I'll Always Remember You

By Duck Goddess

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Chapter Eighteen – Epilogue

Ginny sat with Harry, Luna and Bill in the car. She inwardly cursed Luna and Bill for being there. If they weren't, she could be having a decent snogging session right now. He looked so cute in his suit with his messy black hair all over the place. She stifled a giggle.

"Some wedding, eh?" Harry said, trying to make small talk. Ginny grinned. It was the most…eventful wedding she had attended.

"Yeah," Luna agreed, "Hermione's going to kill Ronald for not kissing her. They haven't been married for an hour and they're already going to fight."

"They've always fought like on old married couple," Ginny said, smirking. She leaned her head on Harry's shoulder and she felt him kiss the top of her head. She sighed happily. Harry always had that effect on her. She was still in love with him even if he was keeping a secret from her. Bill was watching them with narrowed eyes.

They arrived at the hotel and spotted Ron and Hermione in front of them. They were bickering quietly and Ginny, Harry, Luna and Bill laughed. They walked inside and found the room.

"Mummy, why has that man got scars all over his face?" Ginny heard a little girl ask as they walked past. She looked at Bill to see if he heard. Apparently, he hadn't.

They walked into the room, expecting all the food, tables and chairs to be there. The furniture was there except the food wasn't. Ginny frowned.

"Where's the food?" she asked one of the hotel staff.

"The caterers haven't arrived yet," he replied before walking off.

"Shit," Ginny swore under her breath. She looked at Harry who had heard.

"What are we going to do?" she asked worriedly, "Hermione will freak out!"

"Erm, you go distract her while and I'll call Anna," Harry said, instantly taking charge.

"How are you going to call Anna?" Ginny asked interestedly.

"It's called a mobile," Harry replied quickly. Seeing her confused face, he started to tell her how a mobile phone worked.

"Okay, I'll go to them," Ginny said and she hurried off.

She walked over to Ron and Hermione to find that they were glaring daggers at each other. Oh God, Ron, what did you do?

"Hey!" Ginny said, "Do you know if everyone's here yet?"

"The Hogwarts professors should be arriving soon with the friends and my Muggle relatives," Hermione replied briskly, still shooting Ron evil looks.

"Okay, well, you need to tell me when everyone's here so that we can start the meals," Ginny said dutifully as she was the maid-of-honour, "Where's Luna?" She looked around the enormous room and saw that she was talking to Mrs. Weasley.

Ginny turned back to Ron and Hermione to find that they had started arguing again.

"You know, you guys are meant to be happy," she said dryly to her brother and sister-in-law, "Normal people would be kissing and smiling, not trying to kill each other."

"We were never normal," Ron said.

"Yeah, being friends with Harry Potter," Hermione commented. Her hair didn't look as neat anymore; some stray curls were falling out and framing her face.

"Hey, I'm his girlfriend," Ginny reminded them, "That reminds me – I have to go talk to him. See you guys later!" She hugged both of them and went over to the best man.

"Anna's at the wrong hotel!" Harry whispered, looking quickly at Hermione. "And she's on the other side of London! It'll take her half an hour to get here!"

"Don't worry," Ginny said, "We'll just start the dancing and speeches. Speaking of speeches, have you got yours ready?"

"Yes, Mum," Harry said, rolling his eyes but smiling all the same.

"Just checking," Ginny said, grinning and kissing him quickly.

"You have no idea how much I wanted to do that today," he murmured, wrapping his arms around her waist, "You look beautiful."

"All my brothers are staring at us. Including Ron," Ginny said, giggling. It was true. They all had strange looks on their faces like they couldn't decide between separating them and letting the happy couple continue.

"Let them stare," Harry said carelessly.

"Well, as much as I'd like to kiss you, everyone's arrived. We have to tell them that the caterers haven't arrived and we have to start the speeches," Ginny said, reluctantly pulling away from him.

"Who'll tell them?" Harry asked. They looked at each other. Neither of them wanted to face Hermione's wrath.

"Can you?" Harry pleaded with puppy eyes. Ginny sighed. She would be the brave one.

