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Chapter 1: Reunion

"Hey, Meg! What did you bring today?" asked by the most outstanding student of DDS.

It has been two years since Class Q graduated from the school. Everyone was already on their way even before graduation.

Kyu was the first one to have landed a job – especially with the recommendations he got from Dan Sensei himself. He got recruited in the police force and was currently the top detective of the district. Of course, his mom still nags him from time to time about getting into college and pursuing a much 'safer' course.

Today, Kyu still resembled the young lad he was from before. He still wore his navy blue jacket and pants – he said it gave him the luck he needed when he's out on missions. He was still childish and naïve even though he already grew a head taller from their pink-haired colleague.

Kyu pasted a childish grin on his face as he waited for Meg to answer. He was feeling rather excited today because the now infamous Class Q are going on a vacation after their graduation two years ago.

"Um… me? Of course… I brought my dresses… food… some girly things and..." Meg was already counting using her fingers, but being the girl she was, she suddenly snapped at Kyu saying that whatever she brought with her was none of his business.

Take it for the most inquisitive boy in the neighbourhood to even pry on personal stuffs.

Meg was wearing a light blue dress paired with a big brown hat that covered most of her face. Her hair was no longer in pigtails but was now flowing beautifully against her back. She currently studies at Tokyo University and was pursuing a degree in medicine.

As the duo waited for their other friends, the two immersed themselves in a simple chit-chat – a recount of the tales from their time as Class Q students.

Their attention was diverted when they heard a honking sound from behind.

"Look, that car's the one I saw on TV the other night. Damn, that thing costs a lot of fortune!"

Kyu was now looking at the direction of the sparkling Silver Volvo car that parked right in front of their eyes.

"Would you stop gawking at the car already Kyu? You look like an idiot."

Kazuma Narusawa poked his head out of the window and was now laughing hard at the dumbstruck face of Kyu and a slightly irritated face of Meg.

Apparently, just a week ago, the Game Master was able to sold off his newest software to some businessmen in the US, allowing him to earn a fortune that could buy at least ten Volvo cars in hard cash. Still, he was the same kid as before, yep, nothing changed at all except his height and his hat which was now coloured blue.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, I had to do a lot of packing. And I had to pick up a certain martial arts expert down the road." Kazuma grunted while pointing to the other person inside the car.

"Hey you kid! Watch it or I'll let you fly around the whole world!" the martial arts expert replied as he focused his eyes on the two persons in front of him. "Hey Kyu! Hey Meg! Wow you look great for a girl Meg!"

"Shut up Kinta! Or do you want to be crushed like a small ant!" The pink haired girl said angrily, pointing her index finger at kinta's face.

"Hey hey… calm down Meg" Kinta said laughing.

Kinta was still obnoxious as ever, going from one part time job to another. He says the bills kept on piling up and his money won't be enough if he won't work for himself. He still doesn't want to ask money from his dad.

Typical Kinta.

Stepping down from his car, Kazuma slowly revealed himself. As soon as his foot reached the ground, the man behind him suddenly pushed him out of the way which caused the poor kid to fall on the floor with a loud thud.

"I'll kill you Kinta! How dare you bump me, after saving you from your mean boss!" The computer geek shouted.

"I can't help it Kazuma. A monster is right after my life!"

"What did you say you pervert I swear I'll kill you!"

Meg was now running around the campus chasing after Kinta.

"Hey Kinta! You better hide or she'll really kick your butt" Kyu shouted.

"Kyu, Kinta, I'll kill you!"

Meg was now running after the both of them and she went so fast, that she didn't notice someone in front of her.

"Aw!" The girl landed right on her butt against the ground.

"Are you ok Meg?" a blue haired boy asked.

"Yes, I am" Meg answered shyly, not removing her eyes on the boy.

"You better be careful."

"Thanks, Ryu!"

Ryu lifted a hand and held it out to Meg. She then reached out her hand to Ryu and got up from the ground.

"Thank you" she said.

"You're welcome"

Ryu was wearing a blue shirt, and his usual pants. He was wearing sunglasses and was wearing a pair of leather sandals. After he graduated from DDS, Ryu went abroad for almost a year and a half. He studied there and helped in various cases which garnered him a reputation just like Kyu.

Meg was now walking towards her fellow classmates; her face was as bright as a tomato.

"Hey! Nice one Meg!" Kyu teased

No response was heard from the pink-haired girl. Instead she just went to a nearby bench and sat there, gazing far at the sky above.

'I can't believe Ryu actually looked so handsome there. My heart can't stop pounding, it's as if I was hypnotized by his words, am I…' Meg unconsciously moved her head to the side and stared hardly at the boy of her thoughts. She watched Ryu move towards her other classmates while waving at them.

"Hey Ryu! When did you arrived I didn't see you coming!" Kyu lazily said while plastering a small grin on his face.

"Well, you we're so busy running, so… I guess that answers your question."

"Yeah it sure did!"

"What's with Meg?" questioned Kazuma

"I don't know she became like that after Ryu helped her up" Kinta butted in.

Meg felt the boys staring at her, panicking; she just shot them a smile.

'I better stop dozing off or it'll get me into trouble. But I can't help thinking about Ryu, Oh Kami sama! Please help me with my problem.'

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