Contest Dreams: Episode 6 - Lost in the Woods! Cooperation is the Key

It was late in the afternoon and the sky was blue as usual. Multiple trees were everywhere hiding the sun behind all the leaves and branches. May and Drew have been trying to escape all those trees but couldn't.

"We're lost," May groaned and slowly sat down on the ground, "And its all you're fault!"

"My fault?" Drew said taking out the big map.

"I thought you knew this whole place?" May said while folding her arms.

"And I though you were smart," Drew smirked, "But I guess we were both wrong."

May glared at Drew completely with her blue eyes and snatched the map from his hands.

Drew just kept smirking, "What a fool."

"What did you say?" May started crumpling the map's sides with her two hands.

Drew laughed a little, "I said you're so smart and everything."

"That's what I thought," May scowled, "Come on, I know where to go."

"Really? Where smart one?" Drew said sarcastically and continued smirking.

"You know, that place we were suppose to be," May then stopped, knowing that she forgot where they were supposed to go.

"You mean Brownbridge Town?" Drew informed and shook his head.

"Whatever," May said in a low, annoyed voice.

"Come on," Drew took May's hand and the both walked back into the woods, hoping to leave.


Night was approaching but May and Drew still haven't found an exit to the gigantic woods. They seemed to take a lot of turns and argued on which direction to go.

"We're never going to get out of here," May moaned and leaned against a tree. Drew just kept quiet. He then examined the map thoroughly.

"You sure you aren't reading the map upside down or something?" May continued and grabbed the map quickly out of Drew's hands, almost giving him a paper cut.

"Maybe," Drew said sarcastically, "And maybe I can't read and have no clue what I'm doing here."

"Shut up," May growled, pushing the map to Drew, "You think you're so special."

Drew only smirked and then flicked his green hair. He placed the map back into his pocket and then began walking towards the woods again, "If you think that's me, well then you need to look at yourself."

He continued walking into the trees until May couldn't see him anymore. May just stood there frozen with a clueless expression on her face.

"Fine be like that, Drew," she yelled, "I don't need you."

With an angry face, May turned and walked away in another direction. Drew turned back and found May was gone. He shook his head and walked in May's direction, hoping he wouldn't lose her.


"I don't need him to help me," May angrily said to herself while walking. It was night and everything was dark and possible to see clearly. It scared May a little but she tried to keep herself together. She has been trying to be determined, brave, and confident like Ash since she got on the S.S. Splash. Only this time, she felt a bunch of mixed feelings. She didn't know why she was really here in the first place. Only about entering contests. But she had a strange feeling about coming here for another reason. Yet she couldn't wonder why. She sighed deeply and sat on the cold ground.

"This is hopeless," May said with tears slowly coming down her face, "I'll never get out of her."

"What's all this "I" business," Drew said as her came out from behind a couple of trees. My looked up at him and turned her head away.

"What do you want?" she asked angrily and wiped the tears out. Drew rolled his eyes and felt as if he was with a little girl.

"Come on May," Drew said in an annoyed voice, "You keep wasting time."

"Then why don't you just go," May screamed.

"Fine," Drew said in a serious voice, "I don't see the point of being with you anyways."

Drew turned and began to walk away.

"What's wrong with you?" May cried, and stood up.

Drew did not look back at her nor said anything. He wanted to say something but then decided not to. He just kept walking, leaving May behind. May stood there, glaring at him until he left. She walked another direction, deciding to go alone on the journey.


It became late at night. May was walking alone. Still haven't found a way out, May seemed as if whether there's no escape or just going in circles. She stopped and looked up, seeing the silver stars lighting up the night blue sky. May then felt completely different. Feeling like this wasn't her. Someone who would scream at someone like Drew. Even though he had annoyed the hell out of her. She turned back to see nothing but trees. A small breeze came, softly moving her hair. Suddenly a white light came out of May's bag with Skitty appearing.

"Nya!" cried the little pink kitten.

"Skitty, what are you doing out of your Pokeball?" May asked. Skitty then chased it's tail around and around once it spotted it. It kept spinning until it got exhausted and just collapsed itslef on the ground. May laughed a little and bent down to pick it up. But before she could even set hands on the kitten, it jumped up and ran deep into the woods.

"Skitty, come back!" May cried and ran after it. Skitty pretended not to hear her and continued running past a lot of trees. May ran as fast as she could and kept her eyes on Skitty so she wouldn't lose it.

"Skitty," May began to rise her voice, "Stop running!"

May suddenly became tired and eventually crashed on to something. Falling on ground, May felt so exhausted.

"Can you get off of me," said a voice in which was familiar to May. May opened her eyes and saw, that she crashed on Drew.

"Sorry," May said and got up. Drew also got up and cleaned himself up.

"So let me guess, you got scared or something?" Drew teased.

"No," May folded her arms and glared at Drew as usual. Drew smirked and looked down at Skitty who was staring at him while wagging his tail.

"You sure have an energetic Skitty," Drew turned to May. May looked at him confused and then looked down at Skitty who then started running around in circles. May and Drew laughed, entertained when Skitty collapsed again.

"You're finally laughing for once," May said.

"I guess," Drew shrugged but kept smiling. He then took out the map and gave it to May, "Maybe... if we work together, we may actually get out of here and be on our way."

"I guess you're right," May agreed and took the map. She tried studing the map to help but then gave up eventually, "You sure Violet didn't give us a messed up map?"

"Maybe she did," Drew replied, "Or maybe you're just not thinking right."

