The Dinner Party 7

By Ash Darklighter

Disclaimer – The characters in this story are the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. I am making no credits from this either Imperial or Republican. This fic is for Sienn. Just for her encouragement, lovely nature and her willingness to give feedback to absolutely everybody. This is a PWP and if you are looking for a plot, it really isn't there.

The door slid closed with a soft hiss leaving Mara and Luke alone in the self-contained guest suite. Leia normally kept it ready at all times for very special guests. Luke had used it on a number of occasions in the past before he had acquired a place of his own.

"I didn't know Leia and Han had this," Mara said.

"It functions pretty much like a small suite. It has a communal area with a dining table, two bedrooms and a galley kitchen. I suspect if the children are still around when they're older, they might very well open up the whole apartment. They're on Kashyyk, by the way."

"Who is?"

"The children."

"Oh." She hadn't thought about them.

Luke headed towards the kitchen and opened all the cupboards until he found a couple of glasses. "Brandy?"

"That would be pleasant, thank you."

A strange distance had grown between them. It was as if they'd suddenly realised the enormity of the step they were about to take and were nervous about it. It was one thing to engage in a little illicit love-making. It was quite another to do it with the blessing of the Chief of State. Luke poured a generous amount of the amber liquid into the two glasses. "Here."

Their fingers touched as Luke passed Mara the glass of brandy - a tingle running through her whole body at the brief contact. "There's something there, isn't there?" she looked up at Luke, the glass poised in front of her lips. "Something between us."

Luke nodded. "There always has been. We've been too stubborn to do anything about it until now. Part of me is still fighting the natural impulses I feel." He let the flavour of the alcohol swirl over his tongue. "Look at us, we're talking instead of acting; trying to be rational about something that defies logic."

"What does that tell you?"

"That I'm scared."

"Scared! Of what?"

"Of how you make me feel - of how I would feel when this was over."

"You're already planning the end of our affair before it's even begun?" Mara was incredulous. This wasn't the Luke Skywalker she knew.

Luke's hand tightened on the glass and he stared into it, swirling the contents around and around. "I don't want to think of it as an affair. Mara…" His head lifted and she could see the pain on his face.

"Then don't." Mara's heart thundered loudly inside her chest. Sith, this was Luke. He didn't 'do' affairs but instead held women at a distance, guarding his fragile heart behind the Jedi Master's dignified mask. And here he was actually contemplating an affair with her. She now realised the strength and depth of Luke's feelings. Tonight, Mara had seen the part of the Luke that Han and Leia had known since the earliest days of the Rebellion – fun loving, witty and charming. But at his core was the true steadfastness that made so many people love him.

"And I don't want to think of it ending."

"That's defeatist talk and most unlike you. What about all the optimistic, idealistic hope you usually carry with you and try to push onto others?"

"This is too important."

She longed to have him put his arms around her again and boldly kiss and caress her, the way he had done in Leia's study. She ached to feel his fingers gliding up the sensitive skin of her womanly curves. She dipped her finger into the Savareen brandy and traced the outline of Luke's lips, letting out a hiss of satisfaction as his mouth suckled the edge of her finger. "Life is a risk, Skywalker. You do know," she taunted, her voice husky, "that Calrissian thinks he is the only man who can tame me."

"I don't want you to be tamed, Mara. I like you as you are."

"You do?"

Luke leaned forward and captured her mouth in a hot but brief kiss. "I do." His decision made, he deposited his glass next to the bottle on the kitchen unit and then took Mara's glass from her, placing it beside its twin. Silently, he led her into the rest of the suite, finally stopping at one of the bedroom doors. "There are two," he said, a flare of something hot and wicked sparking in his gaze. "You can choose one – if you're staying?"

Mara deliberately held Luke's gaze for a moment and then opened the first door. "Nice," she commented quietly. She then crossed to the other side of the suite and opened the second door. "There's little to choose between them."

Luke walked deliberately towards her. "This one then?"

"Why not," she replied casually, but inside she was trembling. "Yes, why not," she repeated as Luke's arms closed around her.

"So you're staying?"

"I guess I am."


His head descended and his arms tightened about her. No one was going to get in their way this time.

"Mara," he rasped her name, and he didn't care if his voice was raw with his feelings. He felt as if he'd been wandering in Tatooine's desert wastes for an eternity and she was his oasis calling him home to her sweetness.

Luke tugged at the soft fabric swathing her breasts, freeing her upper body from her garment. Soft, plump, globes of flesh met his gaze, the rosy tips begging for his mouth. He feasted upon them, taking one nipple into his mouth and then the other.

Mara couldn't help but arch against him, making little mewling sounds of pleasure. Her fingers tightened in his hair holding him to her.

Luke groaned, his fingers scrambling at fastenings, he managed to remove his tunic and undershirt leaving his chest bare. "Stars, Mara…" he muttered hotly, and propelled them both to the bed. He wanted her so much; desire was exploding through his entire body.

Luke felt a moment of shame, he wanted to court her properly, to treat her gently but this…this wildfire in his blood at her touch, her kiss was making it almost impossible.

