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"Who's getting in the pool?" someone yelled.


"I'm right behind you!"

Ashley watched Edge, Lita, and Randy Orton race towards the pool at full speed, then all dive in at the same time, splashing water on the people who were sitting nearby.

"Hey!" Chris Jericho exclaimed indignantly, getting to his feet. "You guys wet me!"

"This is a pool party, Jerky. You were bound to get wet at some point or another," Stephanie pointed out, smirking at him as she sauntered over to him.

Jericho turned around to face her and smirked back at her. "And you know all about getting wet, don't you, Princess?" he quipped.

"We are not in character, Jericho!" she exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips and rolling her eyes at him. "I'll... I'll kick you out of this party if you don't take that back!"

"What's that Steph? You said that you have back?" he asked, still smirking at her as he quoted something he'd said to her in the ring once many years before.

Obviously, his words still had the same effect on her that they'd had back when he'd said them, when she was part owner of the Alliance. "You're going down," she promised, pushing him into the pool.

"And if I'm going down, you're going with me!" he countered, throwing an arm around her waist and pulling her into the pool with him. "And Princess, I've heard that you know a lot about going down..."

"I hate you, Jericho!" she sputtered, shaking her head.

He grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug. "Admit it, you love me..."

"They look friendly, don't they?" came the familiar voice from behind. Ashley turned around and briefly looked up into Triple H's eyes before turning back around and looking back over at Stephanie and Jericho again, who were now trying to dunk each other's heads underwater.

"Yeah, they do look pretty friendly," she agreed after observing them for a while. "Doesn't that bother you?"

"It does," he admitted, eyes glued to his wife as she jumped onto Jericho's back. "But not so much, because I have someone else to focus on right now."

"And who might that be?" she teased, still not looking at him. She could feel him step closer to her, could feel the heat of his body close to her, burning her. She shivered visibly when he breathed into her ear.

"You," he whispered into her ear. "You and everything you're going to be begging me to do to you soon..."

"I'll never beg."

"Wanna bet?"

"I won't beg," she insisted.

"You keep saying that, but you and I both know the truth," he said, smirking.

"And what's the truth?" she asked, leaning a little closer to him.

"The truth is..." His voice trailed off as he spotted John walking over to him. "Oh look, your little boyfriend is coming over... We'll finish this later."

"How do you know that I'll want to finish it later?" she demanded.

"Because you want me, that's how I know," he said knowingly, before turning and leaving her by herself.

How true, Ashley thought to herself as she observed the people splashing around in the pool like a couple of kids. She could lie to him, but she wouldn't lie to herself. She wanted him, she wanted his body, and she was going to get it sooner or later. It was only a matter of how she played the game to get to that point... But she'd have to think about that later, because John was at her side before she knew it.

"Babe, everyone's getting in the pool... You want to?" John asked, looking down at his girlfriend.

"Sure, I'll get in," she agreed, looking up at him. "I know you've been waiting to see me in my bikini..."

"All day, and you wouldn't even give me a sneak peek!" he said in mock anger.

"I wanted it to be a surprise... As a matter of fact, why don't you go get in the pool right now and let me join you in a few minutes?"

"Still making me wait? Haven't you tortured me enough?" he joked, pulling his shirt off as he grinned at her. "I'm the man you're supposed to love and I can't even get any special treatment?"

"Nope, no special treatment, you're just like the rest of them," she joked back, shoving him towards the pool. "Go get in and I'll be in there shortly."

"Don't keep me waiting..."

"I won't..."

She watched him walk over to the pool and strip down to his swimming trunks, then dive in and start swimming around. He looked great out there in the water, and for a second she wondered why she was even participating in this so-called game with Triple H. But then she looked over at Triple H over by the barbecue grill and her eyes met his, and instantly she knew, she knew exactly why...

Deciding not to waste another minute, she made her way over to a somewhat secluded area in the backyard, intent on quickly stripping down to her bikini. But "quickly" wasn't happening, because as she reached down to take her skirt off, she felt two rough hands come down on top of hers.

"Allow me," Triple H growled into her ear from behind her. His hands squeezed hers lightly, then smoothed down over her hips. She leaned back against him as he brought his hands up to play with the bottom of her shirt, before teasingly touching her stomach.

"Take the shirt off already," she panted, closing her eyes and pushing herself back against him even more if that was possible.

"Someone's in a rush," he observed, but he didn't speed up his process at all. His hands traveled underneath her shirt and up more, until they were covering her bikini top-clad breasts. His left hand dared to venture beneath the bikini top on the left side, and he caressed her breast softly, finding the nipple and rolling it between two fingers.

"We could get caught," she whispered, as her right hand reached up to cover his.

"No one's looking for us," he whispered back, continuing to touch and tease her. He leaned down, brushing his lips against her neck softly. "No one even notices that we're gone..."

"You don't know that," she said, her voice shaking slightly.

"And you don't care," he answered knowingly. He turned her around in his arms, pulling the shirt over her head in the process. "But you'd like to go somewhere a little more private, wouldn't you?"

She didn't want to seem too eager, after all, this was a game between the two of them, so she shrugged her shoulders lightly. "If you don't want your wife catching you feeling on my tits," she answered, and he laughed heartily. "What?!"

"I just think it's funny how you want to act all nonchalant when you want this more than I do," he stated.

"What makes you think that?" she demanded.

He gave her a look. "Need I remind you of earlier in the pantry?"

As if she could forget. The memory of him grinding against her as she had her back against the pantry door was enough to make her want to let him take her right then and there, even though everyone else was right around the corner in the backyard. She wanted to remind herself that this was all a game that she wanted nothing more than to win, but if she really thought about it, she wasn't so sure if she wanted to win anymore or not.

Honestly, she just wanted to get him inside of her.

She was pulled from her thoughts when she realized that they weren't standing in the same spot that they'd been in. He was nearly carrying her as he headed towards some unknown destination, somewhere that wasn't as crowded as the backyard was.

"Where are you taking me?" she wanted to know.

"Nowhere that you don't want to go," he replied.

They reached a side entrance to the house and he pushed her inside, before following her and closing the door behind them. He grabbed her hand and pulled her along towards a staircase. They hurried up the stairs and down a long hallway until they came to the room he was looking for. He pulled her inside the room and locked the door, then leaned against it and looked at her.

"Where are we?" she asked curiously.

He didn't bother answering her. Instead, he pulled her towards him with one arm around her petite waist. His lips found hers almost immediately, and his other arm lifted one of her legs and pulled her even closer. He switched their positions and pushed her against the door.

"Do you want me, Ashley? All of me?" he asked against her lips.

"I do," she answered without a second thought.

"Tell me you want me, and I'll win this game," he told her, his lips brushing against her ear as he spoke. He started sucking on her neck, looking for that spot he knew was there, because he'd found it before.

She reached between them, slipping her hand into the front of his swimming trunks to touch him. He gasped against her neck and she smirked. "Tell me that you want me instead, and I'll win," she whispered. She wrapped her hand around him and stroked him lightly. "Tell me..."

He groaned as her grip on him tightened. He was the master of the game, hell, he was The Game, and there was no way he was going to let her win that easily. He had the upper hand, not her, and he was going to prove it...eventually.

"Tell me..."

He closed his eyes and let the sensations take over him...

"Tell me, Hunter..."

Her lips were on his neck, kissing him, tasting him, as her hand continued to tease and stimulate him.

"Tell me..."

He took a deep breath and pulled away from her completely. "I want you."