"God damn his puppy eyes," she muttered as she walked behind the…mickelphone, was it?

"Hi," Ginny started, smiling nervously as everyone stared at her from their tables, "Um, well, we've encountered a small problem. It seems like the caterers went to the wrong hotel and they'll be here in half an hour."

Hermione laughed. Ginny stared at her wordlessly.

"Wait, you're joking, right?" Hermione asked, looking around. It seemed like Ron and Hermione had called a truce because he had an arm around her.

"Sadly, I'm not. So, um, we're going to start the speeches now. Well, I'm first!" Ginny said quickly. She laughed nervously. "As you know, I'm Ron's little sister and one of Hermione's best girl mates.

I know Ron the most out of all my siblings. And he has the thickest skull out of all of them. During the summer, he never stopped talking about Hermione and when I tried to convince him that he fancied her (A/N: my one-shot Some Sisterly Advice), he didn't believe me.

Hermione acted the same was as Ron did except she actually knew that she was in love with him. After a lot of trouble and hexing, Harry and I finally got the couple together. And I hope for their future children's sakes that they stop trying to kill each other!" The couple's family and friends clapped and Harry stood behind the microphone.

"Well, Ron, Hermione and I are best friends. We have been for nine years. But I always knew that there was more of a connection between Ron and Hermione. I soon found out that it was because they were in love with each other.

Neither of them told me about their feelings for each other. But I found out anyways. It was extremely obvious and even their ex-boyfriends and girlfriends admitted it. The whole school knew. But somehow, being the oblivious gits that they are, they didn't find out themselves until our last year. By then, their feelings had evolved from attraction to fancying to love," Harry said, smiling at his best friends. Ginny felt a sense of de ja vu as Harry said those words. Didn't she say that to herself a year ago about him?

"Anyways," Harry continued, "I have witnessed their…heated bickering. Despite the fact that they can not talk to each other for months, their love is eternal. I hope this brings them out of the recent fight they just had. To Ron and Hermione!"

Everyone raised their glasses and drank. Ron and Hermione kissed happily. Harry's speech obviously reminded them of their love. Ginny smiled blissfully. She looked across the room and she locked eyes with emerald green ones. He grinned at her. She grinned back.

Then, the music started and Ron led Hermione to the dance floor. Mrs. Weasley started sobbing as she and Mrs. Granger hugged. Ginny inwardly laughed.

"It's a custom for the best man to dance with the maid of honour," a very familiar voice said.

Ginny looked up and smiled softly.

"It's a yes, by the way," she replied, taking Harry's hand.

"Your brothers are staring at me again," he said quietly, looking at them over the top of her head.

"Screw 'em," Ginny said, leaning her head on his shoulder, "They're going to be dancing with their wives anyways so they'll be distracted."

"How do you feel about being married?" Harry asked suddenly. She could feel the heat spread and she knew that he was blushing.

"Why do you ask?" Ginny asked, looking up at him, smirking.

"Just a random question," Harry said quickly, looking at Remus and Tonks dancing nearby to avoid her gaze.

"Well, I'm only 19 years old. I don't know," she replied, leaning her head on his shoulder again. It felt nice to be this close to Harry without feeling embarrassed. Ginny felt Harry kiss the top of her head and smiled. He was always so sweet.

"I can't believe Ron and Hermione are MARRIED," she heard Harry say, "I mean, when I found out that they got engaged, I was like 'oh, okay, you're getting married' but now, it's actually HAPPENED. I have to get used to it."

"You will," Ginny replied, "I mean, you always knew it would happen."

"Well, marriage is a huge commitment…what do you think?" Harry asked carefully.

"If you're truly in love with the person, it's alright," Ginny said, looking at Ron and Hermione. She knew that they were truly in love with each other. She remembered all the times Hermione talked to her about her feelings for Ron.

"Jealousy is a classic example," Harry said, "Remember Viktor Krum?"

"No," Ginny said, frowning, "Isn't he a Bulgarian seeker?"

"Oh yeah, you wouldn't remember him," Harry said softly, remembering her memory loss. Sometimes, it seemed like Lucius Malfoy had never sent that spell at her. But other times, it came up.

