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Chapter 1

The young girl slowly woke up, the rhythmic beeping and a clean smell guiding her. Soon she was able to tell something was weighing down her hand and stomach. It was only when she could open her eyes did she find it was a blond boy, asleep with his head on her belly.

She smiled as a memory of his face flashed through her mind. "Don't worry. I'm here for you," she whispered as she ran the fingers of her free hand through his unruly hair and along the contours of his face. She thought he was pretty cute. She tried to shift position to return blood flow to her legs, but the soreness in her back and his mumbled complaints stopped her.

"Uh, sir, excuse me," she said softly, shaking his shoulder until he was partly awake. "Can you help me out? I can't feel my legs anymore."

The blonde boy was immediately awake as he held his head and wailed loudly. "I'm so sorry. It's all my fault, and now you'll never walk again."

She took his hand and patted it gently. "No, it's ok. My legs just fell asleep."

"Really?" he asked, smiling at her.

She smiled back. "You're weird, but I like you."

"Uh, thanks," he said slowly.

"So, you've been here the entire time?"

"Yeah, except for private moments. Your parents are coming back later, too."

"Can you tell me something?" she nervously asked.

"Sure," he said cautiously.

"What's my name?"

The blonde sighed sadly. "You're mom was afraid you'd have amnesia. Your name is Kim Possible, but I usually call you KP. And I'm Ron Stoppable."

Kim sounded out their names, trying to get used to them. "Have we been dating long?" she asked timidly.

Ron looked at her in bewilderment. "We haven't dated. We've been best friends for twelve years."

She nodded slowly. "Oh. Ok." Before they could say anything else, her stomach rumbled loudly, causing her to blush.

The boy jumped up. "It's fine. I'll get you something to eat and call your folks." He pulled a pink object from a pocket and set it on her lap. "Rufus'll keep you company."

Kim gave it a tentative poke as Ron left. She squealed in surprise when it looked up at her. "Kim," it happily squeaked.

"Um, hi," she said. "Rufus, right?"

"Uh-huh, uh-huh," he nodded vigorously.

"I have amnesia."

"S'ok, s'ok," he said, patting her hand.

Ron came back in with a tray of scrambled eggs, toast, and orange juice. "Here you go, KP. Your mom will be her as soon as she can.

Kim ate quietly as her companion told her all about her family, their friendship, the missions, and random bits of other information. All the while, she smiled happily at him. "Wow. That sounds so exciting. But I don't think I could do the scary stuff like jumping from planes and dodging lasers."

He grinned. "You did all that while saving me, too."

She blushed, though she wasn't quite sure why. The girl was saved from thinking about it when there was a quick knock on her door that was soon followed by the entrance of an attractive, redheaded woman in a lab coat. Kim smiled. "Hi. I'm Kim Possible. He's Ron Stoppable, but he's not my boyfriend. And this is his naked mole rat, Rufus."

The woman covered her mouth to keep from laughing, confusing the young girl. "I'm sorry, Kimmie. You said the same thing when your father and I picked you up from preschool, and you first introduced us to Ronald."

"You're my mom?" she asked, uncertain.

"I am, dear," she answered, taking a flashlight from her pocket. "Now, let's take a look."

Kim grabbed Ron's hand as her mother checked both her eyes, then the bandages on her head. "Am I going to be ok?" the girl asked.

The woman sat at the foot of the bed. "Everything looks good. It'll take you time to regain your memory. Familiar surroundings should help. Can you remember anything before today?"

She closed her eyes. "I kinda remember explosions. Something landing on me. That's all. I'm sorry."

"It'll all come back in time," she said, patting her daughter's leg. She noticed how her daughter shied away from her towards her friend. "Well, I'll go sign the release forms, and we'll get you home."

Meeting the rest of her family had gone well. Her dad was funny and sweet; he reminded her of Ron. She felt bad not being able to tell her brother's apart. She tried to pay attention while they explained their latest invention, but everything just went over her head. Ron was always by her side, so she was able to relax in the confusing situation.

