A/N: Once again, I was dared to write a one shot. This time the pairing was supposed to be Ginny/Tom Riddle.

Disclaimer: You all know that J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter, so stop bothering me!


Ginny Weasley ran up the stairs to the girls dormitory. The quidditch game was about to begin, but she wanted to write in her diary first. She grabbed the little book from her trunk and got a feather and some ink from her schoolbag.

iDear Tom/i she started.

iHello Ginny/i the diary answered, the words appearing on the paper in shining red ink.

iI have to get to the quidditch stadium in a few minutes./i Ginny continued. iIf Gryffendor wins, we'll have a huge party/i

iThat sounds really great/i the diary continued. iBut could you do something for me first/i

Ginny felt a shiver go down her spine. Every time Tom would ask her to do something, she would find herself somewhere and she would never remember how she got there. For the millionth time she asked herself why she kept writing in the 50 year old diary.

"Because he listens to you, because he understands you," a little voice inside her head said.

i"Ginny?"/i She stared at the words on the blank page.

iPlease help me/i Ginny sighed. She knew that eventually she would give in. Tom had his ways of making her do what he wanted.

iWhat do you want me to do/i she wrote. The felt something take over and the last thing she knew was that she realised that it had happened again and that she would wake up later without remembering what had happened.

Ginny closed the diary, stuffed it in her pocket and left the dormitory. She walked down the stairs, through the common room and down the long hallways of the castle. She stopped outside a girls toilet and got her wand out. She waved it and shining red words appeared on the wall. After that, she entered the toilet. Strange hissed words came out of her mouth and a hole appeared in the wall. She let herself slide down a tube. At the end of the tube, she started walking.

After what seemed like hours, she entered a room. There was a statue of an old, ape-like man at the back wall. She dropped the diary on the floor and suddenly realised that she wasn't in the dormitory anymore. She instinctively knew that it had happened again.

"Where am I?", she whispered, looking around the strange room, which looked more like a dungeon.

"Thank you Ginny," she heard an unfamiliar voice say. She whirled around an saw a dark-haired boy standing next to the diary. He looked a bit misty, like she was looking at him through a foggy window.

"Who – who are you," Ginny stammered.

"How rude of me not to introduce myself," the boy said. "My name is Tom, Tom Marvolo Riddle."

Ginny stared at him in utter surprise and disbelieve. How could Tom from the diary be standing right in front of her? She watched him as he took a step forward, standing right in front of her now.

He leaned in and his lips softly touched hers. Very briefly, he kissed her. Ginny felt her knees go weak. She was just being kissed for the first time, by someone who looked like he was at least 16 years old.

"Thank you, Ginny," Tom whispered. Ginny opened her mouth to say something, but everything suddenly went dark around her…