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Fat text is for the memories Saehara has in his mind.


Chapter 3

"Come on Risa." Saehara said. A giggle and a hug was the only reply.

Then footsteps that faded away on their path to somewhere.

"No, no, no, no, no, Riku don't climb up for that, we believe you can do that."

A hard face.

"Oww, Riku, don't get mad, we're all friends here."

A redhead that ran on a high fence.

"Dai-chan, Daii-chan? DAICHAN! COME DOWN FROM THERE! How did you come up there?"

"Hiwatari! Why did you suggest that? He could have died! ... NO? What do you mean no?"

A reddish brown hair tried to follow the redhead.

"No, Riku. Come here."

A teary face. feet stomping.

"Yes, Risa, you can follow you too, take Dai-chan by the hand and follow after me and Riku."

A drunken confession, like the pink elephant.

"Yes, Dai, we do believe you, you can fly. But we don't want you to show it, okay?"

A dog, forgotten in the garden, barked.

"Risa…please, put that dog down and leave it. It's not yours and the owner would be very sorry if it was lost."

A less cute guard dog moved towards one of the girls.

"Err…Riku…that's a very big dog…"

Another drunken proposal, less dangerous than the first oneDaisuke made.

"No, Risa, we can't go to the zoo."

"I can fly."

It had been late evening, when they had left the karaoke bar.

The sun had set long ago, and the coldness of the night had already started to claim the land. The difference in temperature had forced a mild mist to appear, but it wasn't as bad as the last one.

Saehara was right now sprawled in a chair placed in a luxurious waiting room. He sipped on a cup containing strongly brewed coffee, although he knew he would regret it later when he would go to bed. However, he had needed that coffee, badly.

'Who would have thought that Hiwatari-kun would be depressed when he was drunk?'

Not Saehara and that was a small problem.

'Wasn't the boy blue enough when he was sober?'

Saehara had made an agreement with the bartender that for ten copies of the two angels (white or black didn't matter) all their drinks and orders would be mixed with so they had contained alcohol. He needed the little boys and girls drunk for the payback, and it was up to the bartender to make them that…

Unfortunately, this lead to the small problem that he needed to order canned drinks all the time, and make sure that no one else did the same…

But he also had to act like he just loooved canned drinks, because it would be pretty embarrassing if he would turn up at Saga's place drunk as well, just because someone had found it strange that he only ordered fabric-made drinks…

The problem was that he really needed happy drunks, like the twins and Dai-chan, not depressive drunks like Hiwatari-kun…

'Who would have thought that that kid could turn out even more cold and grumpier than he was sober?'

Finally, when he had thought that the teens were drunk and giggly enough, he droved, shoved, pushed, hunted, chased and cajoled them into a certain crazy blonde's business apartment.

Keiji had wasted no time in greetings; he simply did what they had asked him for to do… almost.

"Ah, there you are, come in; we can't do anything if you stay there…"

"Saehara! Take off Daisuke the jacket…"

"Put it on the table."

"Err, Risa love, can you stand up. The carpet will stay even if you walk away from it."

Saehara could hear fragments of the conversation inside the studio rang out to his room.

He wasn't really interested in going in to the studio; he was mostly in the way. Keiji, had Funabashi said, worked best if he did everything his way, and he had to agree, everything worked out just perfectly.

"Risa, honey, can you grab that straw? ... Thank you darling"

"Hey, Riku, would you please be so kind and blow a kiss to me?"

"Wow, she did it, way to go girlie."

"Aoch don't hit me."

"Dai-chan…can you tell us what you feel about…Dark?... why are you blushing? Oh, DAI-CHAN, you little hentai! Ha ha ha"

"Hey Dai, would you like to pose for a couple of pictures later?"

"Why not?"

"Come on let's sing a song, it's a party!"

Dai-chan and the twins were easy to manipulate, no problem there. They acted even better on their own; than they would have in any of the scenes they had come up with.

But Hiwatari-kun, he was more Scrooge-like than Scrooge himself, or like the Grinch… or maybe even like Scrooge's and Grinch's kid…


…but Keiji insured him between some laugh-attacks that the result was hilarious.

"So what are you going to do with them now?" wondered Funabashi when he came out from the studio. He poured a cup tea for himself and one coffee for his boss, whom just came out during the pause.

"Oh, I suppose I have to take them to my place, seeing that I can't return them home in this condition…"

Keiji grinned manically while he nodded.

"We'll help you with that." He pointed at Funabashi, who walked over to a phone and started to call for a driver. "It'll be finished on…let's say…this Wednesday, at latest, so you can start part three after that. Is that okay?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I'll gather them next Saturday, so that's fine, thanks."

"No problems. Um, I'll just take some pictures of them, and after that we'll be finished here."


"So, when can we do the swap?"

"Yeah, I remember the price, twenty good pic's on Dai. I'll take them during this fortnight and send them to your mail. Sorry for asking but… why him?"

"I want him as a model."


"Ops, time to work."

Half an hour later, a driver came and three sleepy, partying teens was dragged into the car, three sober kids followed them and the last teen walked into the car with a drunken dignity that only he could muster.

At Saehara's Keiji and Funabashi helped to make beds for three happy drunks and one drunken Grinch. Saehara thanked them, waved goodbye and walked to the bed.

When the light switched off, Satoshi rolled over on his side and opened an eye. An amused sparkle glittered in it and together with the smile that lingered on his lips, anyone that saw him now think about a quite happy boy on Christmas or something.

'Gathering on Saturday, huh? Oh very well, it's Takeshi's move now…'

It was time for some sleep for the moment. But he had time to wonder, how that plant that had stand beside him in the bar felt, before he drifted off. Due to his trained skills had he been able to taste the liquor that someone had spiked his orders with. Why he hadn't warned the others, was because he knew that this was the night Saehara would make his first move on, if he changed that, he would lose his upper hand. Besides, now he would be able to interfere if the revenge went out of hand for the crazy journalist.

He closed his eyes and felt the dream-lord come to take him to the Dreamland.

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