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Chapter VI: Grieving has its own cause for existence.

The funeral happened four weeks after the party.

Everyone was there…

Her family…

Her friends…

Her classmates… and others…

They had all gathered around the grassy spot where the little pot with the remaining ashes of Ritsuko Fukuda would come to her final rest. It was a fine day for a funeral, cooling winds blew lazily around in the graveyard, and the sun had veiled her face with white clouds to show her respect for the dead.

Satoshi watched the ceremony beside the Harada-twins, Niwa-kun and some others from their class.

Some cried openly, he himself had offered Sawamura-san a paper napkin, while others, like Nishimura-kun tried to be discrete.

For some did this seem to be the end of a sparkle of hope that maybe, just maybe, this was just a cruel practical joke…

Satoshi, who had years of experience and training of controlling his emotions and not letting any of them show, just stood there holding a single white flower in one hand, the other was wrapped around Risa's shoulder, who was crying at his chest.

//How cute.//

/What do you want Krad?/

//Oh come on, you're cute like that…//


//Don't you like it? Her in your arms?// He could practically see the oh-so-innocent-smile on the angels lips.


//Yeah… you do…// the smile turned less innocent… more knowing….

/Why are you doing this? And why now of all times?/ no anger, just…exhaustion. He sighed mentally. /Can you keep your good mood to yourself? It's not very polite to smile at a funeral…and it's too easy to misinterpret./

The only answer was that soft laughter that rang in his ears, mingling with the priest's soft words of grieving…

Six months.

That was the goal she'd set.

After six months should the police-force had to cease searching for the necklace…

After that could she pick up the gem from its hiding-place and have it in closer range…

Six months…

Only half a year…

She had started to count down the days, weeks until she would be able to have the jewelry in her hands again.

The funeral was a nightmare for her on several planes… the most obvious was that her friend was being buried, but there was also the proximity to the gem. She could feel it from where she stood. It called to her, crooned to her to come and see it… touch it, admire it… It sang to her, and radiated clearer than the sun in her memory.

She needed it…

But she couldn't see it today, though, not when she had so long time left to wait. The gem didn't care.

Come to me… come… you know you want to… I'm here… waiting for you…

Whimpering she tried to hid her face and continued to count down the months

'Five more months…only five more months…'

"Hmph." A distressed sound escaped Riku's throat when she glanced over to her sister. She was worried for her. Fukuda had been one of Risa's closest friends, and it hurt her to see her sister like this… almost heartbreaking.

"What is it?" asked the redhead by her side. The only answer he got was a shake of her head.

He nodded with his eyes closed. He already knew. She had told him many times about the state her sister was in, and how it effected her. How could it not effect her?

The ceremony went on.

The last prayers were said. Flowers rained from the hands of those who had gathered at the hole and the small pot was lowered into the ground and the dark soil embraced it. Some started to walk away, others lingered a while…

((I have something I need to do Dai-chan, and I need your body…))

(Whaa? Alright, just let me find a place to transform…)

((No need, I just need to talk to Hiwatari. I can do that in your form.))

Waves of curiosity washed over the entity in the boy's mind. He could feel the question before the boy started to ask it.

(Hiwatari-kun? Why do you need to talk to him?)

((Because…)) a sigh. ((I'll need to)) a pause… a not-real hand ran through similar not-real strands of dark hair. ((Just trust me Dai-chan.))

(Mmm… I do, I was just curious…) and with that was the redhead guided back into his own head.

'Hmm, so this is how Dark spends most of his time. Interesting view.'


Satoshi looked up from his musing about his shirt, which Risa had tried to wash with her tears◦… well, at least the front-part of the shirt.

He saw the redhead break away from a small crowd and head his way with a brunett in his wake.

"Risa. Risa how are you?"

"Riku?" The girl at his chest looked up, whipping away the tears that just continued to flow. "Riku!" The two girls walked away together, leaving the boys behind. Even so, the red haired boy mentioned for the blue haired to follow him away from the surounding people.

"What do you want, Dark?"


Then; "I need to speak with you… or rather, Krad."


"I know that he was there… loose… at the party."

"Hmm." Agreeing.

"How did she die?" stern red eyes held blue ones.

"And why should I tell you that? That's classified police-information."

"Hiwatari." Growling.

"…" Red eyes turned purple.

"That argument doesn't work on me."

An angry sigh. Dark looked away and Hiwatari took this as his cue to start walk away, but when he turned his back on the thief he murmured: "… It wasn't Krad who did it…"

"According to whom… him?"

"Yes… and the clues at the scene of the crime." Hiwatari turned his head to glance at Dark over his shoulder. The thief took some tentative steps forward, leaving the police commander facing his back.

"I just wanted to know that he wasn't there when it happened…" was said in an emotion filled and tired voice.

Step forward.

A quiet voice reached his ears from behind: "He was… but as a witness…"

The younger boy spun around, eyes wide. The older started to walk forward.

"…And you might want to change the eye-colour back to Niwa-kuns usual eye-colour before someone notices…"

He continued to walk away.

The two thieves in the same body stared at him during the time it took him to say his farewell to Fukuda-sans parents and jump into a waiting car which drove him away form the graveyard.

First when the car had disappeared from sight did the boy move. Neither Dark nor Daisuke were really sure which one of them that had control over the body during the time they remained at the burial-place.

//I see that you didn't tell the Wing-master about our deal, Satoshi-sama…//

No answer.

A smile.

//Hmm…? Still searching for a way to solve this on your own?//

Silence, the smile faded.

//… as you wish my dear Satoshi. But I must say that this… 'Quiet game' you're playing with me… is quite childish and not worthy a true Hikari.//

A sigh.

Towa offered Emiko a tissue of paper, then took one and blew her nose tactfully on it. Even if it was her first funeral and even if she didn't know the girl ran the tears with an ease that surprised her.

Oh, well. It didn't matter, almost everybody cried here. She'd even seen the girl's teacher dab her eyes.

Glancing around, she spotted Daisuke, who was standing a bit form the crowd talking to the young Hikari.

"Miss? Look at that."

"What? He can't talk to him. I've told him a thousand times not to talk to Hikari. They are too dangerous. Come on Towa."

In the same moment as they started to move towards the boys, the older boy broke away from the redhead, and by the time they reached Daisuke the young Hikari had left the area completely.

"Oh, look at this, he's completely zoned out. Can he even work tonight?"

"He has to work?"

"Yes. I sent a letter this morning…"


"Come on, let's find father and Kosuke and head home…"

"But Mister and Miss Fukuda have this gathering at their house after the funeral, and we said we would come…?"

"… Oh damn it… I forgot about that…"

◦ and snot, though he tried to not linger on that fact…and neither do we…

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