opening my star decorated scrapbook, I flip through the pages. Stopping when I hit the page entitled "Brad," I admire the photos I have taken of him recently in Venice, Italy.

"These are so good, I bet the tabloids would pay good money for them." I glance down at the photo and get an idea.

"Wait, the tabloids."

I fly "literally" off my bed and across the room to the dresser. Spewing clothes and such all over the floor, I locate my most recent issue of US weekly.

I try my best to hide my secret collection of "Celebrity Glossies". You see, Diana doesn't thing it's such a good idea to read them, and destroys all the Stars and such if I leave them lying around.

Violently flipping through the magazine, I come across the article describing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's romantic getaway to Cicely. Above the article a small photo of what seems to Brad Pitt applying sunblock onto Angelina's back, but the weird angle made it hard to tell. I glance down at a photo I had taken. It is similar to the photo is US weekly, but it's much more clearer, and at a better angle.

"I think I just found myself a hobby." I glance over at the business card on my night-table, for Jay's club. "Well, another hobby. Another well paying hobby."

Suddenly I hear a quite yet clear tapping on my bedroom door. "Kara, it's Diana, I would like to talk to you about tonight." I roll my eyes. Oh great. It's only 10:30, and I still have my weekly dose of chastising left.

Aren't I the luckiest girl in the world? "You can come in." I quickly shuffle all my magazines and pictures under a pillow and sit on it.

"Kara, even though I am not your mother, I try my best to raise you and mold you into a formidable young woman. And also to follow in the footsteps of earth's mightiest hero's."

She pauses and sits down on my bed. "Which is why am I a bit disappointed in your poor choice of actions tonight. But it's not like I expect you to be perfect. Your just a teenager, and are entitled to your freedoms. You may make mistakes, a lot of mistakes, but hopefully you will keep my words in mind and learn from them. Kara?" Someone's watching one too many episodes of Dr. Phil. Oh wait, that's not possible, Paradise Island had no TV. "Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, and will never do that again."

Ok, so I zoned out during her whole motherly speech, but hey, I'm a teenager, and am entitled to my freedoms and if I will choose to make bad choices, I will hopefully learn from my mistakes. Yeah, yeah, she gave me that same speech last week, when I accidentally snuck out at night and had a little rendezvous with some hot Greek guy locale I met at the market.

"So, I will be going now. I hope you will remember my words." I try my best not to roll my eyes. "Yeah, bye Diana."I quickly shut the door behind me with a sigh of relief. And to think I could have been watching the VMAs right now? Stupid non Paradise Island. I think it's about time I brought a generator over here.

I wonder if the watchtower has MTV? I look out my window and into the night sky. Hey, might as well go find out. Grabbing some lipstick off my dresser, I write a quick little note stating that I'm going to the watchtower, and fly off into the twilight.


I sink into the long black leather couch as I grab the remote off the nearby coffee table. Let's see here... HGTV, QVC, Home Shopping Network, Bravo, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3...

This is unbelievable! There's 3 ESPN channels. And the Watchtower apparently doesn't get MTV.

"Ohh boy, I'm definitely having fun..." I sarcastically joke to myself, but someone responds, "Really, what'cha doing?"

I turn around to see Courtney Whitmore, aka Stargirl, glaring at me. We've been hanging out a lot lately, talking about hero stuff and such. She's about my age, err, well I'm not sure about the whole frozen in space thing, but I have unofficially declared myself 15. Gives me time to suddenly throw a "Super" Sweet 16.

"Nothing. I'm just upset that the Watchtower doesn't get MTV." She nods sympathetically. "Yeah, I know, never figured out why. Guess it keeps the hero's from sitting around all day and watching The Hills." We both giggle.

"Want to go catch a movie? I mean, I'm just about ready to leave, and the night is still young,"Courtney asks me politely. "Well, I sort of told Diana that I was going to the Watchtower, err, more like left a note. I wouldn't want her to think I lied, you see, I've..."

Before I could tell Courtney about my wild night, the alarm breaks out, and the JLAer's come rushing into the halls. "Or you can get called on an urgent mission." Courtney raises her right eyebrow giving me a mischievous glare.


Ok, so me and Courtney bailed out on a mission and instead went to a Baskin Robbins on Sunset Boulevard, but, would you blame us? I mean, It's double scoops night!