"In my fourth year…" Harry proceeded to tell Ginny the events of his fourth year.

"Fraternizing with the enemy," Ginny said, laughing, "That's so like Ron."

"Erm, guys?" Ginny felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and saw that it was Luna.

"The song's over and the food's arrived," she said, smirking. Ginny looked at Harry, blushing. Everyone was staring at them as they were dancing to nothing.

"Well, let's eat," Harry said, his face red.

Ginny took her place between Hermione and Luna and saw that Ron had already started. She fought the urge to laugh as Hermione tried not to look disgusted as Ron talked with his mouth full. She looked across the table at Harry. For some reason, he looked…nervous?

"You know what? I have to go do something. See you," Harry said suddenly, patting Ron on the back as he left.

"He can't be preparing now," Hermione hissed to Ron, "It's OUR wedding!"

"Yeah, yeah," Ron replied, rolling his eyes.

Ginny frowned. She had no idea what they were talking about and she did NOT like people keeping secrets from her. There goes the bloody mystery.

"Lu," she said, poking her best friend.

"What, Gin?" she asked.

"Do you know what the hell Harry's preparing for?" Ginny asked quietly.

"Oh yeah. Everyone knows," Luna replied.

"How come I don't? What is he preparing for?"

"You'll see," Luna said serenely.

"Bloody 'you'll sees'," Ginny muttered, "Do you know where Harry went?"

"I dunno," Luna said.

"I have to go to the loo." Ginny stood up, ignoring the stares she got and went in the direction of the toilets. Luna didn't notice as she was busy staring at Hermione's handsome Muggle cousin (A/N: same boring description, I know, I know. That's how I identify him, though).

She was about to go in when she heard a voice coming from the men's room. Ginny stopped and listened.

"I look at you and I think how lucky I am. I mean, I can't stop looking at you. You're my dream come true. Every time I see you, I love you even more. You're so beautiful. You're so special. I can't imagine my life without you," the voice said. It oddly sounded like…

"Harry?" Ginny whispered to herself. Who the hell is he talking to? She pushed the door and walked inside, ready to face whatever was coming.

"Ginny!" Harry cried. His face was pale and he was obviously very shocked.

"Harry, who are you talking to?" Ginny asked suspiciously, looking around. There was no one there. Well, that rules out the idea of him cheating on me unless the girl's hiding under an invisibility cloak or a disillusionment charm.

"Me? Uh, nobody, just myself, you know," Harry said, trying to act casual.

"Yourself? You were telling yourself how much you love you?" Ginny asked incredulously, with a raised eyebrow. There is seriously something weird going on here. Harry's in love with himself?

"No, of course not. I mean, it's not like that at all. Um, let's go outside and I'll explain," Harry said. He was scarlet now and he was desperate to leave.

"Harry, what's the matter? You've been acting so weird lately! I feel like you're keeping secrets from me and Ron, Hermione and Luna obviously know what's going on! So I am not leaving until you tell me what!" Ginny said angrily, putting her hands on her hips.

"Can we please go outside?" Harry pleaded, using the puppy eyes. Ginny nearly fell for it but she stood her ground.

"No," she said firmly.

"Okay, fine, um, here's good. Listen, you can't tell Ron and Hermione about this because I don't want to steal their thunder. I mean, it's their day and I wouldn't want people not paying attention because we're engaged –"

"WHAT?" Ginny yelped. She jumped and she took a step back subconsciously. Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit. HARRY WANTS TO PROPOSE TO ME! TO ME! TO ME! GINNY WEASLEY! HARRY POTTER WANTS TO PROPOSE TO GINNY WEASLEY!

"Oh crap, I just blew it, didn't I?" Harry said sadly, looking down at his feet.

"No, you didn't," Ginny said quickly, rushing over, "Just propose to me properly without giving it away again. I'll try to act surprised, okay?"

