Olivia unlocked the car of her door after a hard days work ready to go home.

Just as she climbed into her driver's seat, her face was covered by someone's hand with a rag in it.

She heard his voice "If you scream i will shoot you."

He shoved her in the car, got in the passengers' seat, the gun still pressed to her head. "drive" he said his cold voice. "Oh and before i forget" smirking at her he unclipped her gun from its holster and took her cell phone as well. "Oh crap" Olivia thought, terrified, I'd better just do what he wanted. She started the ignition.

As they passed a park that was deserted "pull over" The man demanded. She hadn't seen his face yet, she turned around to look at his face and her heart sank. It was the guy she put away for raping three women before killing them off and burying them in a cornfield.

"Joel Henderson" she whispered to herself.

"What was that, i said don't speak bitch", He slapped Olivia across the face still holding the gun in his other hand

He pushed Liv out of the car still pointing the gun at her "if you run, i will shoot you"

Liv started to sob "aww not so tough now are we?" He spat in Liv's face before picking her up by the back of her collar dragging her along the ground. "Where are you taking me?" Liv panted

"Somewhere special..." He smirked then snickered.

She remembered that evil cackling laugh of his. It was one of the things that she remembered on her worst days because the bastard had actually laughed when the jury foreman had read out the verdict. Guilty, 25 to life he had got out in 12 on parole. Instead of focusing on the man who was still dragging her along, Liv tried to focus on where he was taking her.

They came to a halt; Liv was still a little shaky. They had stopped at a black car, a van.

"The man opened up to back doors "Get in"

He still had the gun pointed at Liv's head.

Liv climbed into the back of this mans van. He locked the doors of his van before climbing into his seat to drive off.

The van had windows but they had been painted over with black paint. It was pitch black inside. Olivia used her hands to search around the back of the van for a weapon; aah ha she thought a crowbar.

Liv thought to herself "how stupid could this guy be, kidnapping someone then leaving a weapon where he was locking them up"

The car came to a stop. She tucked the crowbar down her back, it was only a small crowbar but big enough to do some damage.

The man opened his van doors "Get out "He pulled out is gun from his pocket and pointed it in Liv's direction.

Her first swing was aimed at his hands, the gun went flying. Might as well hit the jackpot she thought to herself as her second swing aimed for his head. All of a sudden the crowbar was wrenched from her hands. Shit she was too caught up in her own thoughts; Joel swung the crowbar and hit her in the back of the head. A flash of light in the back of her skull, searing pain then everything went dark

Liv opened her eyes to see she was in a dark place there was no light in sight. She could see that there were windows but they too had also been painted black.

Liv got up of her feet, her head was so sore that she felt as though she had been smacked in the head with a--"Holy "She whispered to herself.

She then remembered where she was. She then remembered being pulled into someone's van and smashed over the head with a crowbar.

She felt the back of her head, all she could feel was pain.

She ran up to the door of the room and tried opening. It was no use it was deadlocked for sure. She then heard footsteps and started to panic.