"I want this too, just as much as you do," Mara averred. "I don't want it to be gentle. I don't want controlled. I want us. I want fire and passion and stars going supernova."

"And you want me?" Luke's voice was disbelieving.

"You're the only man who can give me what I want," she declared, covering his torso with scorching, open mouthed kisses. "I'm going to get it, too."

The Jedi Master was beginning to believe her. "Too many clothes," he managed to say.

Without a word, Mara turned her back on him indicating hidden fasteners. Luke undid them with shaking fingers kissing each inch of cream smoothly scented skin as it was revealed until she lay before him in nothing but a tiny pair of lace panties. Her chest rising and falling with each breath she took.

Mara could see the glitter in his eyes as he stared at her. Desire, possessiveness and something deeper and far more profound shone. She wanted him so much and couldn't tell when this had happened. It might have been weeks ago or more likely, years. "Make love to me, Luke," she pleaded. "Please." And shimmied out of her last remaining piece of clothing.

Luke's face went white and then red, his breathing loud and harsh. Somewhere in the distance the sounds of the Solo's party could be heard but the soon to be lovers had only each other.

"If you're sure?" he said hesitantly.

"Mara reached up, curled her arm around his neck and yanked him down towards her."

"Ow! Mara!"

"I'm sure." She placed her hands on either side of his head and stared into his eyes. "Listen Farmboy. I'll try and say it in words that even you will understand, okay? You, me and sex, and its happening now. So get naked."

Luke could only nod and pull his dark grey pants from his heated body, leaving him in clinging black undershorts.

"Nice," Mara said chuckling, running her fingers over them, caressing the expanding bulge in the front. "Very nice." Force, he was bigger than she'd expected and her body squirmed deliciously at the thought. "Yes, very nice."

"I aim to please," Luke said, his sudden indrawn breath an indication of what Mara's caresses were doing to him.

"Oh, I'm pleased," Mara said sardonically. "In fact, I'm ecstatic or I will be when you get moving."

"Humour in bed, Jade," Luke managed to retort with difficulty. "Quite a talent."

"Shut up and kiss me."

They stretched out on the bed, Luke moving over Mara, his mouth finding hers in a kiss full of sweetness and promise. His knee parted hers gently and he settled himself between the softness of her open thighs. This was everything he'd dreamed of…everything. His mouth caught hers, their tongues melding together, their hands stroking and kneading flesh until it burned.

Mara arched against him, becoming consumed in the essence of Luke Skywalker, moaned and pleaded for his touch and his possession. Her body twined around his, open and clinging as he began to thrust. He filled her utterly, stretching her more as he began to pulse, his hips rocking against hers. It was almost too much, this joining. Mara could feel herself begin to splinter into a million pieces as the sensation of pleasure spiralled through her and Luke urged them both to completion.

"I love you," Luke whispered, kissing the damp red curls away from her forehead.

"I know," Mara's smile held all the promises in the galaxy.

He stared into her storm tossed jade-green eyes. "Do you…" He stopped. It wasn't fair.

Mara nestled into his side. "I love you." She could feel his relief breaking over them in waves. "I always have."

"Mara," Luke voice cracked and he buried his face against her hair.

"Ssh…" she soothed. "Ssh. I don't want an affair with you Luke not unless it lasts forever."

"I've been in love with you since the day I met you," he confessed. "I think it will last. I know it will last. I can feel it."


"That's the last of them away." Han shut the door and checked his chrono, hazel eyes squinting at the dial. "Darn thing." He gave it a shake. "I hadn't realised it was this late. It will be light in an hour." He gave a tired chuckle. "I haven't seen Wedge this soused since…"

"It's been a while. You two are as bad as each other." Leia noted the state of her husband with misgivings. He was still on a post party high but would be impossible in the morning or later that day, which was the more accurate assessment.

There was a hesitant cough behind them and the Solo's swung around find Luke and Mara eyeing them warily, their hands clasped tightly in one another's.

"I didn't know that you were still here, Kid. Or you, Jade." He looked at their joined hands and gave a cheeky smirk. "About time. I knew you would see the wood of the gnarl trees eventually." He tapped proudly at his own chest. "Solo fixes it again. All you needed was some privacy and some Old Corellian and a chance to talk." He ambled unsteadily down the corridor and disappeared into his sleeping chambers.

Mara glanced at Luke. He raised his eyebrows and winked at her. 'Talk!' She rolled her eyes in response.

Luke stepped forward and kissed his sister on the cheek. "Thanks Leia."

A lovely smile spread across the princess's face. "You're welcome." She knew without asking what had happened.

Luke turned back to the red haired trader and immediately grasped her hand in his, lifting it to drop a soft kiss on her knuckles. Mara blushed, but didn't protest. "Thank you," she said.

Leia smiled. "I'll see you in a couple of days. Both of you," she insisted firmly. "I'll make sure my husband behaves."

Luke turned and gazed into Mara's eyes, the love on his face obvious to anyone who cared to see. "Coming?"

"Of course."

Leia watched them wander away, eyes only for each other until they disappeared. "It had been one of her better dinner parties," she decided contentedly and moved to join her husband in slumber.

The End