"Fine. Ginny, I've felt this connection between us ever since we met," Harry said nervously, getting down onto one knee. Ginny gasped, putting her hand over her heart. "It strengthened when I rescued you from Tom Riddle. And when I got to know you,I finally realized that I love you. I'm doing this now because I don't want to lose you ever again. I love you too much. So, Ginevra Molly Weasley, will you marry me?"

"YES!" Ginny squealed and launched herself into Harry's arms. She kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She felt his arms go around her waist and sighed happily. Ginny finally pulled away, grinning.

"I can't believe I proposed to you in a toilet," Harry said, hanging his head in shame.

"It's alright," Ginny said soothingly, "I don't care. Hey, where's the ring?"

"Er…I must have forgotten it," Harry said, turning red.

"What's with you and forgetting rings?" Ginny teased, giggling. She kissed him again but they were interrupted by an "Oh!"

Ginny turned around to find Luna with Hermione's cousin. They were staring at them with wide eyes and they were holding hands.

"Hey, get out!" Ginny ordered, "We're kind of busy here!"

"No, it's our turn! You've had ten minutes here!" Luna retorted.

"There's no schedule for this kind of thing," Ginny replied angrily, "And Lu, you can't just go off snogging strangers! You don't even know his name!"

"Yes, I do!" Luna said indignantly, "This is John, John Granger."

"Hi," John said, holding out his hand.

"I'm Ginny Weasley," she said, shaking his hand, "And this is Harry Potter."

"You're the best man and maid-of-honour, right?" John asked.

"Yeah," Harry replied.

"Okay, enough chit chat. Ginny, Harry, Ron and Hermione are looking for you so I suggest you get out!" Luna said. She pushed them out of the toilet and slammed the door.

"That's nice," Ginny said stiffly, "So, I'm the future Mrs. Potter now?"

"Yup," Harry replied, kissing her quickly. She deepened it but a cough interrupted it.

"What now?" Ginny asked irritably. It was Charlie.

"Harry, can you stop molesting my sister?" he asked bluntly.

"He wasn't molesting me," Ginny snapped, "Come on, let's go." They walked back into the room and Ron and Hermione rushed over.

"It's over!" Hermione cried as she hugged Ginny.

"Yeah, I can't wait till our wedding night," Ron said, winking at Hermione. She blushed.

"We're going on our honeymoon soon. I trust you to take care of the house and Crookshanks and Pig," Hermione said sternly, looking at both of them, "Where's Luna?"

"She's having a snogging session with your cousin John," Ginny said casually.

"Ah," Hermione said, "I saw eyeing each other. Well, we're going to go now. See you in a month!" Ron picked up Hermione (she did a very strange thing – she giggled girlishly) and they Disapparated.

"I'll miss them," Harry said softly.

"So when do we tell my family?" Ginny asked, taking his hand.

"I want to tell Ron and Hermione in person so we can arrange a meeting at The Burrow when they get back," Harry said, squeezing her hand.

"But that's in a month!" Ginny whined. Harry did his puppy eyes on her.

"Fine," she grumbled, "How about we continue what we were doing before Luna and Charlie interrupted?"

"Good idea," Harry said, smirking. They kissed again before Disapparating.

One Month Later

"Oh God, when are Ron and Hermione coming back? I can't stand keeping this from them!" Ginny complained. She was lying on her bed next to Harry.

"They should be coming back tonight," Harry said, stroking Ginny's hair, "Do you want to owl your mum?"

"Sure. What do you want to say? 'Hey, Mum, we need to tell you something so can you organize a family dinner at The Burrow'?"

"Alright. Oh, remember to owl Luna as well," Harry reminded her.

"Yeah." Ginny got up to get some ink, a quill and some parchment.

Ginny and Harry arrived at The Burrow to find that everyone was already there, except for Ron and Hermione.

"So what do you want to talk to us about? 'Cause I have to meet John soon," Luna said, checking her watch.

"Well, we want to tell you when Ron and Hermione arrive," Harry said. Suddenly, there were two CRACK!s and a "We're back!" from Ron.

"Hey, I got your owl," Hermione said brightly, "So we came here. But we have an announcement to make as well."

"Oh, okay," Mr. Weasley said, leaning back in his chair.

