by Coley Merrin

Rated: K

Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura

Disclaimer: Not mine, not even the plushes.

Note: This was one of my first excursions into Naruto... It seems I can't make it out of a fandom without writing at least one fic about cute little creations. Pure fluff.

A new trend sweeping the village was the "Ninja doll" phenomenon. Every child under the age of fifteen had one. Some even older. They were soft and fluffy, everything a real ninja was not, with attachable kunai and... Needless to say, they were extremely customizable and it was a sure sign of infinite status to create a doll which looked supremely cool, or was your twin. She-who-made-the-best-boy-doll won the heart of her boy... That's what the toy maker wanted you to think in any case.

Sakura had slaved lovingly over her doll. Oh, it wasn't for Sasuke. She hadn't believed any of that nonsense about putting her soul into the doll for him to fall for. Her best fantasy of him receiving the doll was tossing it aside, and casually walking on it as he left. That was not the image she wanted burned in her memory of the dolls. It was best they be a harmless bit of fun, and nothing more.

That didn't keep her from thinking about it and wishing, of course. And the day she gave up on it entirely was the day her doll, with flowing pink hair and perfect replica dress went missing. No amount of serious squinting at people could reveal who might have taken her... the Sakura who was the cuter of the two of them, at least in her estimation, from the sanctity of her bedroom.

She was drawn to the group of laughing genin after training. It was the dropping point for anonymous doll gifts, not that she'd been there. But if someone had accidentally left her doll there, she had to check. They let her pass through the small crowd when they saw her as if she were a passing princess, and closed in behind her. Somehow that made her nervous. Then she saw what had made them laugh.

"Sakura's attacking Sasuke!" Naruto chortled from one side of the group.

And it was true... Her missing doll was laying directly on top of a doll someone had made of Sasuke. They were kissing in a way that only dolls could, and her cheeks were flaming as if it were really her and not the doll. She tuned out their chatter as she snatched up the dolls to tear them apart. It was a good plan, except it didn't work. The dolls were stuck together at the face, and her initial tug did nothing but flop her likeness closer to the Sasuke doll. It was then she realized it was silent around her. Please, she entreated the dolls in her hands, let that not mean what I think it does.


Oh no. Was it possible to whimper silently? Because she just had, and Sasuke was standing at her elbow looking at the kissing dolls in her hands as she stared at him completely disassociated from the moment.

"Sas...Sasuke-kun! I just found this! Someone was playing a joke!" Oh, life was over. He probably thought she had done it. She had most certainly not sewn her own doll onto another Sasuke. If she had that presence of mind she would have gone for the real thing. Cloth was a poor substitute. A fireball would turn the little duo into a pile of ashes in seconds. That would most certainly be the end. She fruitlessly tugged at the little dolls, not able to take her eyes away from Sasuke's solemn face.

He relieved her of the plushes, and pulled them apart in a simple pull that made her attempts look like puffs of breath. He placed one doll back in her hand with a nod in her direction, and turned back through the little group. She raced through them as well, falling back against a building far out of sight to revel in her near miss. She smiled down at her doll, to find her face oddly frozen. She paused a moment, for her mind to catch up, realizing that Sasuke had not given her exactly what she had thought. She held a small, miniature version of Sasuke, complete with glare and optional Sharingan eyes. And he... had Sakura.