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Well, here's the last chapter of Invincible!

Chapter 25: We Both Lost Something Today

Zuko sighed as he woke up. He remembered very well what had happened last night. How Kellie fell overboard, he saved her, and that little memory she had told him…

I shouldn't wake her. After all, she nearly died from drowning and hypothermia.

But something didn't feel right. He couldn't feel his arms around her waist. Zuko looked down, and bit back a cry of despair.

Kellie was no longer in his arms, all that was left of the feisty 12-year-old was her leather jacket. The one that she said was her last memory of her friends and family. Beneath it, written in the sand, was a world, with a circular arrow inside it.

The Master of the Worlds' sign.

Zuko looked around, no footprints. Where did she go? And how did she go?

"Well, she said she came from another world. I shoulda known it couldn't last forever." Zuko said sadly.

Zuko looked out at the horizon, and he saw a dot that was no doubt his ship. But beyond that, Zuko saw something that made him clutch Kellie's jacket to his chest and hollow words echoed through his head at the sight.

We both lost something today.

Just beyond the horizon, just beyond the sun, and just beyond the reach of Time, Zuko thought he could see Kellie, back home, being welcomed home by what he thought was her family.

Zuko smiled, or maybe, it had been nothing but his eyes playing tricks.

Kellie groaned as she opened her eyes. Where was she? How'd she get here? Where was Zuko?

But the feeling of dirt and not sand and, ow! A shrub prodding her back woke Kellie from her trance.

Kellie sat up and looked around, it looked like she had been sleeping in a semi-desert. Then the sound of sirens woke her up even more.

Kellie unsteadily got to her feet and looked at the source of the sirens. It was the Sheriff. Wait, Sheriff? There were no Sheriff departments in the Avatar world, only soldiers.

A deputy got out of the nearest Sheriff car, and with him, three people. A women, a man, and a boy who looked no older than sixteen…

"KELLIE!" They all screamed and ran at her and pulled her into a four-way hug.

"Please. Stop. I. Can't. Breathe." Kellie gasped. Her mother, father, and brother all let go and looked at her joyously.

"Kellie! Where have you been all this time?" Her mother asked.

"Duh, I don't know. I didn't have a calendar with me." Kellie shrugged.

"Well, if you don't know, I'll tell you. It's been three months." Her brother, Aaron, said with a funny grin.

"THREE MONTHS!" Kellie yelled.

"Now Kellie, try and lower your voice." Her mother said. Kellie grinned. It was good to back home, in Ephrata.

Later, they were in Kellie's mother's van driving back home when her mother repeated her earlier question.

If I told you, you wouldn't believe me. Trust me.

"Mm, just wandering. Trying to figure out my place in the world." And Kellie smiled as she thought of the past three months (but more like 1 and a half, in the Avatar world) of helping Kierra, and surviving Zuko, and Aang and the gang.

"Well, you can do plenty of that back at school." Her father replied. Kellie sneered at that, and realized, her back where her tank top had been torn away was bare and so were her arms, so she could feel the fabric of the car seats…

"My jacket!"

The End

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