A/N: no, i do not get satisfaction from bagging on Sarah, but she was cruel. and this may be a cruel poem, but it has a basis for comparison. Jareth only threatened ot be cruel, she took it to the level of reality.


Chapter VII:

Outside, looking in

I watch the crystal in your hands

I see you offer her

Something she's doomed to understand…

Naïve, she's yet unsure…

I see the look on your proud face

When she refused to give

You satisfaction of a trace

That fears within her live.

I watch the hands of your clock tick

Through hour space and time

Aware, yet falling for the trick

Of their illusive chime…

I see your love in every glance

In her direction thrown

But all too soon she breaks the dance;

The bubbles' overgrown.

I see the pain tear through your soul

As she defeats, destroys…

As you of this world loose control,

She puts away her toys…

I watch you fade into the sky

That you had offered her,

She sees you go, she sees you die…

She nods – no more unsure.


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