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Takeshi Saehara walked out to the street, waving goodbye to his father. The old man had been snoring the whole night. It had been a week since…that…incident…

It had also been a week since he had seen both Daisuke and Hiwatari-kun…

He paced down the street that led to the school, caught in his own thoughts.

'…Hiwatari…' he wondered how the bluenette felt…

'…one week…'

Luckily had they had one more week of summer holiday after THAT happened. But today was he probably forced to see the cold boy…and Dai-chan. Not that the red-haired teen hadn't tried too see him…with Hiwatari. But he had always declined to a meeting.

And today, school started again…


Something hit Takeshi straight over his face, looking up ready to hit whatever or whoever it was that punched him; he noticed that he had walked into a signpost.

'Maybe just as good' was the thought that ran through him, seeing that he apparently had passed the school gates. He turned around and walked into the building.

Inside, he took out his schedule and walked to the room where the lesson should be. Before he opened the door, he braced himself for the upcoming meeting with his friends Dai and a certain blue haired teen…

It wasn't that he was nervous or guilty; it was just… awkward, yeah. That's right; he was a little bit awkward about this whole situation, nothing else… just awkward. No guilt, no not at all.

"Here goes nothing" he said before he went into the room.

"Hi Saehara-kun" As soon as his presence in the room was noticed the redhead greeted him. "How are you?"

"Hi Dai-chan. I'm…fine." He forced himself to smile, knowing that the other boy would fall for the lie. He then passed the boy, not noticing the worried look the red-eyed boy gave to a bluenette.

"Hello Saehara-kun." The phrase was almost whispered out, like it had been said by an amused wintry day, but Saehara heard it clearly, he turned round, confused. Hiwatari had never started a conversation with him before, not one that he could remember anyway. He thought a moment… what should he say? Then it dawned on him;

"Hello Hiwatari-kun…" 'pfeww, made it…'

"Hm" Saehara looked down in the floor, or…well anywhere except on the other teen, so he didn't notice the smirk that played on Satoshi's lips. "Well we…the rest of us that where gathered at the mansion last week are going to see each other at the café Scorched Santa Claus tonight at 19:00. You can join us if you want to. It was Dark's idea; he thinks it will be a good thing for us to have a little chat"

"I…I…I'll think about it, ok?"

"Fine." Saehara was so eager to skip away to Sekimoto that he missed Daisuke's protests.

Satoshi watched when Saehara ran off. Never had he thought that it actually could be fun to be the bad guy. He didn't know why he was surprised, living with Krad and his rather sadistically humor…


Just maybe…

It was because he never thought that he himself would have the same humor as Krad. But during the time one part of him laid on the floor, laughing his head of, the visible, cool part of him regarded Daisuke's glare with a lifted eyebrow meaning: 'What? I asked him didn't I?'

Red eyes narrowed before a hand covered them. When the hand was removed, worried gems were fixed on Saeharas back.

"So, do you think he's coming?"

The reply was another glare, maybe because this was the moment that the teacher chooses to enter the room. Satoshi allowed a little smirk play on his lips.

'Damn Krad for not telling him how fun this was, and damn me for not seeing this earlier…'

He stopped and took in the information in that particularly thought.

'Oh God, I'm beginning to have the same urge as Dark to banter the redhead…oh well…'

Satoshi shrugged slightly and began to stare out through the window.

Daisuke was a little bit troubled. He really liked his friend Hiwatari-kun and he was well aware of the fact that the bluenette didn't have so many other friends. He was actually proud over that he had succeeded to become friend with the repudiated teen.


That made him special.

Not even Dark had been able to charm that boy, and he could charm everyone…

Except Hiwatari-kun

…and Krad…when the blond was in a bad mood…which happened quite often…

But he was also a friend to Saehara, and he did not like the amused glances Hiwatari-kun threw at Saehara.


Not at all.


He recognized them too well.

It was the same sort of glances Krad could toss Dark when he was about to… do one of his more sadistically games to the raven-haired…moron? Suicidal freak? Daisuke honestly didn't know why his brother stole from the Hikari-brothers.

