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:…: Satoshi to Krad

.:…:. Krad to Satoshi

(…) Dai to Dark

((…)) Dark to Dai


Chapter I: An old present from Hikari.

"Kya, is it true then?" the twins ran up to Ritsuko Fukuda. "Are you inviting the whole class for you birthday?"

"Mhmm" Fukuda nodded, smiling. "And the best part is that my parents are going away that evening" She giggled. "Come, help me out. I was just about to invite Niwa-kun and Hiwatari-kun but I don't seem to find them."

"Oh" said Risa. "I know where they are; on the roof, as usual during the lunch hour. Come on we'll walk with you." She locked her arm round the other girl's hand and started to pull Fukuda to the door that led to the roof. Riku walked on the other side of the pulled girl, more composed then her sister.

They found the teens on the roof, as they had thought they would.

"Niwa-kun, Hiwatari-kun" Fukuda and the twins ran up to the place where the two boys were sitting, and sat down in front of them.

"Hi" greeted the redhead smiling, while Satoshi just nodded. "I thought that you used to eat in the cafeteria?"

"Yes, but…" Risa drifted off, Riku placed herself beside Dai-chan and started to caress his shimmering hair.

"It's because of me, I want to make sure that you two are coming to my birthday-party next week" Fukuda leered on Satoshi while making her last statement.

"Of course we are coming, wouldn't miss it for the world!"

((Unless Emiko send out a warning…))

(Yeah, hopefully she don't, she knows that I'm going on this)

((So? That hasn't stopped her before.))

"Good, and you Hiwatari-kun?" Fukuda was pleased to hear that.


"That's a yes" translated Dai-chan.

"Great, see you then" Fukuda jumped up on her feet and turned to the twins: "well, shall we go and see if we can hunt down someone else to invite?"

The twins nodded and they ran away.

.:Are you sure you want to go? It'll only make you depressed my one:.

:Yes, I will and no it will not, shut up:

.:Oh, yes. It will. You'll see:.

:No I will not. Now, what can I give to her:

.:Rat poison, if you bake a cake with that and Dark or the Wing Master eats it, you can watch them die.:.

:NO! That would kill the other guest as well:


:NO, no way. I'll give her a perfume or something…:

.:I'll still vote for the poison:.

(Dark, oi Dark! What can I give her?)

((Hmm? How about…)) A wide grin ends the line.

(DARK!) Dai blushed (I'm with Riku!)

((Practice, Dai practice…))

(Now really, behave. Hiwatari-kun is looking at us.)

((No, his eyes are glazed; he's probably talking to his psycho friend…and so what if he's looking at us? It's not like he will freak out or something.))

A sigh. (Well?)

((Well what?))


((Pfft, give her…I don't know, flower or something, maybe a necklace, a perfume, or jewelry if she likes that.))

(A perfume, that's perfect. Thanks.)

((You're welcome.))

A little bit of silence.

(Um, Dark?)


(What…err… what scent?)

((Heh, take vanilla, strawberry, musk, roses or lemon. Why not gardenia, lavender, apple, mimosa or pear? Or…))

(Okay, okay I get it…I have to choose)

((Ha ha ha, she doesn't want a gift from me, she wants one from…you.))

One week later.

"Konnichiwa, welcome"


"Thank you Misuko."


"BANSAI!" something flashed and Fukuda was glomped.

"Eh…thank you Saehara…?"



"Thank you Hiwatari-kun."


"HI! BANSAI! How are you? Any presents yet? Having fun? OH my god, have any one shown up yet!"

"Hi Risa. Hi Riku. Yes , many presents, and yes I hope this will be fun. I have a nice feeling about this, and yes, there are at least twenty people here."

"I saw Hiwatari-kun…" An eyebrow wiggled suggestively.

A blush was the answer before the twins ran into the house, giggling.


"Thank you. Hi, happy birthday."

"Thanks Niwa-kun."

Niwa entered the house and Fukuda turned to greet her other guests welcome.

.:He's here.:.


.:The Wing Master, he just came through the door.:.


((Phsyco getting closer at three o'clock.))


((I mean…))

"Hello Niwa-kun"


"Oh. Hi, Hiwatari-kun. When did you come?"

"Just before you."


"Have you noticed?"


"There are no grown-ups around here."

"Oh, no…not until you pointed it out."


((Damn, he's creepy.))

(Yeah, but he should be, he is a police.)

((He should be a Creep just because he's in the police?)) A sweat drop made its way down Dark's neck.

(Yes…I mean no. I mean he should notice things, be observant because he's a police…)

((Heh, you're so cute.)) Daisuke could sense how Dark shook his head with a low chuckle.

