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Chapter 4: Feelings

"Meg you can stay…"

Ryu's voice made Meg felt happiness in her heart.

"Thanks, Ryu… your kind..."

"But…" Ryu's voice changed a bit.

"But what?"

"I need to take care of you…"

Ryu moved away a bit, and hid his blushing face away from Meg.

"But… you don't have to…" Meg protested.

The air of superiority from the Amakusa was surrounding Meg, his strict personality will make you feel like you are trapped in a box.

"If you don't want to be taken cared of, I'll have to take you back home, and guard you 24/7 until you get better. And I mean it. Forget about the case, Kyu can take good care of it. His abilities are still beyond imagination." Ryu's stern voice made Meg comply to his request, or his rules.

"Alright, you can do anything, I'll agree of you taking care of me, but please don't send me back okay?"

"It's a deal."

"And Ryu, It's not a home, I only have a house." Meg's voice sounded sad, as she remembered her tragic situation.

Curiosity filled Ryu's mind, he wanted to ask Meg his question, but couldn't find the right words.

"Why…" Ryu started.

"Why is it not a home? Simple, it's because…" tears were forming in her eyes.


"Because whenever I am there, I always felt alone."

Meg's tears started to fall down from her face, and she leaned her head on her hand. She started crying hard. Ryu felt panicked, and he quickly positioned himself to hug her very tight. He slowly stroke Meg's back, and he softly spoke her name.

"You know, ever since I was born, both of my parents, my mom and dad… were always away, they always went out in the early morning when I'm still sleeping, and be back when I am already fast asleep."

The pinked-haired detective slowly wiped away her tears with her hands. She stopped crying and continued the conversation as her eyes darted outside the window as she spotted a family, happily playing around the grassy fields.

"That was the scenario until my sister graduated from college. One night, I saw her packing all her stuff on her bags, after a while, all I remembered was being left alone as she went to the airport to work in America."

"It seems that you are alone since then." Ryu butted in.

"You know Ryu, you are right; I was and always was alone."

She forced a smile to form up on her face.

"How did you….. How did you know that you felt alone?" Ryu asked curiously.



"It's because when I felt the feeling of being alone for the first time…" She paused for a few seconds and decided to look at the ceiling."That's the time that I felt no one loves me, there's no one to comfort me, and there's no one to share my happiness or sadness with."

"Guess… you are right there…" Ryu said softly.

"But that's in the past, because now, I don't feel alone anymore, you know why?"

Ryu shook his head. "No, I don't know, tell me." 'I wish I could share your pain.'

"Because now, I have friends who are always there for me."

She flashed her beautiful and radiant smile.

"Well, I am glad you didn't felt alone with your friends, with us, I believe that is the reason why you didn't want to go home, am I correct?"

"Yes, that's right… your right Mr. Detective."

"So that means, I have to take care of you, since you are incapable of taking care of your own self."

"Well, yes… I will agree to that. But…"

"No buts or else you will go straight back home." Ryu commanded.

"Oh… all right." Meg felt her eyes were going to be popping out since she was so scared by Ryu's replies. It seems, the mysterious boy really is scary but caring at the same time. It made her feel so special deep inside.

'Why, why is he so nice to me? We are not that close at all, yet… Why does he care? Why does he care so much, why…? Why can't I figure it out! But then again, if keeps on doing this… if he keeps on insisting he'll take care of me, I think I might spill the truth behind all lies… That Megumi Minami is madly and deeply in love with Ryu Amakusa, and that she needs him badly. BUT! If I ran away now… and get away from him... Maybe I can still keep my secret, and not be a burden to him…'

Meg moved away from Ryu's hug, and makes herself sit on the opposite couch.

'Oh yeah… there's a station after 15 minutes, that'll be great… I better… start packing.'

Meg looked around the cabin, she wanted to look for her bag. After she spotted it, she stood up, and prepared herself to leave. Before she could take two steps, a hand gripped hers tightly.

"And where do you think your going… Ms. Minami?" Said by the owner of the hand.

"Ah… um… toilet?" 'Great… now what…'

"All right I'll go with you."

Ryu said as he stood up, never releasing her hand.

"No… NO NO Need!" Meg pleaded.

"Why is that?" Ryu raised an eyebrow.

"Because… because… I'll be out for so long."

"Look, if you are trying to escape from me, you better think twice."

"I am not going to escape from you."

"Then why are you going to the toilet if there's no toilet in this whole train? Huh... Meg?"

"Ok, you caught me."

Meg sat back at her place again and noticed that a warm hand touched her forehead.

"You're not yet fine; it's still two hours before we arrive at the place."

"You're never going to make me sleep again.."

'I am so nuts letting Ryu caught me like that; he really is a very good detective… why didn't I think before I acted!'

After some minutes, Ryu sat back onto his original place. Everything went well, perfect, and peaceful. Even a kid who has a frightened heart would feel at ease in this place.

"Ah Meg… Can I ask you a question?" Ryu suddenly spoke.

"Sure, what is it?"

"When did you get sick?"

"Um… Actually…"

"…" Ryu kept silent while listening intently to Meg's replies.

"Actually, it was yesterday, I really had a hard time taking care of myself, but I managed it somehow…"

"Oh, how did you do it?"

"I used my energy of course!"


"But, I am afraid I slept the whole night without even eating."

"You must be hungry."

"You bet I am, but not that much, really. Although I feel very weak from skipping two meals."


Ryu opened his bag and took out a food container; he opened it and gave Meg a rice ball.

"Here, take it."

"No Ryu, that's yours."

"Now, don't be like that, I still have plenty of food left."

"All right, if you eat with me, I'll eat the rice ball."

"All right then."


Meg took the rice ball and they both ate their food with silence, but at the same time she felt contented at their silence and growing feelings towards each other.

After they ate in silence, Meg finally stretched out her whole body, thinking that it felt really good to have her tummy full.

Meg soon felt that she was in paradise with Ryu. 'Forget all the things ahead, forget the fever that is haunting me down, for right now, Ryu is right here by my side, taking care of me'.

Ryu suddenly felt the need to smile. The relaxed and happy form of Meg was making him feel so relieved.

"Ryu, can I ask you something." Meg asked suddenly, thinking that it was now or never. She had to get this chance of knowing what he felt for her.


"Why are you taking care of me?"

Ryu felt silence fill him, he did not know what to do. His mind was going wild. 'Should I tell her that I love her? But this is all the chance I got. I'll just have to sort things out after. After all, two years is a really long time, being scared right now is not going to be useful especially since I've come this far.'

"Meg." Ryu slowly moved her head towards her. Soon, his lips reached her forehead. He kissed her with all the feelings that he had, thinking that it was enough for her to know that he cares and love her much.

Meg felt like she was stricken by a lightning bolt. Her body was feeling light. Ryu sure kissed good, for Meg suddenly started to smile and reached out to touch his hands.

"Hmmm, if I knew this would happen, I should have gotten sick two years ago." Meg felt the need to smile and kissed the cheek of Ryu, who was now blushing madly from the contact.

'Somehow being sick was not really so bad at all.'

They continued in silence while Meg laid her head onto Ryu's shoulder.

The train now moved on to the last stop. Meg and Ryu soon met with the others while still holding each other's hand.

"What's gotten into you two?" Kyu asked inquisitively.

"Did we miss something along the way?" Kinta followed immediately.

"Well, let's just say that sitting at the back of the train wasn't so bad at all." Meg said who was now grinning widely while thinking about everything that was ahead with Ryu by her side.


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