Eventually, she got sleepy and Ron helped her to her room. She gave him a hug and settled into her bed as he left. She waited patiently for him to get back before she went to sleep. It wasn't until she heard him saying his goodbyes and the front door close that she realized he wasn't coming back. Pacing nervously, she happened to see his shirt hanging out of the hamper from when they had cleaned up before dinner. Grabbing it, she ran back to hide under her covers, clutching the shirt to her chest. The familiar scent soothed her, and she quickly fell asleep.

Ron was woken by the ringing of his phone. "Hello?" he answered groggily.

"Ronald. Kim is hysterical. She needs you back here," Mrs. Dr. Possible replied. If the worried tone in her voice hadn't woken him, the screeching in the background would have.

"I'm on my way," he assured her as he started changing.

The boy ran as fast as he could, fear gripping his heart. As he approached the house, he could hear someone screaming something. It wasn't until he got inside that he could make out the words. What he could piece together was that she had needed him, and he wasn't there. He found Kim's parents trying to soothe his friend in her room, but the looks of fear and concern told him how little progress was made.

Rounding the bed, he saw the redhead curled up in the corner, trembling as she clutched his shirt. He slowly approached her. "Hey, KP," he said softly. "I'm here now."

She looked up at the sound of his voice, her eyes wide in fear and tears streaming done her face. "Ron?"

He gave her a little grin. "Yeah, Kim. Sorry I wasn't here when you needed me."

Surprising everyone, Kim launched herself at the blonde, knocking him onto the bed. The redhead tightly wrapped her arms and legs around him, sobbing into his chest. "There were explosions, and everything was falling. A lady was throwing green light. And then it was dark, and I called and called. And I didn't know what to do, and I couldn't find you."

Ron put his arms around his trembling friend, stroking her hair. "It's ok," he whispered soothingly. "I'm here now, and everything is fine." He saw her parents step just outside the room to give them some privacy. He continued to assure her softly until her tears subsided, and she released herself from him. Kim was almost asleep when he caught Mrs. Possible's glance. "I'm gonna go talk to your parents real quick, then I'll be back."

"You promise?" she asked, worried.

"I'll even stay in the doorway," he assured her.

"Please and thank you," she said sleepily.

"Is she gonna be ok?" he asked Kim's parents.

Mrs. Dr. Possible smiled sadly. "As long as you're around. We already spoke with your parents, and they agree it's best if you sleep over here for a while. Kim seems to have fixated on you keeping her safe."

"But why?" he asked confused. "She's the brave one. I count on her to keep me safe."

"Ronald, do you remember when Kim tried out for the cheerleading squad?" Mr. Possible asked.

"Sure, she practiced for weeks and was amazing."

Mr. Possible nodded. "What she never told you was how afraid she was that she wasn't good enough. Every time she thought she might quit, she thought about your faith and encouragement. She wanted to deserve that faith, so she kept practicing. She doesn't realize it anymore, but she still works hard to feel like she deserves your friendship."

"But she's been ok all day. A bit child-like at times maybe."

"Only when you are nearby, honey," Mrs. Dr. Possible said. "Every time she's uncertain, she looks to you. She touches you for reassurance, to remind herself that you are there. She trusts you with her life, and that's not easy to forget."

"But she doesn't remember anything. Shouldn't she trust you, too?"

Mr. Possible sighed. "Her love for us is based on her memories of us as her parents and just is. She gave you her love by choice. When you got her out of the rubble, her heart knew you. And in her heart is a man she would do anything for because he has always done no less."

Ron was awed. "Is that how she thinks of me?"

Mrs. Possible smiled. "Kimmie doesn't have the experiences to hide her feelings anymore, so we can see it in her face every time she looks at you. When she was little, she would rant about the nice things you would do. She thought you were too good a friend to her, but she'd forget all about it when you were together."

"Why don't you get some rest. We'll call the school to excuse you both for tomorrow. Take Kim around town; she might remember something," Mr. Possible said.

Ron nodded as he made his way to the large chair in the room. He had just gotten comfortable when Mrs. Dr. Possible plugged in a small nightlight. "I don't need a nightlight anymore, Mrs. Dr. P.," he said self-consciously.

She spread a blanket over him and kissed his head. "It's so Kimmie can see you if she wakes up."

The blonde chuckled sheepishly and closed his eyes.