"…iwa-kun?...Niwa-kun?" Dai felt how someone poked him in the ribs, repeating his name.

"Uh? Yeah…what do you want, Hiwatari-kun?"

"Dinner's started." And with that, Satoshi turned to a 'table' and sat down.


((Heh, you are really showing you smart side today, Dai-chan.))

(Am I?)

((Yes, the word you have used the most during the latest conversations has been 'Oh'.))

(Oh…I mean really?)

A chuckle.


"Are you coming Niwa-kun, or are you planning to be a part of the decorations?" Saehara shouted.

"Coming." Daisuke ran away and took the last place at the table were Satoshi, Saehara and Misuko were seated.

Fukuda had planed her party carefully. The garden was not big, but with some good ideas had she and her parents been able to create space for a whole class and a bunch more friends both from the school and outside it. Several large, high square pillows served as tables, a blanket under the table protected their clothes and…it worked. People were able to sit in small groups if they wanted as well as move around to chat with everyone.

"So, what are we doing?" asked the redhead one minute after he had placed himself in the small group. It seemed like everyone else were in the kitchen…

"Waiting." Said Misuko

"Hn…we're supposed to take a plate and some food in the kitchen and bring it out here. But right now, almost everyone is inside so we decided that it would be easier to actually have something if we waited until the 'storm' has passed."

"Wow Hiwatari-kun! That's the longest sentence I ever heard you say outside the school in…ever." Saehara acted surprised.

"Well, that may depend on the fact that we don't see each other outside school."

"Mmm…Maybe." Saehara laughed.

.:Hnn…stupid boy. I don't like him.:.

:Oh, be quiet.:

.:That's the longest… that was almost as smart as the Wing Masters eternally 'Oh', which you seem to have copied…:.

:I have not.: Satoshi forced his mind to focus on something else, anything, like Saehara's rantings about his latest photo of Dark.

"…anyway, there he was in perfect focus with the highlighted sky behind him, coming straight towards me…" A dramatic pause; "So, I simply, pushed the button and captured him in that frame. That's how I got that picture."

"Oh." Said a dazed redhead, who, for some reason didn't tell Saehara that said thief rambled inside his mind about the fact that it's almost impossible to shoot a BAD picture of him°.

"I think we can take our food now." Glad to the opportunity to be away from Saehara, the redhead obeyed Satoshi's invitation. So they went to grab something to eat.

°Only Hikari has succeeded with that, and they have the said picture above their fireplace, and before you ask; yes, the picture is huge. Dark has tried to steal it many times, but he never finds the original copy…and he really don't know what to do with the picture if he succeeds; he can't take it home to Emiko…and he can't burn it, it is a picture of him, after all.

The dinner continued undisturbed, if one don't count random attempts to start singing groups, drunken choirs°°, noisy speeches about how much the speaker liked Fukuda and a couple of other incidents… and it continued until Risa yelled:

"Fukuda-san, now you just have to tell us. You have been giving us hints about that special birthday-present of yours since Tuesday. I'm going to die if you don't tell me what it is."

"Yeah." Random voices agreed with Risa.

Fukuda smiled a very sweet smile, and nodded.

"Okay, but you have to give me some time, so just wait here." She walked into the house and was gone for fifteen minutes.



Random people screamed and pointed at the door that leads into the house. In the said frame stood Fukuda-san, dressed in a gorgeous, eye-catching dress and a brilliant necklace, which seemed to be made of golden fire and wintry diamonds. The outfit suited her superbly. Slightly green girls and boys surrounded Fukuda to admire the presents up close. Saehara and Misuko ran off to take pictures and to check out…just to check out a girl.

((Must have…)) A drooling noise was heard in a certain redhead's ear.

"Is that a Hikari-piece?" Daisuke was so surprised to hear Dark so he asked the question out loudly. Fortunately, it didn't matter due to the fact that Satoshi was the only one within hearing range.

"Yes, one of my ancestors became madly in love with Fukuda-sans ancestor and gave her that necklace. She like him too, and it could had been a real sweet story… if not Krad had had… other plans."

Some voices from the admiring…mob drifted to them. Most of the comments were about the necklace.

"It's SO gorgeous."

"Who's done it?"

"How much is it worth?"

"OH…I'm so envies, you are so fortunate."

"Ha ha." The smiling girl in the middle, giggled. "I'll tell you; the dress is a gift from my grandmother, it's from Paris." This draw some ooh's and aaah's from the crowd. "The necklace is a family heirloom; it's been in the family the last 180 years, when one Hikari-sama gave it to my great-great-grandmother…or something. And what its worth? Well for us it's priceless."

"And you have it in your house? You're not afraid to have it stolen?" A surprised voice.

