- "Belonging. The simplest word with greatest meaning. Tara belongs to her." Early in Season 6, Willow remembers the start of her relationship with Tara. 100 word drabble.

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Willow: Tara, it's not like I don't want my friends to know you. It's just … well, Buffy's like my best friend, and she's really special. And there's this whole bunch of us, and we sort of have this group thing that revolves around the slaying, and-and I, I really want you to meet them. But I kind of like having something that's just, you know, mine.

Tara: I am, you know.
Willow: What?
(Tara turns and looks up at Willow.)
Tara: Yours.

--- From "Who Are You"

Belonging. The simplest word with greatest meaning. Tara belongs to her.

It was a secret at first. A secret meant to be whispered only in the quiet, dark shadows. Willow loved keeping this secret. Usually she'd be the first to babble, but not now. Now it's only silence, with surreptitious smiles sent across rooms. She wanted so desperately to keep Tara a top secret, not because of shame, but because of selfishness. Something that's hers. The girl across her is the one thing that belongs to Willow.

Belonging. Only hers. Always hers. Tara belongs to her.

But for how long?