"Who's going first?" Angelina asked.

"Let Hermione go first," Ginny said, "She just got back." She didn't think that Hermione's announcement would be THAT important, anyways.

"Well, I did a test before we left Greece," she began, grinning at Ron, "And I found out that I'm pregnant!"

"Oh!" all the wives said as they rushed over to congratulate her. Ginny's jaw dropped.

"Congratulations, Herm!" she heard herself say, "But now it's time for mine."

Everyone looked up from Hermione's belly to stare at her.

"Harry and I are engaged," Ginny said, linking arms with her fiancé. Mrs. Weasley burst into tears.

"Oh, Mum!" Ginny rushed forward to soothe her.

"You're the last one! And you're getting married! I won't have any unmarried children left!"

"I thought you didn't want us to be unmarried," she said confusedly.

"Congratulations!" Luna cried, hugging Ginny.

"Thanks!" she said, hugging her back. All of her brothers were patting Harry's arm sympathetically.

"You'll have to put up with her forever," Fred said, "You must be mad!"

"Hey!" Ginny said indignantly.

"Well, I'm in love with her. So I guess I really must be mad then," Harry said, smiling down at her.

3:00 pm, 30th June, 2001, The Potters' House.

Ginny Potter, Hermione Weasley and Luna Lovegood-soon-to-be-Granger were sitting at Number Eight, Godric's Hollow. Harry and Ron were always at work and Ginny didn't get to see them much as she was still in her second year in Auror training. She missed her new husband terribly and usually spent her days moping about in their new home if she wasn't at the Ministry.

Hermione was in her last month of pregnancy and was going to go into labour any minute. She was still a studious Unspeakable and was still happily bickering with Ron. Luna was still a reporter for the Daily Prophet and was surprisingly engaged to John, the cousin of Hermione's that she met at the wedding. However, she didn't tell anyone and was going to tell her friends today.

"Okay, I have an announcement to make," Luna began, "John and I are engaged."

"Oh my God!" Ginny cried, rushing forward to hug her friend. Hermione wanted to hug her as well but her big bump prevented her from doing it.

"That's great, Lu!" she opted to do, "We'll be cousins-in-law!"

"The Granger family will have a new witch," Luna said proudly, "Luna Granger." Ginny thought about that and frowned.

"It's weird," she said, "I'm Ginny Potter, you're Hermione Weasley and you're going to be Luna Granger. It's like a girls' version of the Golden Trio."

"You're right," said Hermione, wincing as she felt the babies kick, "And I don't even get to be myself!"

"I get to be the genius!" said Luna proudly.

"Well, you WERE a Ravenclaw," Ginny reasoned.

"Ow!" Hermione cried, clutching her belly.

"What's wrong?" they asked in unison.

"Awful kicking going on inside me," Hermione explained, wincing again, "OW!"

"Babies can't kick that hard, can they?" Ginny asked, frowning.

"They're – kick-ing rea – really hard right now!" Hermione snapped through gritted teeth, "Oh, Merlin!"

"What?" Ginny asked, panicking. Then she saw it. Hermione's waters had broke.

"Holy shit!" the usually calm Luna shrieked, "We have to get you to St. Mungo's, right now!"

"Thanks for telling me that, Captain Obvious!" Hermione snapped, "And Ron's not even here!"

"I'll get Ron and Harry. You get Mum and Dad and Hermione's parents," Ginny ordered as she Disapparated.

She saw the Auror Headquarters sign and ran inside. Ron was talking to Harry lazily and Ginny sprinted towards them.

"Hermione – labour – St. Mungo's – now!" she panted, "Don't – know – how she's going to get there!"

"Hermione's in labour?" Ron asked hysterically, "Oh, Merlin, Hermione's in labour!"

"Calm down," Harry said, taking charge, "Have you contacted Mr. and Mrs. Weasley?" He had never gotten used to calling them Arthur and Molly, even though he was their son-in-law.

"Luna's doing it now," said Ginny, "We have to get home now!"

They all Apparated to the Potters' home and Ron instantly went to his wife's side.