Well, in a juridical term wasn't Hiwatari a Hikari, he had been adopted by Hiwatari because he…errs…needed a guardian, according to the law. In reality it was a different thing.

He also wondered why Hikari let his brother steal their art.

See, there was one of those glances again.

He had told Hiwatari-kun (and Krad…sort of…) to come clean with Saehara, and he, or they, had agreed to do so at the café.

Now, he only needed to convince Saehara to join them, and that shouldn't be too hard, should it?

Krad and Dark lay on the sofa and watched the TV. It was the news and some reporter was going on about the Phantom thief's latest theft and how the black winged thief had used laughing gas to knock out his pursuers. They even had a psychologist to analyze this odd, new phenomenon.

Dark turned to Krad, who was grinning from ear to ear.

"You know, you never told me why you and Creepy said that I used gas…"


The huge crowd showed the ones without information about the place, were the famous thief should strike. And sure enough, on time were everyone outside staring up to the stars to catch a glimpse of wings colored of the midnight. Dark pleased them by flying by the moon.

"There he is!" a police, or fan yelled and everything started. Cameras flashed, film teams ended their squabbles for a moment, fans shrieked and the police tried in vain to catch their thief before he slipped inside the building.

Dark had no problem to sneak inside and made his way to the room where the art piece was. When he walked through the sliding doors to the said room saw he Krad and Satoshi rolling on the floor, laughing like there was no tomorrow. He had been able to sit on the shaking Krad's hips with one foot on each side of his head for over two minutes.

And that had been nice… and yes, he would love to do that again, without the clothes, and sitting just a little bit further down…

When Dark heard the sounds of approaching officers he simply grabbed the piece and walked out from the room. The brothers didn't even bother to try to chase him, all they could do was try to stop laugh. For the moment they couldn't even dream of standing on their own two feet, or walk for that matter…

So when the guards had shown up at the door, Krad simply yelled "Laughing gas, don't enter. Take him." Satoshi must have thought that that was hilarious, according to his reaction…

End of flashback

"No." admitted Krad. He had no intension to tell Dark that moments before he had entered the room had Satoshi found Saehara's boy, Takeshi, hiding in a tree.

And Sato…

Well, he had gained a sense of humor lately so he had whinnied for the other teen…

The young journalist's panicked escape had been just… too…hilarious to watch…

"We better go, it's 18.30."

No, he had no intention at all to tell Dark that.

"What? Oh no, hurry up."

One hour later was Saehara walking aimlessly around in the city. Three times had he ended up in front of a certain café but he hadn't had the courage to actually walk in.

This time though, the fourth time he ended up here, he decided to go in. They had probably ended their 'meeting' anyway…

It was much cooler inside the building, and it felt nice. Saehara couldn't see nor hear his friends, so he ordered a soft drink and placed himself by a small table, behind a huge plant. Maybe he missed them… He didn't know what to feel.

"Ha ha, and the most fun part is that he's unable to explain something that actually has an logical solution." Saehara frowned, he recognized that voice…it was…but it couldn't be.

"Kya, you are so mean." That was Risa or Riku, he couldn't tell.

"She's right." Dai-chan. "the whole thing is…"

"Oh, shut up. Your sense of humor is…"

"Yeah, don't be so stucked up about it. I'm sure he will laugh about it too." That was Dark.

Saehara turned and noticed that he had a perfect view over the table where his friends sat. He himself was well hidden behind the plant. Soon enough he spotted the one person he had never thought he would see ever again…and had had nightmares about for over a week. Krad was leaning over the table to get a pitcher with water.

So it had all been a joke huh?

He had found out that much by overhearing his friends. But he needed more answers on certain questions.

Luckily, he had cleaning duty with him tomorrow… yes, he could interrogate him. He just needed to be patient until tomorrow.

Saehara continued to watch unnoticed until the group by the table broke up. He hid behind the large plant when they passed by, laughing as if they didn't had a care in the world. He didn't mind their attitude though, he would change it after tomorrow, and indeed he would. When they had disappeared, he emptied his drink, rose and left the café he too, after all; there was no meaning to stay here any longer…

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