Max never expected it would turn out like this. The raising of the Terminal City flag had been a challenge, a stand against Ordinaries.

Well, at least against the Ordinaries that would have them dead. The other Ordinaries--Logan, Original Cindy, Sketchy--friends were protected fiercely. Everyone in TC lined up to give blood transfusions to the Ordinaries in their midst when they realized their guests would be staying for a while.

Original Cindy was a little disturbed by the idea, but Max insisted on giving the transfusion herself. It was the least she could do after putting her best friend in harm's way like she did. Logan seemed quite OK with the whole thing, eager even, and consented readily to Joshua's donation. Sketchy passed out directly. But it was the only way to protect the humans against the intense radiation and chemical fallout that gave Terminal City its name.

But even outside the confines of TC the Ordinaries surprised Max, too. Thousands in Seattle had risen to Normal's unexpected call for justice. Encouraged by the local success, Normal had cashed in his stocks, bought a three-piece suit, and begun a cross-country campaign raising support and sympathy for the transgenics that ended with a lobby in Washington D.C. for transgenic civil rights.

When America fully recovered from its depression, Regan Ronald's name would be in the history books for single-handedly uniting the country for the first time since the Pulse.

He was Max's first visit when a law was finally passed by the Seattle city council that granted the transgenics civil rights. He had accepted her grateful hug without words. Then he told her that Original Cindy had used up all her vacation days for the rest of the next two years and she had better get her "Nubian Princess" ass back to work.

"I'm giving her Jam Pony."


"Am I speaking Spanish?" Normal demanded testily, "I need her to run Jam Pony for me. I'm going back to Washington."

Max smirked.

"There's still too much that needs to be done in this country, and I'm the one to do it."

"Good for you, Normal," she said sincerely. "Cindy'll probably be back in the morning."

"Good. Now get out of here! We're closed!"

Good ole Normal. DC could use more of him. Still, it wouldn't be the same around here...

Max paused at the door. "Why not Sketchy?"

"That degenerate?" Normal looked physically ill.

"Right. See ya around."