"Ron! You're finally here!" Hermione cried, tears streaming down her face, "I don't know how to get to St. Mungo's! I can't Apparate or Floo! I can't do this! I've heard that it hurts like hell and I'm not prepared! I'm only 21!"

Ginny was strongly reminded of Ron and Hermione's wedding day as Ron soothed his wife. She saw Harry stare at her and she grinned.

"Okay, we'll just drive," Ron said, stroking Hermione's hair, "And you and the babies will be just fine, okay?"

"The Weasleys will meet us at St. Mungo's and the Grangers are coming here. Are we driving to St. Mungo's?" Luna said, hearing Ron's remark.

"It's the only way. You do have a car, right, Harry?" Ron asked desperately as Hermione shrieked from the pain of her contraction.

"Yes," Harry replied. His best friends were having a baby! Soon, the Grangers arrived and Mrs. Granger ran to her daughter.

"Oh, Hermione, you'll be just fine!" she soothed.

"My baby's having a baby!" Mr. Granger cried happily.

Harry Summoned his keys and he ran to the car, followed by Ginny, Luna, Mr. and Mrs. Granger and Hermione supported by Ron. They sat with ease and comfort as the car was magicked to fit as many people as possible.

"Come on! What are you waiting for?" Ron yelled and Harry drove off. They all winced when Hermione shrieked as the contractions hit her.

They soon arrived at the window.

"I'm Ron Weasley and my wife is in labour," Ron told the doll-thing. She nodded and they passed through the window. Mr. and Mrs. Granger gaped at all the wizards and witches bustling about.

They quickly squeezed into the lift and they arrived in the maternity ward. All the Weasleys were there, including the nieces and nephews. Alicia the Healer ushered Hermione in and she lay on the bed, screaming from the pain. Ron was inside as well.

"I can't believe ickle Ronniekins is finally having a baby," said Fred, awed.

"Yeah," George agreed, "It seems like yesterday that Mum was screaming."

Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Granger were holding each other, sobbing.

Seven Hours Later…

"I still can't believe they're having a baby," said Harry, holding Ginny's hand.

"Oh yeah, Hermione had this huge secret about the baby but she wouldn't tell us. Now, we'll finally know what it is!" Ginny said excitedly, squeezing his hand.

"Do you want a baby?" Harry suddenly asked.

"What?" she whispered, her bright brown eyes widening at the thought.

"Do you want a baby?" he repeated, grinning.

"Do you?" Ginny asked him, returning his grin.

"Well, I've always wanted a family," Harry pointed out.

"Of course I want a baby! But not right now…after I complete Auror training. But I think one of us is going to have to quit. I don't want our baby to never see our parents," Ginny reasoned.

"We'll decide then. So we'll try after you finish," Harry said. He planted a soft kiss on her lips and he felt her smile. He deepened the kiss when –

"Merlin, it's been seven hours! The miracle of birth sure is a snooze fest," Luna commented, pushing them apart. She continued chatting about how long it took with Angelina after she saw their scowls.

"Oh yeah, Luna and John are engaged," Ginny said, grinning.

"I remember John," said Harry, "He's Hermione's cousin, right? He and Luna interrupted us in the toilet I proposed to you in."

"How could I ever forget your ever-so-romantic proposal?" she said dryly, "You just gave it away and did it in a toilet!" They could hear some more screams (one of them was Ron's) come from the room and winced.

"You said you didn't mind!" Harry protested, pouting.

"Of course I don't mind," Ginny replied sweetly as she kissed him quickly. Then, Ron the Whirlwind rushed out, roared, "IT'S OVER!" and rushed back inside. The red-haired clan immediately ran inside to find Hermione happily holding…two babies?

"Twins!" Luna cried, "How come you didn't tell us?"

"It was a surprise," Hermione said smugly.

"This is amazing!" Fleur said.

"Not really, twins DO run in the family," she replied, looking pointedly at Fred and George.

"Good point," she answered, shrugging.

"Oh, wow…are they both girls or boys or one girl and boy or what?" Ginny breathed.