"What!" May cried, "For your information, Drew, I am thinking right."

Drew placed a hand on his head, "Whatever you say, May."

May seemed a bit annoyed but decided not to fight with him since she wasn't in the mood. Skitty looked at both of them while wagging it's pink tail.

"Nya Nya," it said. Drew then noticed it was getting very late and they had to rest.

"I think we should rest and get out tomorrow," Drew suggested.

"Well I am a bit tired," May confessed and made a yawn.

"Well you're so lazy, I wouldn't see how you would be tired," Drew teased.

"Ha ha, very funny Drew," May sneered.

Both of them including Skitty looked up at the night sky with a couple of stars left and the white, clear moon giving the night a shine.


Morning landed, making everything more visible and clearer. Skitty woke up slowly, turning side to side to look for May but didn't see her. Skitty then turned behind and saw May leaning on Drew. Both of them were still asleep with the map still on Drew hand.

"Nya!" it screamed, trying to wake them up. May slowly opened her eyes, finding out she was leaning on him. She quickly got off of him, with a frightened and embarrassed face. Drew woke up and then looked at the map still on his hands.

"What happened?" Drew asked, still a bit tired but got up.

"We're still in the woods," May sighed and laid on the ground. Drew looked weirdly at May but then laid attention back to the map. After a few seconds, he returned the map back into his pocket.

"I think maybe we should go that way and keep going straight and we'll probably get out faster I think," Drew said.

"Well then let's go," May cried cheerfully and got up from the ground quickly.

She grabbed Drew's arm and both of them ran. Skitty looked confused but then ran right behind them. Hopefully with both of their cooperation, they'll finally leave the woods and get to Brownbridge Town.


It became noon. The sky was a bright blue with very few clouds. A group of Swablus and Altarias flew by. There was no wind which didn't let them go off track. The day seemed beautiful so far. May and Drew still were trying to get out and it seemed to be working since less and less trees appeared.

"I think we're close to getting out of here," May said happily. Drew looked around and saw more trees from afar.

"I doubt that," he said, disappointed.

"What makes you say that?" May asked, confused.

"All I see is more and more trees everywhere," Drew took out a small compass and glanced at it. It just spinned around and around.

"Uh I think we're stuck," Drew announced.

"What!" May cried, "What do you mean we're stuck?"

Before Drew could even say a word, a crumpling sound came from a bunch of bushes near a couple of trees. May became scared and hid behind Drew for protection.

"Great. First we're lost in a gigantic, endless woods and now I'm going to die!" May cried and hugged Drew hard enough to kill him.

"GET OFF OF ME!" he yelled and tried getting her arms off of his neck but it only made things worst. From the bushes, a Houndour appeared with an angry face. May then saw it and released her arms off of Drew. He fell down on the ground and tried to catch his breath.

"A Houndour?" May looked at the angry Houndour and then looked down at Drew who was still catching his breath.

"And yet again, she tries to kill me," he whispered and sighed.

"Rawr," growled the Houndour. Then a bunch of barks and growls echoed throughout the woods.

It frightened May a lot and scared Drew a little bit.

"Something tells me that the Houndour has friends," Drew said nervously. May gulped and hoped Drew was wrong. Out from behind the bushes and trees, a bunch of Houndours and Houndooms came out with angry expressions. They all surrounded May and Drew leaving them with no exit.

"What do we do now?" May said, startled. Drew just stood there frozen in fear. May looked at him and thought that it would be the end of her life. Drew then snapped out of his fear and took out one of his Pokeballs.

"Masquerain, use Silver Wind on the Houndours," Drew tossed the Pokeball in the air and a flying blue bug came out. It flapped its wings releasing a silvery wind that blew away some of the Houndours, making a path for them to escape.

"Come on," Drew shouted, grabbing May's hand and both of them ran along with Masquerain, away from the dangerous dogs. Right now, the only trouble on May and Drew's minds were to escape from everything. The woods and the Houndours and Houndooms.

"So where are we actually going?" May protested as she ran.

"I don't really know," Drew confessed. He seemed so concerned about getting himself and May out. Eventually, less trees came until they saw no more trees. May and Drew were shocked to see they really exited the big woods. They seemed happy to see land instead of trees.

"Oh my god. We're actually out of the woods!" May happily said and hugged Drew. Drew smiled but also felt as if she was going to kill her again.

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't plan to kill people with your hugging," Drew took May's hands off. But then the group of Houndooms and Houndours appeared behind them. They barked at the two coordinators. May became startled again even though she tried to be brave. Drew stood in front of her.

"Why don't you mess with other people or Pokémon?" Drew screamed.

"Masquerain," said Masquerain, mad like Drew.

"If you want to fight, then you caught us on bad timing," Drew said, "Masquerain, use Poison Sting."

"Masquerain," it said and released a bunch of skinny little needles hitting a lot of the Houndours and Houndooms.

"Houndoom," growled one of the Houndooms and blasted a flamethrower at them.

"Use Water Gun," Drew ordered. Masquerain shot out water, burning out the attack and hitting all of the dogs, knocking them out.

"Yay!" May cried cheerfully.

Drew flicked his hair and smirked, "That the true art of battling."

"Right...," May sneered. She then looked at the view from the cliff they were standing.

"Well, isn't that Brownbridge Town?" Drew pointed to the town that had a lot of buildings.

"And I can see the Contest Hall," May happily said, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

She grabbed Drew's arm and they ran, down to Brownbridge.

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