Ravenscar Medical Complex

Jack was still asleep in his hospital room, quit as the grave. The nurse on call yawned in dizziness, the cool of the air conditioner and the sound of the beeping heart monitor were too soothing. She looked in pity upon the patient, he was brought in a month ago, none knew how the man survived the beating he got; they managed to heal his body. But his head was lost; he was likely to spend his life in a vegetated state.

She put her head to a side and shut her eyes.

The windows of the private room opened on their own and a gentle, frail figure entered. The Angel floated in the air and landed next to the bed of the slumbering Jack, she mercifully brushed his head and whispered something in his ear, then retreated and left through the window that closed behind her.

The beeping started to change, then Jack's hand started moving, this all brought the nurse full awake. She rushed out looking for some doctor; the patient was coming out if it.

Jack's eyes opened, he could barely see from all the time he didn't use his eyes, but he starred at the window and whispered, "Gabriel?"


Three months later.

John bid farewell to Jack, who was walking around his shop with the help of a Cain and making preparations to reopen his store in a few days.

As he walked through the streets heading home, he felt a presence descending behind him, he spun around to see two white wings attached to a young man of twenty; a dear friend of his.

"Hello John." Said the Angel.
"Hello Chas."

Chas hadn't gone to hell, not at all. He'd become an Angel of heaven. He'd appeared to John following the events from a few months back.

"How are things in heaven"
"It's a little Awkward since Gabriel got reinstated. And it's weird coping with the new rules, and that fact that there are no more half breeds, and Angels and Demons can move between their realms and earth as they please. How about you?"

"Still standing. I assume you have something to tell me"
"Make journey to New York"
"A mission"
"Yes, meet a man by the name Rupert Giles and embark on a mission from god"
"Strange thing; working for god while I know I belong in Hell."

Chas backed away into the shadows and started floating upwards, "Make good choices, John Constantine. Perhaps we will meet in the Kingdom of lights after all."

Yes, there will be a sequel; it'll be a crossover of sorts.