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Summary: Sakura has finally decided to go out with Naruto! Will she learn to appreciate him before it's too late? Hinata transforms into Sakura, could Naruto be tricked? Why is Sakura crying on Sasuke's shoulders? Yikes, don't miss! Finally a Saku x Naru

-Be Strong For You-

By Durian

4 Broken Heart

Hinata was very happy that Sasuke had come back and she skipped happily home with a great smile. When she was inside her room, she hugged onto her brown teddy bear with joy. Originally Naruto had won this teddy bear in a fair and gave it to Sakura. However, the ungrateful pink haired girl just chucked it to the ground and walked off. Hinata had picked it up and taken care of it ever since. While she was hugging the bear a calculative idea came into her mind.

Over the years Hinata had grown her hair long because she once heard Naruto saying that he liked longhaired girls. It took her many years to grow it because her hair grew ever so slowly. Hinata browsed aroundin the nightbefore walking towards Naruto's house. She was uncertain if she should continue her plan. If it backfires on her, it may be the end of their friendship. She walked around in circles outside of his apartment before taking up the courage to knock.

Within a second she had transformed herself disguised as Sakura, her heart skipped a beat as soon as the door opened. A pink-faced Naruto came out who appeared to be quite drunk. He saw a blurry image of a girl in pink hair and assumed it was Sakura straight away. He had tried to subside his headache with some vodka but it did little help. Naruto hugged onto the image that he thought was Sakura and feared if he let her go she'd leave him.

He kissed the imposer hungrily and brought her closer to his bedroom. Hinata felt really nervous but she kept it cleverly hidden behind her mask, it was also her first kiss from the man she always dreamed to be with. She was enjoying the way Naruto was ravaging yet arousing her body at the same time. The blonde boy was now situated on top of Hinata on his bed with a few pieces of clothing missing. Hinata was only wearing her bra and underwear before everything stopped. Naruto's whiskers flared and he was now standing away from his bed.

"You're not Sakura, get out of my room!" He demanded and added, "You don't smell nor kiss like her."

"What are you talking about? I am Sakura," cried Hinata, 'why did he have to notice?'

"Sakura would never act like you. You're cheap and disgusting, please get out of my sight," announced Naruto.

Naruto's instincts were correct and in an instant Hinata had transformed back into herself. Keeping up the transformation had taken so much of her energy that she fainted and escaped Naruto's questioning. The half drunk blonde boy was both disturbed and flabbergasted that Hinata had developed sickfeelings for him. He was relieved that the two of them didn't continue what they were doing. He felt disgusted by Hinata's actions and he didn't want to see her in his home.

He dressed Hinata back up and took her to Kiba's apartment, which was very close by. The Hyuga mansion was too far away to walk and carrying Hinata all that way would exhaust his already tired state. When he was outside of his home he did not realise his phone was ringing non-stop. After a few knock a sleepy headed Kiba came out to meet Naruto. He took Hinata in and Naruto trusted him to take good care of her. Naruto could not have guessed that he could be wrong…

Kiba had recently moved out and there was only one bedroom in his small apartment. He didn't know where to place Hinata so he decided to lend her his bed for the night. His room was dark because he didn't have any hands to switch on the light and as soon as he placed her gently on his bed, she stirred. Kiba as well as Naruto were big men who needed more space so both had a double bed. Hinata clung onto Kiba and pulled him down to the bed with her.

Kiba didn't know what to do, he never imagined Hinata to show any affection to him. He watched her as a teammate and over the years he had fallen in love with her dearly. He had always fantasised about kissing and touching her and now was his chance. Hinata felt lively and filled with passion beneath him, his wonton lustre made him want to take her and forget about the consequences. He couldn't keep his mind straight anymore and decided to let his body take control…


Sakura didn't have the appetite to eat anything and all she could do was stare at the crumpled rose on her dressing table. She didn't want to call Ino because she had her own problems, furthermore she may be the one to comfort Ino in the end. Sakura tried to sleep early but only ended up tossing and turning in her small bed. Too many thoughts were attacking her confused mind. She questioned herself if she still liked Sasuke and the answer was a dead no. She couldn't sleep because the one she loved was Naruto and she could not stand losing him.