Ron stretched as he looked around sleepily. When his gaze fell upon the redhead lying prone on her bed, staring at him, he remembered the events of the night before. He grinned at her. "Morning, KP. How you feeling?"

"I'm sorry, Ron," she said softly. "You told me how brave I am, but I can't seem to be that person."

The blonde moved to the bed and gave her a hug. "Don't worry, Kim. You'll get your memory back, and everything will be fine again."

Kim smiled at him. She jumped when she heard a musical tone behind her. Ron picked up a blue device from her nightstand. "What's the sitch, Wade?" he answered.

"Hey, Ron. I got your message to Global Justice. Dr. Director put you guys on inactive status and offered her assistance." Kim looked at the screen curiously to see the pudgy young boy. When he made eye contact with her, she smiled nervously and gave a little wave. "Hi, Kim. I'm Wade. I run your website and make stuff for your missions."

"Thank you," she said shyly.

"Give Dr. Director my thanks, but we'll try to do it slowly," Ron said.

"Alright, man. Later," Wade replied, signing off.

Ron went downstairs to cook something for Kim while she got changed. While the young girl enjoyed the meal, the blonde told her about the places they would be visiting after a quick stop at his house.

She asked him questions about herself as she held his arm during the walk. She was amazed at all the little things he knew about her, but she was very happy about it. When they got to his house, Ron let her look around the living room while he went to get something. When he returned, he presented a wooden box about the size of her hand. "It's something I got while I was in Japan as an exchange student. It was going to be for your birthday, but I think now is a better time."

The redhead lightly caressed the box, tracing the prints carved into it. On the lid was a portrait of a beautiful young woman with green eyes and a white flower in her read hair. Various symbols were on the sides with a monkey silhouette in the center of each panel. "It's beautiful. Who is the woman?"

He grinned. "That's you with a lotus blossom. The real gift is inside."

Kim smiled giddily. Lifting the lid, she pulled a pendant on a long chain out. Examining it, she saw it was a pewter monkey in a sitting position with its hands crossed over the chest. Ron reached over and pressed the head down. This caused the hands to swivel out with an orb in its hands as if presenting it. The orb was clear except for another red orb inside it. "It's beautiful."

Ron smiled. "It's called Monkey Master's Heart, for a Japanese legend. The red orb is a drop of my blood. Now, you can always have a part of me with you."

"It's great," she gushed, giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. He blushed and collected himself while she put the necklace on and slipped it under her shirt. "Now you'll always be by my heart," she joked, grinning at him.

The blonde laughed as he slung his backpack over his should and they left to start their walk down memory lane.

The two teens walked around town to the major locations in their past. On the way, Ron would point out places they had done this or that. She had been able to recall a few flashes of memory from this. When they got to a school, Ron told her this was where they met in pre-K. Kim surprised him by remembering that meeting.

She was crying because some boys were calling her names and telling her she was ugly. Ron had come over to get them to stop picking on her. After saying she was pretty, he launched into a speech on the importance of the beauty within. When they attacked him, she started kicking and biting them. "You were so smart and brave, even back then," she sighed.

"Well, I saw a princess in distress," Ron laughed. "You even gave me a kiss while we were in the principal's office."

She blushed while he continued to tell her about some of the things they had done there. For lunch, they went to Bueno Nacho. She thought it felt familiar, and she tried the naco since Ron told her she'd never eaten one. When they got back to her house, the young boy pulled out one of his photo albums. She curled up on the couch with him, resting her head on the side of his shoulder.

For hours, she laughed as he told her the story behind each picture. He tried to skim over the stories that put her in a less than favorable light, but she wanted to hear everything. She felt bad about those times, but Ron would cheer her up with another story.

"Ron?" she interrupted quietly. "Did I love you?"

"Sure, KP. We've been friends a long time."

"But I mean more than that. I feel like I care for you more than just as a friend."

"Well, I mean, you never said anything before," he said nervously. "You were crushing on another guy."

"Did I ever go out with him?"

"A few times," he admitted.

"Well, it must not have been working out or he'd be my boyfriend. So, you can be my boyfriend," she smiled encouragingly.

"I don't know, Kim," he said hesitantly.

"Please," she pouted.

"All right," Ron relented. "When you get your memory back, we'll see."

Kim beamed at him and dove into the photo albums.