"I didn't get that," Ron said simply, "But one's a boy and one's a girl."

"Have you decided on their names yet?" Harry asked.

"Oliver Ronald and Luna Hermione," said the new mother, smiling blissfully at the three.

Ginny, Harry and Luna smiled back and rushed forward to hug the new mother.

"They have wonderful names," Ginny said, "Especially Luna."

The Ravenclaw grinned.

"Thanks, Hermione," Luna said, grinning at her friend.

"Oh yeah," Ron began, "Harry, Ginny, would you like to be the godparents of Oliver?"

"We'd love to," they said in unison, grinning at each other.

"Luna, would you and John like to be the godparents of Luna?" Hermione asked.

"You have no idea how weird that sounds but yes," she replied.

10:55 am, 1st September, 2014, Platform Nine and Three Quarters, King's Cross Station.

The Weasleys saw a familiar sight as the kids ran towards the Hogwarts Express.

"Bye, Mum, Dad," Chloe Weasley the Head Girl said to Bill and Fleur. She had Fleur's trademark silvery-blonde hair and Bill's green eyes. Chloe was in Hufflepuff.

"Bye, dear," Fleur replied, "Remember to owl!"

"Bye, guys," Arthur, Charlie's and Amy's son, called to his parents. He was a sixth-year Gryffindor prefect. He was a redhead with brown eyes, just like his aunt Ginny.

"Bye, Mum, Dad!" Amanda, Charlie's and Amy's daughter, called to her parents. She was a sixth-year Ravenclaw prefect. She was a redhead with brown eyes as well.

"Bye Dad! I'll promise to prank Snape!" Fred and Angelina's 15-year-old son, George, called. Not surprisingly, he wasn't a prefect. Their 14-year-old daughter, Alicia, waved feverishly. They left with George and Alicia's children, 15-year-old Fred and 14-year-old Angelina. They were all in Gryffindor, like their parents. George and Alicia junior had dark hair and eyes while Fred and Angelina junior had fair hair and blue eyes.

"Love you guys!" Oliver and Luna called. They were now thirteen years old and surprisingly, Luna was the Quidditch fanatic and Oliver was the bookworm. However, they were equally intelligent, did extremely well in classes and were both unbeatable in chess. They tried to play against each other and always ended in draws. Luna had Hermione's bushy brown hair and Ron's blue eyes while Oliver had the red hair and brown eyes (again, like aunt Ginny). They were both in Ravenclaw.

12-year-old Isabel Granger boarded the train with a butterbeer necklace and her wand tucked behind her ear. Like her mother, she was quite eccentric and had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She was, surprisingly, in Slytherin and was friends with Neville's son, Trevor, who was in her house as well.

Finally, James Remus Potter walked onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters, followed by his parents and sister, Ginny, Harry and Lily Ginevra Potter. Harry was now the Head of Magical Law Enforcement while Ginny still worked as an Auror. James was a first-year while Lily was just 9 years old.

James had the Potter dark, messy hair and Ginny's chocolate brown eyes. He was short, skinny and scrawny. He wanted to play Chaser on the Quidditch team like his mother and grandfather. Lily was the redhead, freckled one with her father's emerald green eyes. She was small and slim and hoped to play Seeker when she got to Hogwarts like her father.

"Bye, Mum, Dad! Bye Lily! I'll write to you!" James yelled, waving to his parents.

"I'll see you at Christmas! Now, remember…" Harry began.

"It doesn't matter what house you're in, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll probably be in Gryffindor, anyways," James said to his father, grinning cheekily.

"Be good!" Ginny shouted to her son.

"Bye James!" Lily called beside her mother, "Tell me all about Hogwarts!"

"I will!" The train left and it soon disappeared.

Ginny sighed sadly.

"He's going to be a handful, that one," Harry said, wrapping his arm around his wife.

"I'll miss him," Lily said quietly.

"Don't worry. He's coming back at Christmas and he'll owl you," Harry soothed.

"Yeah, I guess," she replied, brightening. The Potter family then left, Harry's arm still around his wife and Lily's hand was still in Ginny's.

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