"No, we usually have it in a bank vault. It's only here for the night; it's going back tomorrow morning."

°° The parents were gone, any questions?

.:One thing, must you have perfectly clear, Satoshi-sama; I will NOT guard that necklace if…no, when Dark decides to steal it. The Hikari-family has given it away.:.

:Fine, whatever. I hadn't plan to let you guard it any way.:

.:Keep that thought boy.:.

:I will, now beat it… I'm trying to enjoy myself here.:

.:Oh? Yes, I can see how unbelievably amusing it is, this party:.

:Hnh: Satoshi felt Krad back off, he didn't disappear totally, but at least he didn't do any attempts to come out.

((Hikari-art and no security? They are begging to have it stolen…))

A groan.

(Do we have to? I mean; there are no challenges in stealing it here) Truth was; Dai really didn't think it was appropriate to be invited to a party and then steal one of the birthday-presents… Dark agreed, even if he would never admit it, but it was a Hikari and all Hikari belonged to him…

((Hmm…good point…You're right, we ask her what bank it is and steal it tomorrow or some other day this week.))

A sigh.

((And don't forget to ask Creep about some information about it… or I will do it. I don't think Emiko has any information about this one…))

As the evening continued, so did the party. When everyone had filled their abdomens with food and blood with toxic liquids was it time to…dance. All pillows were put in a high pile and the blankets were put away inside the house. The music started and almost everybody run out on the grassy dance floor. Satoshi stood by the fence and looked at all the bodies that were moving to the music. Krad was right; he didn't enjoy it…at all.

"Hi hi, come on Hiwatari-kun, dance with me" Fukuda beamed to him and dragged him into the sea of dancing bodies before he could decline her offer.

.:She is hitting on you.:. For some reason this seemed to amuse the blonde.

:Uh…no, she's…she's probably just being a good hostess.:

.:Uhu, whatever you say:.

"It was…" Two cheeks blushed furiously. "I'm very glad that you decided to come…Satoshi…Hiwatair-kun."

.:Told ya, she is hitting on you. Now let me out, I'm going to teach her a lesson.:.

:Back off, you can't come out here:

"It's an honor to be here, I'm glad that you invited me." He had to admit, it was a little bit tricky to keep up two dialogues at the same time, but Satoshi wasn't a genius for nothing…



Fukuda blushed even deeper. She smiled shyly and several times she made eye contact with Satoshi, only to look away the second after. Satoshi on the other hand, tried his best to handle the flirting girl, who he really wasn't that much interested in, but also a certain blond demon, who didn't knew if this was highly amusing or extremely irritating. When the music faded away, Fukuda pushed away with a 'KYA' and ran into the house with a big smile on her lips, hiding her blushing cheeks in her hands.

Inside the house she found Risa and they started to talk about…girlstuff with her.

"Tihi, he's so cute."

"Who? Tell me."

A burning blush. "Hiwatari-kun."

"Oh? So that's why you?...don't tell me you two..?"

A nod. "We danced."

Some giggling and the girls ran deeper into the house.

.:Satoshi-sama, allow me control over the body.:.

:I've already told you, I can't transform here.:

.:Who's said anything about transforming? I can teach her a lesson in you shape.:.

:No, I can handle this.:

.:I can see that.:.


(He's only standing there.)

((So? That's not illegal.))

(I wonder what happened.)

((Well, he had to have said something to make the girl ran away like that.))

(Oh.) Dai looked at the young genius when he started to make his way towards him. he frowned lightly when Dark started to snigger.

(What is it?)

((Nah, I just thought about something.))


((I just wondered how Krad handled the little scene with the birthday-girl.))


((Yeah, guess he's furious right now.))

"Guess so."

"Hmm?" Daisuke looked up and found himself staring into eyes, coloured by the summer sky. An fine eyebrow was crocked above those eyes. Dai looked around to see if anyone paid any attention to him before he replied.


Pink lips mouthed a silent 'oh' and then the taller boy looked away.

"How are you? I mean with you-know-who?"

"Hmm…he's having…fun."


"Yes, Fukuda-san is flirting with me, and…well he don't know if he should laugh or threaten her…"

"Umm…sorry about that…"

The blue eyes became filled with amusement for a second, pink lips curled into a faint smile that died before the boy looked away.

The music continued and so did the dance. No one took any greater notice about the two boys who were chatting at the fence. Saehara sometimes popped by to take a picture or two before he sprinted off to shoot someone else, or capture a scene that he absolutely needed to have in the school paper. Sometimes one of the boys or both of them walked into the kitchen to refill their glasses, or to grab something to munch on. But they always returned, sooner or later to that little shelter they had found by the fence.

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