"So she walked into the club and saw you dancing on a table with some guy. Woah. Did she flip?" As I twirled a strand of my strawberry blond hair with my finger, I respond, "No, she was pretty cool about it, considering the circumstances." Courtney leans in closer. "Well did you at least get the guy's digits?" I slide my cell across the table.

"Ok, let's see here. Superman, Superboy, Batman, Wonder Woman, Me, and on VIP, Hot Guy from club."


"Courtney, what are you doing?" Flicking my hand away she scoots over to the side. "Hello, this is Krissa, I met you at a club earlier this evening, I'm wondering if you want to meet for some coffee tomorrow afternoon?... Your name is Sal? Yeah, of course. 11 am. Would be great. Starbucks off Pacific Coast? I'll see you there."


"Courtney, you better not turn to the darkside, cause you're pure evil." She smiles. "No, I'm e-vol. It's love spelled backwards." Tossing the phone back to me, I slip the pink Raz-R into my pocket.

"So, anyway, his name is Sal, he works part time at a video store, and would like to meet you for coffee at 11 am tomorrow." My eyes grow wide. "You arranged a date?" She shoots me this 'duh' look.

" You know how hard it is to find a cute guy? I mean, I couldn't even find a date to the junior prom. Me?"

"Gee, I wonder why... But what happens if like, something happens? And I'm needed. I mean, I would be soo screwed." Courtney clasps my hand. "Don't worry, it's just for coffee. I mean, what do you expect to happen? A crisis of infinite proportions that will forever change the views of the modern universe? If anybody asks, I'll just say you have the runs. "

Huh? "The runs?" Courtney sighs. "Urgh, I don't know, you have your period. I'll think of something."

She may be eccentric at times, but this is one of those moments when Courtney has a point.

"Well, he was a terrific dancer."


"Beep, beep..." "CRASH"

Just an average Monday morning. I smash one of my battery powered alarm clocks, promise myself 5-60 more minutes, and pull the 100-count Egyptian cotton sheets over my head.

Wait, it's not an average Monday morning, I have that date with um...what's his name? Sal? Yeah, Sal. Of course, I can always bail. Especially since the whole date idea was Courtney's. The last idea of hers I followed through with resulted me in being purple for a week. It's something I rather not reminisce on.

But then again, I wouldn't want to pass out on a good opportunity. Not that the Maid of Might would have a problem picking up cute guys.

Ok, I am a total wimp. I mean, I can't even flirt with a boy, let alone talk to one.

And about over confidant me last night? Let's just say I sipped one to many and leave it at that. And if Diana, Bruce, or Clark ever find out, they will see to it that I will be exiled to the darkest corner of the universe.

But there's always an upside, then maybe I will finally get some peace, quiet, and well deserved privacy.

Leaning onto my marble vanity, I glare deeply into my baby blue eyes. I'm going to tell Sal that I am flattered but not interested. What harm can come from that?


I can't believe I am going through with this. Standing outside of the Starbucks, I contemplate on what I'm going to say to him. Ok, I'm sorry if I lead you on last night, but I wasn't myself...NO.

I know, I have a crazy stalking ex boyfriend. Simple, harsh, but gets the job done.

Ok, no coffee, just cut to the chase. Reviewing this mantra over and over again in my head like a broken record, I wasn't necessarily aware of my surroundings. Which may explain why I didn't see the truant officer heading my way.

"Excuse me miss, but I will need to see an I.D." Looking up, I give him a confused expression.

"Oh, no, I'm not a student, I'm 21." Scrambling through my pockets, I try to find the fake I.D. I used last night. "Um, I left it in my other pair of jeans?" I can tell he heard that one all to many times before. "Nice try young lady, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you down to the station and call your parents."

Now I'm in for it. "My...my parents?"

What parents? Diana? No, she wouldn't be too happy that I went behind her back after the little talk we had last night.

Clark? No, he can't know about any of this.

Which leaves only one person left. "Um, yeah, I live with my uncle. Uncle Bruce."


" So Krissa, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Hehe... "Um, I wont be going out during the day without my fake ID again?"

Bruce shakes his head. "I hate to say this, but Clark was right." Great, he had to be brought into this.

"Huh? Why does Clark have anything to do with this? And what was he so right about?" Bruce gets up from his seat. "After you established yourself as Supergirl, Clark wanted you to have the most normal life as possible. He wanted to enroll you in High School."

