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An adapted epic brought to you by: Starkiller, Caith, Karete, Speed, Jujain, Theminiarkana and J.Joseph
Edited by: Karete

Author's Note: In case people don't know Elder Katatsu was the Namek Elder before Guru and fathered the Piccolo we know in the series. Before he died in the cataclysm which befell Namek, he sent Piccolo to Chikyuu (the DBZ world).

This is his prophecy to the first Monkey/Mountain King. Part of this is from the section in the

Poetic Eddas which describes Ragnarok (the Norse apocalypse).

-:¦:-..· ´¨)) -:¦:-
,,¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·

Shenron, I saw, the bleeding Dragon
Lord of the Serpent Race upon a spear of ice
The thunder of the new King called,
His reign of Frozen Shadow

Valhalla's Stars will gather to this plane,
the Suns and Moons that will defy the Winter

The red cock, the green-eyed wanderer
Boldly crows to the Stars
Who wakes his brethern warriors in Valhalla

From the East through Minotaur's Maze runs
Four legs of Horn and Feather

In the North born of Ironwood
Runs the brood of Fenris, Wolf-monster

From the deep, where no sunlight reaches,
Half beings and vagabonds, tormented by the stream

Smoke shall appear from the shadow,
The General will take leave of his Lord
and the crownless will hasten to be King

Gathered, they will undertake a journey
To recover the last child of your bloodline, the Mountain King
It is he alone who can turn the Wheel of Destiny
His flame will raze the wicked
and the Stars will silence the Seven

Inevitably, the Winter will claim the child that inherits your blood
The wheel will turn again and the Stars will move against the storm,
but my powers cannot make clear the result of the Great Schism

Where Brother will strike Brother and both fall.
Red with blood run the Stars
A wind-age, a wolf-age till Asteria falls:
No man to another shall mercy show
in the Twilight of the Gods

-- Namek Great Elder Katats Prophecy to the First Monkey King
Uncovered at the Temple of Senbex by General Ma Piccolo of the Chikyuu-sei Army, filed by Queen Bulma Briefs Vegeta

-- 128 AD, 14th Redmoon