Finally she decided to take up the courage to call him and apologise. She searched for his number and went downstairs to pick up her cordless phone. She sat on the sofa for a while and stared at the phone in her hand as if it was some senile object. A silly thought of the phone ringing came across her mind but she knew it wouldn't. She became really nervous and wondered what she should say to him. What if he didn't want to talk to her? What if he wasn't home, maybe he went outside to cool off?

At last, after an hour or so she decided to press the talk button, closed her eyes and took a deep breath before dialling the numbers. The phone rang for a long time until the answering machine picked up with Naruto's cheery voice asking the person to leave a message. Sakura couldn't believe he was not home at 1 a.m. in the morning so she rang the phone for a couple of more times. Perhaps he's asleep. Finally she left Naruto a message telling him that she was sorry and hoped that he would forgive her.

The next morning Hinata woke up with a headache and felt different because she was naked. She also realised there was a warm body to her right side. She turned her head rightwards to reveal Kiba also lying naked next to her. Hinata slapped herself and hoped that this was all a nightmare and when she woke up it would be Naruto and not Kiba. However, all her hopes began to fade as reality hit her and she was in fact sleeping next to Kiba. She wanted to put her clothing back on desperately before Kiba wakes up to find her naked.

Unfortunately, just as she got off the bed the motion was enough to wake Kiba. Frightened white eyes turned cold and filled with anger as they stare accusingly at the man who stole her innocence. Confused, yet gentle brown eyes gazed apologetically back to the girl of his dreams. He knew he had crossed the line and this may cost him their friendship. Nevertheless, his body had wanted her for all these years that he had lost any sense of rationality.

"I'm sorry," said Kiba softly.

Hinata ignored him and continued to put her clothing back on; she didn't want to be exposed for another minute in front of Kiba. His face, his body and all of his entire features disgusted her and she couldn't believe what he had done. Perhaps she deserved this nightmare because she also planned something like this. Who knows how Naruto would look at her now, possibly the same way she was looking at Kiba now. Cheap, dirty and repulsive and any signs of friendship had all disappeared.

The timid raven-haired girl did not say or even look twice at Kiba. He deserved the silent treatment and he should be guilty for what he had done. Hinata ran out of his apartment quickly, while Kiba dashed for his pants to chase after Hinata. He knew the sight of him disgusted her but he wanted to make sure that she was ok. What if she decided to suicide over this? He could not stand losing her and he thought it was time that he confessed his love for her.

As Hinata came out of Kiba's apartment building she saw Sakura from a distance. If she could not have Naruto than neither could Sakura. A sick idea came into her mind as Kiba ran out to stand next to her. 'You shouldn't have messed with me Naruto, I'm going to make your little pink-haired girlfriend pay for everything you've done to me…' Thought Hinata. She faced Kiba and smiled for the very first time, that smile soon turned into a smirk.

"I will forgive you if you turn into Naruto now," said Hinata.

Kiba didn't understand her words but he did what he was told to do. He'd do anything for the goddess in front of her, even if she told him to jump off a bridge. He was glad that she would forgive him and transforming into Naruto was an easy task. Kiba's hair was now blonde, his chest was exposed and the only thing he wore was his PJ pant. Hinata kissed Kiba on the lips as soon as Sakura arrived and hugged onto his naked chest.

"You were so good in bed last night," said Hinata in a husky voice.

"Really?" asked Kiba before he was cut off with another kiss.

Sakura's heart stopped beating and she could not believe what she was seeing and hearing. SO! Was that why he couldn't pick up the phone? He was too busy sleeping with Hinata. She knew there were something between those two and now she was proven correctly. She couldn't stand there like a dummy anymore so she ran off with tears in her eyes. When Sakura had her back towards them, Hinata pushed Kiba off her quickly. Hinata enjoyed seeing Sakura in pain and it suppressed a little of her pain. But that wasn't enough; she wanted Sakura to go through what she went through and an idea popped into her mind. She giggled a threatening evil laugh.

Sakura continued running blindly off into the distance before she bumped into the man she dejected. The man she thought she could love, the man who stole her first kiss, the man who left her and made her cry for many years. Sasuke saw the tears flooding the pink haired girl's beautiful jade pools. He couldn't help but feel remorse and pain to see the sadness in her eyes. He must have been close to this girl for a time because his heart cried with her. Sasuke's arms felt like they had a life of it's own as he hugged onto her. He lent her his shoulder to cry on….

To Be Continued…

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