What so terrible about that? "High School? Like the place the characters from the O.C. hang out? Cool." Bruce shakes his head once again. "Well he was thinking more along the lines of Smallville High, but I can see that small town life wouldn't necessarily suit you. Diana wanted to send you to Elias School for Girls, the same boarding school Cassie, Wondergirl, attends. But I have my own plans for you.."

Bruce and plans, for some reason those two always go hand and hand.

"Look, Bruce, I don't want to be home schooled, or sent to some European prep school, I just want to survive past my teens years in one piece." In his eyes I see some signs of sympathy. "Which is why I took the honor of enrolling you in LA's coveted Paradise High, considered to be one of the most happiest high schools in the country."

Insert eye roll. "By happy do you mean they require it's students to be on anti depressants, or the entire class body is "special." My sarcasm passes Bruce, un-fazed. "Actually, more like violence free." I try not to laugh. "Which is exactly why they would want Supergirl, who punches the lights out of goons daily, to be one of their alumni?"

Bruce's emotionless faces turns even more cold. "I know about your partying." I instantly rip off my Tiffany & Co charm bracelet and throw it across the room, incinerating it with my heat vision before it could touch the ground.

"Why does everyone assume I tag jewelry? And just to let you know, I found out through Clark. He followed you."


"Clark? Following me? I mean, I would expect something like that from you, and hey, I wouldn't be surprised if Diana followed me, but Clark? He said he would give me space. He promised." Storming out of the room, I slam the door shut, and I hear the shattering of glass in the distance.



"After Bruce said that Clark followed me, I stormed out of his mansion and decided I needed to reboot with some serious shopping. Courtesy of Bruce's Am-Ex of course. " I talk into my Raz-R, with Courtney on the other line.

"So, where'd you hit? Melrose? Rodeo Drive?" She asks curiously. "No, that place in Italy Teen Vogue always talks about. Um, you know, it's up North..."

A few seconds pass and Courtney's voices gasps in a moment of epiphany. "Wait, I'm stuck here covering our ass' after last night's mission/Baskin Robbin's incident, while you get to go on some shopping bonanza in Milan?" That's the name. "Yeah, Milan, that's where I'm at. Anyway , it was your idea to bail on the mission." "So! I still want to go!" Her voice whines.

"Courtney, stop whining, just use the teleport thing and warp your ass over here." There's a slight pause as she thinks it over. "But what if someone notices? I mean, I don't want to totally destroy my less than stellar track record."

I guess she needs some convincing. "What! A hot Italian guy is waving at me, I guess I should go..."

"Hey! Where's the hot guy?" Courtney pops out from behind, startling me. "Ah!" Dropping my phone, I amuse myself a Courtney looks around for the guy I made up. "Gawd, Am I that predictable?" I nod. "Yeah, pretty much."

"What about the JSA?" She shrugs. "I don't think they would notice me missing for a few minutes. Besides, Atom Smasher and Powergirl are in the middle of a hot poker tournament." Now that's weird..."Powergirl plays poker?" Courtney leans against a tree. "Yeah, and wins everytime. She's pretty competitive. I still have nightmares from the last time we played Monopoly."

"Ok... So anyway, instead of skipping missions for ice cream, how about an Italian gelato?" I eye an Ice-Cream stand. "Sounds like a terrific idea." Courtney agrees as she waves at an actual hot Italian guy.

"Hey!" He's cute... "Stop complaining, you got the hot club guy, I get the hot Italian guy."

That reminds me... "Oh my god! The club guy! I was supposed to meet him, but I got picked up by a truant officer." Courtney clicks her tongue. "Ooh, I told you, if you are going to play hooky, try to in the beginning of the month. They are a bit more lenient with the fines then." I don't want to know why she knows that. "Um, Courtney, I don't go to school. Well, Bruce enrolled me in some LA Academy, but it sounds like a total bust."

"Ooh, is it like the OC?" I take the gelato the cashier hands me. "No, I haven't even been to it yet, It starts next week."

"But I was hoping you could come to the Ciara concert with me next Monday." Hm? "Where did you get Rihanna tickets?"

"Um, It definitely did not involve me threatening anyone with my Star Rod."

Hehe, Courtney. "Good enough explanation for me."

We finish our gelatos while Courtney somehow manages to flirt her way onto an Italian dude's phone list. Afterwards we decided to do some serious shopping, something no-girl can get tired of.

I wonder how many swipes it takes to max out a Black Am-Ex?

Let's find out.

You know, I'm starting to enjoy fighting with loved ones more than villains. Especially if it leads you Gucci jean.